6 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Professionals

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

There are several brands of commercial coffee grinders on the market. It’s overwhelming to pick the best one. But some brands are better than others, and they’ve stood the test of time over many years. However, these selective brands are not identical, and you must decide which one is the best for your coffee shop or home. We have done the heavy work by researching the best commercial coffee grinders on the market. Your work is to pay attention to our guide before you can make the final decision.

We’ve made your selection process easy by choosing six options, ideal for any coffee shop. Our options focused on several features so that you can find the right grinder based on your tastes and preferences. All of the grinders on our review are consistent, fast, and precise. Besides, they’re all straightforward to use and durable. Check out our reviews and buying guide below if you’re interested in one.

Top 6 Commercial Coffee Grinders Review 2022

  • Hopper capacity: not specified
  • Grinder capacity: not specified
  • Motor: not specified
  • Burr material: 40 mm Steel by Etzinger
  • Warranty: one year

More features: SCA awards winning; grinds by weight; 270 grind adjustment settings; high speed; conical burrs

The Sette 270 Wi with conical burrs is an exceptional espresso grinder with exciting features that bring new experience for coffee enthusiasts. Grind by weight feature allows you to precisely and steadily do your dosing to as little as a 10th of a gram. However, users can use the three programmable dosing buttons to adjust settings according to their preferred weight. Apart from the micro and macro grind adjustments, users can leverage on the grinder’s Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing and updating of Acaia’s scale software. The software allows you to save and automate up to three dose weights for several uses.

The best of it all is that the grinder’s intelligence allows it to learn as it grinds and adjusts its speed to the accurate weight that you earlier set. Besides, this commercial grade machine is straightforward to use and fast – grinds up to 5g per second. What’s more, it looks sleek and has a device holder for a smooth change between a portafilter.

Why is it special? Sette 270 Wi eliminates the need for a separate scale, which is a big plus for convenience. Accuracy and consistency make it an outstanding machine on the market. Also, Baratza has one of the best customer services that never disappoints. If you’re looking for a grinder with effective conical burrs that’s different in consistency, taste, and color, then you should check the Sette 270 Wi out.

What are the flaws? While this commercial grade grinder is fast, precise, and consistent, it’s quite loud. You can hear the noise as it grinds through the beans, something that we think needs improvement. Also, the portafilter must be exactly level if not coffee grinds can spray everywhere. All in all, it’s one of the best commercial espresso coffee grinders for any coffee shop you can get.

  • Hopper capacity: 4.75 lbs.
  • Grinder capacity: 3.1 pounds per minute
  • Motor: 1050 Watt
  • Burr material: not specified
  • Warranty: one year

More features: created for high levels of productions; intuitive control dial; runs at 1350 rpm; cooling system

If you’re interested in a coffee grinding machine for high-quality production, then you might want to check out the Compak R120. It’s a highly effective grinder capable of producing up to five pounds of coffee per minute. What’s more, the machine adapts perfectly for different uses, and it’s excellent for coffee shops and roasters. Nothing can beat it when it comes to different types of coffee selection. You can serve from French Press to Turkish – credits to its an illuminated, electronic, micrometric regulator. That’s not all, and you can brew espresso, drip, filter, mocha, and cupping.

The Compak R120 is superb when it comes to clarity, especially if you’re into single micro-lot coffee. It boasts an intuitive control dial for maximum precision during the selection and configuration process. The ability to get each client their tastes makes R120 an ideal commercial grinder for a hipster coffee shop. You can also find the machine in restaurants and hotels in big cities.

What are our favorite features? The power in this commercial grade machine is at a different level. People refer to it as the beast, and that’s exactly what it is. It has a powerful motor allowing you to grind through a highly demanding situation. Cool grinding with two fans – one under the motor and the other on the upper body maintain low temperatures so that it can work for long hours. A bag shaker prevents matted grounds and ensures properly filled coffee bags. The 5 pound hopper makes the unit ideal for coffee shops with a high number of clients per day.

What could be better? The grinder is huge, heavy, and impractical for a kitchen. While its size is what makes it unique, it looks awkward in a domestic setting. Also, the test could be better than what we currently get.

  • Hopper capacity: not specified
  • Grinder capacity: up to 5lbs/day
  • Motor: DC motor
  • Burr material: 54mm professional steel
  • Warranty: one year

More features: 260 grind settings; built-in digital scale; shut-off hopper; flat burr

Are you looking for a small commercial coffee grinder? This is it! The Baratza Forte BG is a high-capacity multi-offering pour-over bars grinder with endless settings to fit different tastes. You can adjust from different amounts to brewing methods with easy settings to change the grinding level, from micro to macro and vice versa. A built-in digital scale ensures precise weight grinding. You can also program up to three different presets for future uses so that you brew on one-touch.

