10 Best Coffee Brands for Pour Over – Sophisticated Flavors to Everyone’s Taste!

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Do you want to brew coffee by yourself to achieve better texture and smoothness? Perfecting the ultimate coffee cup can take several trials, but the good news is that pour-over coffee requires little skill and technique. If coffee is serious business for you, you probably want full control over how you make it.

To help you find the best coffee for pour-over, we compiled a list of some delicious coffee beans that you can choose from. We carefully considered some important features, so you can pick the one that suits best to your coffee maker. This includes the type of coffee, roast, flavor, and origin, allowing you to choose an authentic option that best complements your taste preferences. Another feature we considered is the weight, which tells you how many cups of coffee you can make with one pack. Do you want to learn more to find the ideal product? Let’s get started!

Top 10 Coffee Brands for Pour-Over Review 2021


Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass CoffeeEditor's Choice

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Africa, Central and South America
  • Flavor: tart red currant, notes of sugar cane and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body
  • Net weight: 2 lbs.

More features: Organic, FairTrade, Kosher, Shade Grown certified, also recommended for French press, drip machine, espresso, cold brew

If you are looking for a coffee that gives you a perfect kick to start the day, the Kicking Horse Smart Ass Coffee is just the right one for you. This authentic product has a unique but exquisite flavor of tart red currant, with notes of sugar cane, milk chocolate, and honeyed berry body. The flavor has no bitterness.

This certified organic, Kosher, and Fairtrade coffee has excellent properties at an affordable price. It is harvested in Africa, and Central and South America, in environmentally friendly conditions. Next, the Kicking Horse coffee is 100% Arabica, roasted in the Rocky Mountains to achieve the perfect medium goodness. The net weight of this pack is 2.2 lbs.

What we liked: We liked this coffee because it works perfectly with all types of brewing methods, including French press, drip machine, espresso, and cold brew. But most importantly, it is an outstanding pick for pour-over coffee. The bright flavor allows it to have a strong kick, and it is available in a variety of roasts and blends, catering to everyone’s needs.

What could be better: The only drawback that a few buyers mentioned was a weak aroma.

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: French
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Flavor: undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate, and an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise
  • Net weight: 2 lbs.

 More features: extra bold roast without any bitterness, roasted fresh in Seattle

The Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee French Roast has the perfect properties, with a gourmet coffee taste, bringing the local coffee place to your house. The bold flavor has excellent notes of raspberry and dark chocolate, along with an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise, leaving you anticipating your next cup of coffee.

The notes have a sophisticated sweetness that combats the bitterness without over sweetening your coffee. Also, this 100% Arabica French roast coffee is rich and dark, providing the ultimate kick to start a long working day. The Real Good Whole Bean French Roast is harvested and packaged in Central and South America and imported to the USA for roasting. Each pack weighs 2 lbs.

What we liked: This extra bold and fresh roast won us over with its exquisite taste that has no bitterness. The authenticity and expert harvesting, along with a wide range of blends of this Real Good Coffee, make it popular among several coffee drinkers. Additionally, it comes with a return policy that provides you with buyer security.

What could be better: The only downside of this product is that it is a bit oily.

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Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean CoffeeBest Organic Coffee

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium-dark
  • Origin: Guatemala and Colombia
  • Flavor: full-bodied coffee with cherry sweetness and notes of almond and caramel
  • Net weight: 36 oz. (12 oz. per pack)

More features: 3-pack bundle, Rainforest Alliance certified, organically grown, tested for toxins

The Bulletproof medium roast coffee is strong, giving you the ultimate bang to kick start your mornings. The organic ingredients and clean properties of this coffee make a healthy drink to get you up and running. On top of that, it is 100% Arabica organic product, grown in estates located in Guatemala and Columbia.

The ripe and handpicked beans are carefully processed, with no exposure to toxins and other harmful chemicals. This medium-dark roast coffee by Bulletproof meets quality standards and has a rich and full-bodied coffee flavor, containing notes of cherry sweetness, almond, and caramel. As for the net weight of the Bulletproof medium roast coffee, it is 36 oz in total, with 12 oz per pack.

What are its best features? We really admire these coffee beans for their clean and zero-calorie keto-friendly properties. The 3-bundle pack is a great source of energy, providing mental clarity and strength. As if it’s not enough, the beans of this Rainforest Alliance certified and organically grown coffee don’t have an unappealing oily texture and contain Ghee and Octane oil that offers several health benefits. It is available in whole bean and ground form as well.

What could be improved? The company doesn’t accept returns even if you don’t open the package.


Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean CoffeeStrongest Coffee for Pour-Over

  • Type: Arabica and Robusta blend
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: India and Peru
  • Flavor: smooth, subtle, never bitter cherry and chocolate flavor profile
  • Net weight: 1 lb.

 More features: highly caffeinated, Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified, full-refund guarantee

Even though old coffee isn’t harmful to drink, age surely affects the taste, which is why fresh beans provide an unmatched flavor as compared to old ones. The Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee is an Arabica and Robusta blend, with a fresh dark roast and high caffeine levels. A single cup of this coffee equals several espresso shots, making it an excellent beverage during finals week.

It contains a smooth and subtle flavor, with notes of never bitter cherry and chocolate profile, countering the strong bitterness. It is harvested in India and Peru and sourced through sustainable and ethical means. As for the pack, the net weight here is 1 lb.

What makes it stand out? The best thing about the Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee is that it is strong, making it perfect for long working hours and all-nighters in the office. It comes with Fair Trade and USDA Organic certifications and is organically sourced. Moreover, this coffee comes with a full-refund guarantee, which can be useful in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The high levels of caffeine in this coffee surely wake you up, but people who cannot tolerate high caffeine find it unsettling and may experience insomnia or anxiety.


Verena Street Whole Bean CoffeeBest Environmentally-Friendly Pick

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Flavor: rich and bold with a smooth body and clean finish
  • Net weight: 2 lbs.

 More features: Rainforest Alliance and Kosher certified, freshly roasted and packaged in Dubuque

Made with beans originating from several different Central and South American regions, the Verena Street Whole Bean Coffee has a unique taste that is unmatched by any single-origin coffee beans. This whole bean medium roast contains 100% Arabica coffee and is sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farms.

The beans are grown with the utmost care for the benefit of the customers and to protect the farm families, wildlife, and the environment. The flavor profile is appealing to a wide range of tastes. Thus, this coffee’s rich yet smooth nature has just the right amount of caffeine for a strong kick you are looking for to wake you up in the mornings without it being too overpowering.

It has a well-balanced richness, giving you a satisfying coffee experience. You can get it in a medium or full-city roast, and the net weight is 2 lbs.

What stands out? The bold flavor of this coffee really impressed us, as it doesn’t have an overbearing aftertaste. These high-grade specialty beans give you the most satisfying blend of richness and smoothness. Also, this coffee has a one-of-a-kind flavor with robust hints that are perfect for your early mornings or any time of the day. It is Kosher-certified and environmentally-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to the coffee world or a coffee connoisseur since this coffee will definitely impress you.

What cons did we manage to find? The only downside to this coffee is that it is only available in 2 lbs and 5 lbs packs with no small packets that you can buy for testing the taste.

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: light
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Flavor: simple and chocolate-forward, full-bodied with hints of milk chocolate and sweet vanilla
  • Net weight: 12 oz.

 More features: shows roasting date on the package, stays fresh for 90 days

The Stumptown Coffee Roasters Founder’s Blend is a high-quality product harvested and roasted with expert perfection in Central and South America. This coffee gained worldwide attention for its fresh and authentically blended beans. As such, this 100% Arabica blend is lightly roasted for a natural, smooth texture and almost original density.

The net weight of one pack is 12 oz. The Stumptown Coffee Roasters Founder’s Blend is an everyday full-bodied drink with a simple and chocolaty flavor. Also, it contains notes of milk chocolate and sweet vanilla to combat the natural bitterness.

What stands out? This coffee comes with a stamp with the roasting date on the packaging, letting buyers know how fresh it is. The innovative packaging also keeps the beans fresh and clean for 90 days!

What cons did we manage to find? The only downside of this coffee is that it is not suitable if you like a bitter tasting coffee because of its light roast.

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Flavor: medium body, intensely flavorful with notes of honey and chocolate
  • Net weight: 5 lbs.