Switching between beans is relatively easy and mess-free with the help of the shut-off hopper. The Baratza Forte is small but powerful with a grinding capacity of up to 5lbs per day. It has a sleek polished metal body, and 54mm steel flat burrs provide all-purpose grinding. Whether you’re looking for a single origin or decaf espresso grinder, the BG is a great option.

What do we love it for? It grinds quietly, much finer, and cleaner coffee. The beans in the hopper drop perfectly into the grinding area, and there’s no static. It’s straightforward to brew pour-over coffee. Baratza’s support is responsive and excellent. The programmable presets and the built-in scale is very helpful. Finally, it’s easy to adjust – this is a perfect coffee grinder for French press and for espresso.

What were we disappointed with? While the beans drop perfectly into the grinding area, they sometimes require stirring, which can be messy when you’re not around the unit. The potholder slides off when the grinder is in motion.


Compak R8 Retail Coffee GrinderMost Versatile

  • Hopper capacity: 2.2 lbs.
  • Grinder capacity: up to 1.1 pounds per minute
  • Motor: 730 Watt
  • Burr material: 83 mm flat tempered steel
  • Warranty: one year

More features: ABS control dial; runs at 1350 rpm; aluminum construction; flat burr

The Compak R8 is a stylish top performance grinder that incorporates one phase motor. It’s a no brainer when it comes to producing an excellent grinding quality during low demand situations. You cannot go wrong on accuracy thanks to the cast aluminum adjustment dial that guarantees maximum precision. The spontaneous control system makes it easy to select and configure each client’s preferences. The best of it all is that Compak R8 is ideal for brewing the most common methods. Conveniently brew from Espresso to Turkish coffee, French press, drip, mocha, filter, and cupping.

Also, flat burrs with special treatment ensure top quality grind profile for up to 1300lb of coffee. Several options are at your disposal – you can decide to have their grinds, a smoked hopper, and an optional high precision front dial. Besides, three colors are available, black matt, white gloss, and copper. However, the common color is black.

What makes it special? The bag shaker ensures accurately filled coffee bags and eliminates matted grounds. It’s exciting working with a grinder with zero mess. Besides, the machines quickly adapt to all needs with the help of an exit chute extension kit – guaranteeing high capacity bags and receptacles. If you’re interested in a do it all grinder, this is the best, hands down.

What cons did we find? It’s a big unit, stands at 23-inch tall without the hopper, and weighs 21.1 kg, which is heavy. The height is quite inappropriate for a typical kitchen setting. Filter point production at 0.5kg/min is not the best.


Technivorm Coffee GrinderBest Value

  • Hopper capacity: 14 oz
  • Grinder capacity: not specified
  • Motor: not specified
  • Burr material: stainless steel
  • Warranty: five year

More features: aerodynamic blade grinding system; made in the Netherlands

The Technivorm coffee grinder is superb when it comes to producing consistently perfect ground coffee. If you want a grinder that delivers uniform coffee particles every single time, then you might want to buy the KM4. Its hopper automatically allows the beans to drop through the grinding blades ensuring no heat builds up and over grinding. While the Technivorm is a simple coffee grinder, its collection cup holds quite a lot – keep the cup full and grind each day what you want. It’s a plus and an excellent companion for those owning a Moccamaster brewer.

Note that the grinder has no adjustments – fill the hopper (it holds up to 14 pounds of coffee) and hit the on a button and off when you have enough ground coffee for the moment. A specially designed screen stops any too coarsely ground coffee allowing you to have just fine and excellent size stuff. The general unit design is extremely simple and ingenious. Although it might look like cheap plastic and metal – it is hand-built, allowing quick replacement parts that can extend the machine’s life.

Why is it special? It’s the most straightforward grinder out there. Simplicity is a guarantee with it and is consistent every single time you grind. One of the ways to get a perfect easy cup of coffee. Although it’s a non-burr grinder, it does an excellent job, and the coffee tastes great.

What are the flaws? Lacking in features – unfortunately, you can’t have a different style of coffee. It’s not universal thus only works best with a Technicorm Moccamaster. No selecting grind size, and you must hold the on button down every time until you get enough quantity of coffee that you need. Also, the machine is difficult to clean.


La Pavoni ZIP-B Commercial Coffee GrinderLargest Bean Hopper

  • Hopper capacity: 2.2 lbs.
  • Grinder capacity: not specified
  • Motor: low mounted
  • Burr material: not specified
  • Warranty: 5-year replacement guarantee

More features: die-cast aluminum body; lamp warning; safety device to stop a motor; built-in push-down tamper

La Pavoni Zip-B has been around for decades and still going strong. If you’re after a robust grinder that will hold for decades while maintaining its functionality, then the Zip-B is what you need. It’s a one-stop coffee grinder with everything that a coffee barista could want. A professional grinder is a nice option for a commercial automatic coffee grinder. It incorporates tempered steel blades and a thermal shield motor. Besides, it is stable while grinding, and its die-cast aluminum body looks fabulous.