 More features: fully washed, roasted in environmentally-friendly Loring roaster

The Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Tarrazu Coffee originates from the beautiful region of Costa Rica and is high-quality coffee that is fresher than anything you can get your hands on. This medium roast makes for an excellent cup of pour-over coffee with every bean bursting with an inherently intense flavor of chocolate and honey.

The coffee beans are 100% Arabica and are processed in an environmentally friendly facility in accordance with International Labor Laws. The farmers exercise maximum care when growing this coffee, selecting only the best quality cherries for the most authentic Tarrazu taste.

The coffee beans are roasted fresh and packaged immediately in 5-lb reusable bags fitted with a one-way valve to squeeze out any flavor-stealing air. Coming from the famous coffee region of Costa Rica, there is little surprise that this coffee is exceptional.

What do we love it for? This high-quality coffee surely did come to impress. We had great expectations from these Costa Rican coffee beans, and they did not fall short. The sweet notes of honey and chocolate contrast the bitterness of the coffee perfectly, giving your taste buds a soothing experience.

The sweetness of the honey and chocolate is so flavorful that you wouldn’t need to use any flavored creamers. These contain no additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives and are roasted in Loring Smart Roasters with eliminated carbon emissions by up to 80%.

What were we disappointed with? This coffee, albeit having a spectacular caffeine kick, might be too oily for some.

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: Italian
  • Origin: Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya, and Kona
  • Flavor: molasses, citrus, cacao nibs
  • Net weight: 5 lbs.

 More features: balanced body and moderate acidity

This mix of Italian roasted South American and Kenyan coffee beans offers a wonderfully flavored brew with compelling flavors of molasses, citrus, and cacao nibs. Additionally, these gourmet coffee beans are not only good for pour-over but also works fantastically with drip coffeemakers and French press. It has a well-balanced taste profile with mildly acidic tones that are refreshing.

It comes in a 5-lb pack and is super affordable as well. Offering extraordinary freshness and the highest quality of artisanal blends at a fair price, Penny Pincher’s Dark Roast Blend is surely at the top of the game. Its killer caffeine kick is what you have been searching for to give you that morning jolt and get you going. This premium blend will take your taste buds on an adventure that leaves you wanting more.

What makes it stand out? The well-balanced nature of this coffee, along with the intricate flavors of molasses, citrus, and cacao nibs that complement the acidity of the rich and strong coffee beans, blew us away. You can enjoy this exquisite blend of gourmet coffee without burning a hole in your pocket.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The only problem we had with this coffee is that the beans started to dry out after 3 to 4 days.


Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend Whole Bean CoffeeBest Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Beans

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Central and South America
  • Flavor: rich and smooth
  • Net weight: 36 oz. (12 oz. per pack)

 More features: 3-pack bundle, fresh-packed

The Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Whole Bean Coffee brings you the perfect roasted beans for an excellent pour-over coffee. This original medium blend is a delicious and hearty coffee with a mouthwatering aroma. Next, the 100% Arabica beans are harvested and roasted in Central and South America. The notes of this coffee are original and have a rich and smooth cocoa flavor, which makes them perfect to start your mornings. The total weight of this coffee is 36 oz, with 12 oz in each pack.

Why are we impressed?  Now, you don’t have to stop at a donut shop for an authentic cup of coffee because you can make it yourself at home! This 3-pack bundle of fresh coffee by Dunkin Donuts is an admirable product due to several qualities. First, these coffee beans are excellent for pour-over, offering a rich and delicious taste. Also, the freshness and affordable price make this coffee great for everyday drinking.

What negatives must you be aware of?  The only complaint some people may have with this coffee for pour-over is that it is not strong and caffeinated. People may require more than one cup to freshen up.


Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian SidamoBest with Low Acidity

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Southern Ethiopia
  • Flavor: lemon, cane sugar, medium body, delicate fruits, spice, citrus and richly chocolaty
  • Net weight: 16 oz.

 More features: full body and low acidity, no bitterness, fully washed

The Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo brings an authentic Arabica coffee harvested from regions that have a combination of high altitude and fertile volcanic soils. Local villagers in southern Ethiopia grow this coffee, packing the authentic goodness in 16 oz bags. Thus, this flavorful coffee results in an excellent brew that has a full body and low acidity.

Thanks to the bright lemon and rock candy sweetness, this coffee has a dominant flavor compared to other brands of coffee. The notes of the Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo include rich chocolate that counters any remaining bitterness. On top of that, delicate fruit notes balance the rich chocolaty flavors.

What are our favorite features?  We admire this coffee for pour-over because it has a full body and low acidity, making it perfect if you consume several cups of coffee during the day. The sweet, fruity, and sugar cane notes leave no bitterness. While processing, it is fully washed and hygienic.

What could be better? Some people may not be huge fans of unique notes, like citrus and fruit, so this coffee is not for everyone.

Things to Consider

The pour-over coffee technique is a user-friendly and flexible way of brewing your coffee because it allows more control over the texture and temperature of the end product. It requires some technique and practice to perfect the ultimate pour-over coffee cup. With that being said, good quality coffee beans can aid you in the process. It is important to consider some features, such as the favor notes, origin, and blend of the coffee, to make sure your final product is up to the mark.

Advantages of pour-over coffee brewing method

10 Best Coffee Brands for Pour Over – Sophisticated Flavors to Everyone's Taste!

People started to prefer the pour-over method increasingly over recent years, brewing a pour-over coffee mug every morning to start their day. This technique owes its popularity to several admirable reasons, one of which is that it provides greater flexibility and makes brewing an interesting experience that soon becomes part of your daily routine.

It provides you with more control over how you brew your coffee and doesn’t restrict you to follow the specifications of drip brewing. It lets you decide how many coffee beans you add, the water temperature, and the way you pour the water.

You can get a wide range of textures and consistencies with pour-over coffee, not limiting you to a standard cup. The pour-over method also saves you money because you require fewer coffee beans, and it is very easy to wash a pour-over coffee maker. Thus, you get to enjoy every single step, from the rising steam to the amazing aroma, making your morning something to look forward to!

How to pick the best coffee beans for pour-over?

The taste and aroma of your pour-over coffee depend on the type of coffee, brand, and flavors you select. To pick the best coffee for pour-over, you need to consider some important features. The first ones are the type of coffee, the roast, and the flavor notes because they contribute to the taste and strength of your coffee. Then, the origin helps you determine where your coffee comes from and how it is sourced. The net weight of the coffee is also a key consideration because it lets you decide how much to buy and how long a pack of coffee beans will last.


While there are four types of coffee beans, the most commonly used ones being Arabica and Robusta. For pour-over coffee brewing, most people prefer Arabica or a blend of both Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans work best because they are smoother and sweeter, requiring less work.

Arabica coffee has a pleasant overpowering aroma that smells exquisite during and after brewing, adding to your overall pour-over coffee brewing experience.

Arabica remains more original, despite roasting and flavoring, because it keeps the authentic coffee flavor. Thereby, most coffee drinkers prefer this. On top of that, the texture is easier to work with when brewing pour-over coffee, making Arabica a popular choice. An excellent example of a 100% Arabica blend is the Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Coffee.


The roasting process brings out the rich aroma and flavor locked deep inside coffee beans. The degree of roast determines not just the flavor but also the texture and ease of brewing your coffee. Lightly roasted coffee beans, like the Stumptown Coffee Roasters Founder’s Blend, are usually moist and retain their natural texture. Medium roasted beans, such as the Verena Street Whole Bean Coffee, are a great balance between a bitter and light coffee, with a texture that is easy to work with. Dark roasted beans, on the other hand, are bitter and have an oily texture, such as seen with the Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee.

Most people prefer a balanced taste. Therefore, they get either light or medium roasted coffee beans for pour-over. These are more flavorful and are less bitter.


Origin, as the word suggests, tells you where your coffee comes from. Different soils, climates, and regions produce various types of coffee. Thus, you can make your choice depending on the kind of coffee you prefer. Some coffee beans come from farms in Mexico, South America, and Africa, while others come from volcanic regions, like Ethiopia, such as seen with the Volcanica Coffee Sidamo.

Single-origin coffee beans are best for pour-over because they require a consistent brewing time and have a consistent flavor. Coffee from a single region also allows smooth brewing and results in a cup of flavorful drink. Also, the origin of your coffee lets you know whether they are ethically and sustainably sourced without adversely affecting the environment or the harvesters.

Flavor and aroma

The flavor and aroma are essential because they make up your entire coffee drinking experience. The flavor comes from the type of roast as well as the additional notes that a brand of coffee has, and these notes can range from chocolaty and caramel flavors to more unique ones, like citrus fruits, berries, and sugar cane.