The thermal shield motor runs silently while grinding. Also, the motor is mounted low to minimize heat build-up thus, the beans never get hot. What’s more, the grinder boasts a semi-automatic coffee dosing. You can grind more coffee and let them sit in the dose chamber. A sliding chamber allows you to dispense a single dose of coffee at a time. The grinder automatically stops once the 2.2 pound hopper is full. Besides, a warning lamp ensures that you get to know when there’s under power.

What stands out? the grinder has a large bean hopper. It stores up to 2.2 pounds of whole coffee beans. The best of it all is that a snap-on lid prevents spills while grinding coffee. Also, the seal-slide technology comes in handy when cleaning since it prevents the beans from falling out.

What cons did we manage to find? it doesn’t have the greatest adjustability for high-end grinders. It’s a large and heavy appliance, and not everyone can feel comfortable with it. Balancing the machine to regulate the pull time is quite hard since the grinder does not offer the ability to do it. However, it is a good dependable machine.

Things to Consider

Commercial coffee grinders are a great way of getting a quick cup of coffee. But that doesn’t mean all can guarantee you a great cup of coffee. Several brands and models are available to choose from, and making the right decision can be overwhelming. Follow through our buying guide when deciding on your next purchase. It will help you eliminate any doubts and shop for the right coffee grinder that will best meet your needs.

Advantages of commercial coffee grinders

6 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Professionals

Commercial coffee grinders have several benefits – from how they’re built to the quality they produce. Below you’ll find some of their benefits.

  • Most have adjustable grinding settings so that you can select the correct grinding. Such include a coarse, medium, fine, and extra-fine
  • They allow precise and consistent grinds. You get accurate dosing whenever you need it
  • The machines retain maximum coffee aroma – most of these machines have conical burrs
  • It is possible to produce large quantities of coffee while maintaining each client’s taste
  • They’re not noisy and are easy to maintain due to their unique designs
  • If you’re looking for performance and quality in a single unit, then commercial coffee grinders got your back
  • You can grind the exact amount of coffee that you need a per shot


Features to consider before you buy a commercial grinder

The best commercial coffee grinder is one that meets your immediate needs. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, one grinder can hardly be satisfying for all. However, there are specific elements that cut across regardless of your taste. Consider the following features to ensure you get an excellent coffee grinder: hopper capacity, grinder capacity, motor, bur material, corpus material, warranty, and accessories.

Hopper capacity

Whether you’re looking for a small or a bulk commercial coffee grinder, you must pay attention to the hopper capacity. Check to see whether the capacity defines your small or bulk expectations. We also consider the hopper capacity based on our coffee machines to ensure they match. A low capacity grinder with a high capacity coffee machine will result in inefficiency. The opposite also holds.

It’s essential to buy a grinder that will meet your daily expectations. Start by determining how much coffee you’d like to grind per day.


6 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Professionals

If you’re into large capacities, then you need a grinder with a giant hopper capacity. We have one on our list that’s perfect for the folks who love grinding huge capacities. The Compak R120 has a hopper capacity of 4.75 lbs. It’s probably one of the largest in the industry. You can work with it throughout the day without having to worry about delivery issues. However, if a big grinder is not your thing, consider checking the other models. For instance, the La Pavoni ZIP-B has a hopper capacity of 2.2 lbs. Remember to inquire from the retailer before buying one that the capacity is not specified.

Grinder capacity

The grinder capacity is essential because it allows you to know the rate at which a machine grind. Your commercial coffee grinder needs to have a reasonable grinding capacity if you do not want to compromise on speed and efficiency. Besides, the amount you’d want to grind per day should guide you when deciding on the grinding capacity.

Be sure to get a coffee grinder with a relatively high grinding capacity than what you’d want to grind on a single day.


Understand that many models do not put the grinding capacity feature clear. It’s your responsibility to phone them and find out before placing an order. For instance, the Baratza Sette 270Wi is an excellent grinder, but you’ll notice the feature is not specified. You can pick any of the Compak models on our list for a high grinding capacity machine. The Baratza Forte is also a good option with a grinding capacity of up to 5lbs/day.