10 Best Coffee Brands for Pour Over – Sophisticated Flavors to Everyone's Taste!

The flavor of the coffee is obviously important, and people’s preferences may differ. Therefore, coffee makers provide a wide range of notes and flavors to enhance the experience. The aroma depends on the type of coffee, roast, and flavors used. The pour-over brewing technique helps lock in the pleasant flavor and has a strong aroma. If you are looking for a flavorful coffee, try the Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee.

Net weight

The overall weight of the pack determines the amount of product there is and how long it will last before you need to buy another one. Most packs weigh between 12 oz. to 5 lbs. For instance, if you want to try something new, you can order 1 lb. packs such as the Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo. For those who want to restock their supply, you can go for 5 lbs. bags like the Coffee Bean Direct Penny Pincher’s Dark Roast Blend.


The freshness of the coffee depends on where it has been roasted and how long ago. Also, packaging plays an important role. Coffee harvested and roasted in the same place can be old because the shipping time takes the freshness away. Thus, coffee sourced from a certain area but roasted and packaged in another enables a fresher product.

The packaging matters because it keeps the coffee protected from contaminants in the air. Some brands have an innovative packaging that allows the coffee to stay fresh for over 3 months. Also, the packaging date can tell you how fresh the coffee is because it can ruin the taste if it is too old.


These are the processes and third parties that determine how clean, hygienic, organic, and ethically sourced your coffee is. The different kinds of certifications include the Rainforest Alliance and Kosher certification, Fair Trade, Kosher, Shade Grown certified, and other specifications regarding toxins and freshness. It is important to look for these stamps and certificates to make sure you are not helping companies exploit farmers, coffee harvesters, and the environment. For instance, the Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Coffee comes with multiple certifications.

The organic certification tells you how authentic and free of artificial flavors and preservatives the coffee is. The Rainforest Alliance protects the environment. Others, like the Fair Trade certification, keep track of labor rights and prevent the exploitation of poor farmers who spend long days in severe weather conditions harvesting coffee plants.


Even though you can brew pour-over coffee using any kind of grind, just like with other brewing methods, the texture and grain size do affect the ultimate result and the process of pour-over coffee brewing. According to experts, the best type of grind size for pour-over coffee brewing is a medium-fine grind.

The granules should essentially be smaller and finer than the texture of sand but larger and coarser than those used in espresso machines. You can get pre-ground or grind your coffee at home, but getting the perfect grind size is important for a nicely brewed pour-over coffee. A home-ground coffee should have the coarseness of sea salt for the best results.

Making the perfect tasting cup of coffee, one that is right for your taste preference, can be a challenging task and requires some trial and error. Still, combating the bitterness in your coffee is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is take just the right amount of coffee and water, balancing the ratio for a less bitter cup of coffee.

The best way to measure your coffee for a pour-over brew is to keep the coffee to water ratio at 1:17. Essentially, you require 0.7 oz of coffee for a 12 oz cup of water. You can also try coffee with different flavors, preferably those that include notes of chocolate, sugar, caramel, or fruity notes to get rid of the bitterness. Lighter roasts are also less bitter and more flavorful.

This is a common misconception. Pour-over coffee is neither stronger nor healthier, and it definitely doesn’t contain extra caffeine. As such, these factors depend on the type of coffee you use. The roast of your coffee determines how strong or light it will taste.

The caffeine content is also one of the factors that decide how strong the kick you get from the coffee. Some organically produced and processed coffee beans with a low-calorie count are essentially healthier, but that also depends on the coffee beans and not the brewing technique.

Our Verdict

Coffee is one of the many small joys people have in their lives, and most people cannot begin their day without a refreshing and rejuvenating cup of fresh coffee. Pour-over brewing technique is becoming increasingly popular, with people preferring to have greater control over the way they make their favorite and most important drink of the day.

As our favorite product, we’ve picked the Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Coffee because of its excellent taste and properties, including environmentally safe production.

Next, the Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee French Roast takes the second place because this perfect French blend has no bitterness and comes at an affordable price.

Lastly, the Bulletproof The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee is included on our list of the best coffee for pour-over for its countless health benefits and keto-friendliness.

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