The motor is crucial when determining the speed of a machine. It’s important to understand the output of the motor. A coffee grinder in a commercial setting should be able to give you the correct dose as fast as possible to keep the production of your coffee seamless. Choose your machine wisely, keeping in mind what you want to achieve. Be sure whether you should either go for an on-demand or dosing grinder. Dosing grinders have better motors because they’re capable of grinding and holding up to 6 shots in their chambers. A large motor is likely to be more efficient than the small one. The motor should be one of the things to consider if you want to trust a machine for large productions. If you’re interested in speed, then don’t hesitate to check the Compak R120. It’s also important to mention that the motor position determines how much your beans can heat.

Burr material

6 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Professionals

The burr is the revolving elements between which the coffee beans are crushed. They are either conical or flat and play a very critical role in the grinder. They’re the part that does the work. You now understand why a flimsy burr material is not an option. Burr can either be made up of ceramic steel or steel. Expect the steel ones to cost higher than the ceramic. However, those made of steel are quite durable.

If you’re keen on longevity, they must pay attention to the burr material. It’s also essential to consider the material gauge.


For instance, Flat steel burr material is 54 mm steel while the Baratza Sette 270 Wi is 40 mm. However, what’s important is the material as it contributes to the reliability of the unit. You do not want to keep replacing the burr after every few months. That would be costly and could probably affect your services.

Corpus material

The next feature you want to consider is the main body of the grinder. You want to be sure that the general body material will hold for a practical period. Two common corpus materials are stainless steel and ceramic. However, some include plastics in the construction of a few parts, while others are made up of aluminum. While steel is the common material, it’s likely to heat up after long usage. Stainless steel coffee grinders have a better consistency than those with different materials. Keep a close eye to the material if you want to pick a durable grinder. But there’s a slight difference in the materials, and you’ll always get great results. Whether it’s ceramic, aluminum, or steel, both hold just fine. For instance, the Compak R8 is made up of aluminum, while the Technivorm’s construction is steel.

6 Best Commercial Coffee Grinders For Professionals


Commercial coffee grinders cost a fortune. You’re putting in your money as an investment, and the warranty should guarantee the safety of your money. It’s important to look for a warranty that covers at least one year. Warranties cover malfunctions that your grinder may encounter during the early days. It’s crucial to know you can always return the unit when it hits a snug before you can enjoy its fruits. While a one-year warranty could be enough, looking for a coffee grinder with a long period is much safer. Consider checking out the La Pavoni Zip-B or the Technivorm if you’re interested in one with five years warranty. The rest of the grinders on our list each come with a one-year warranty. However, it’s essential to always read through the warranty and understand all the terms. For instance, some machines have split warranties into parts and labor. Knowing them early enough can prevent you from getting into a fix with the retailer or manufacturer.


Finally, you must pay attention to the accessories. These are things like the control panel and dials, automatic functions, burr types and sizes, scale, cooling systems, among others. Accessories are critical because they play a significant role in the general operation of the grinder. For instance, machines with LCD touchscreens provide easy control functions – check the Flat Steel Burr. The built-in scale, on the other hand, facilitates grinding by weight, thus improves accuracy. Paying attention to the burr size and type ensures that you make the right choices. Using the best sizes guarantee shots in precise time. Above all, the burr has an impact on your coffee quality. The cooling systems ensure your grinder does not overheat while the automatic functions save you time from repetitive processes. The Compak R120 is the best in a class coffee grinder with a cooling system.


While commercial grinders are different, cleaning them should not be a problem. The process is quite similar – start by turning off the machine. Next, remove the hopper and the grinder and wipe them clean using a soft cloth or something similar. Use soap and water to clean oil stains and wipe them dry. Next, remove the outer burr and use a vacuum to clean the inside of the grinder. Sometimes a toothpick could do if you have all the time. Put back the pieces in place and test to ensure it’s working fine.

Absolutely. However, some of them are pretty huge and look awkward in a typical kitchen setting. The best thing with the commercial grinders is their speed and precision. You get your coffee ground in no time and proceed to do other important things. Note that there are commercial grinders that are not necessarily too big and could fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Our Verdict

We’ve given you the best you need to know, and now it’s time you go ahead and choose your pick. Our editor’s choice is a versatile commercial grinder. We love the Baratza Sette 270 Wi because it’s fast and precise. Besides, it has endless grind settings so that you can always have a different type of coffee cup every day. Also, it’s consistent and has the best flavor. Compak R120 is our premium pick. Nothing can beat it when it comes to hopper and grinder capacity. Besides, it’s very fast and ideal for high levels of productions. What’s more, it has superb clarity, a bag shaker, and it’s easy to use. Look no further if you want a commercial bulk coffee grinder. For a machine with the best value on the market, go for the Technivorm. It has a simple design, and it’s straightforward and consistent. We believe you’re now set to get your first or next best commercial coffee grinder with our tips.

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