10 Best Drip Coffee Makers – Drink Your Coffee Hot and Fresh!

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Coffee is a popular beverage among many people due to the numerous benefits that it has to offer. Buying coffee every time you need it is costly, and having a coffee maker in your home helps you and your family save on time and money. Electric home coffee makers mostly use the drip mechanism. They guarantee the quality and taste of the beverage. In this article, we review the best drip coffee makers available in both virtual and land-based stores currently. All the other models we evaluate are top-notch, and they have desirable features ideal for any home.

We came across many coffee makers while putting this article together. We’ve got carried away with all the coffee tasting, but what surprised us, even more, is how many great devices we’ve found. Ninja Programmable Coffee Maker impressed us the most for many reasons. The first thing to notice is its stylish looks that can complement any kitchen. Then we’ve evaluated its operation – it runs smoothly and has many useful features like hotter brewing technology and programmable delay. We can confidently confirm that it’s one of the best drip coffee makers we’ve ever used. And the other contestants that are almost as perfect, you’ll find below.

We pay close attention to five features in our evaluation as they affect the functionality as well as the quality of the drip coffee maker you buy. These features are; the weight, dimensions, the number of cups, voltage, and carafe material. We include a comparison table of all the products, a detailed review including the key features, and a buying guide to make the acquisition process effortless for you.

Top 10 Drip Coffee Makers Review 2022

  • Weight: 6.48 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 9.9 x 14.6 inches
  • Number of cups: 12
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: hotter brewing technology; gold-tone permanent coffee filter; integrated scoop; removable water reservoir

This model is top-tier designed with high-quality materials that ensure it serves you for an extended period. It weighs 6.48 lbs. while its dimensions are 8.7 x 9.9 x 14.6 inches. It is not a large unit, and storage within the home will not present any problems at all. The hotter brewing technology and the advanced boiler work hand in hand to ensure that the cup you brew is perfectly heated. The carafe material is glass, and this has its perks. The carafe holds a maximum of twelve cups, making it convenient for one to brew coffee for a decent number of people without worrying about the capacity.

Although you can brew twelve cups at once, this is not recommended since the coffee will be diluted. The small-batch function is ideal for brewing one to four cups at a time to achieve the concentration you want. This brand stands out from the rest thanks to the 24-hour programmable delay brew, which allows for early preparation of your coffee, helping you save on time and other resources. The design includes a permanent gold-tone filter, which helps you save on money. The adjustable warming plate keeps the coffee fresh and full of flavor for four hours.

Why is it special?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Hotter brewing technology
  • 24-hour programmable delay
  • Mid-brew pause
  • Adjustable warming plate
  • Removable water reservoir

What are the flaws?

  • Some users experienced a malfunction
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Breville BDC450Premium Pick

  • Weight: 3.15 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.7 x 15.7 inches
  • Number of cups: 12
  • Voltage: 110 to 120V
  • Carafe material: stainless steel

More features: thermocoil heating system; 3 different flow rates; PID control; dual filter baskets; Gold Cup standard

Coffee enthusiasts will find this model suitable for them as it avails multiple options on the type of coffee that they get. If you are one of them or someone in your family is a coffee lover, then you may want to consider this brand. It is of high quality, and longevity is also assured.

It is a lightweight model weighing 3.15 lbs. and it can brew a total of twelve cups for each session using the thermo coil heating system. Precise and adjustable controls for flow rate, temperature, and contact time are part of the design. These controls contribute significantly to the quality of the coffee you get. The carafe is made of stainless steel; hence it is sturdy and hard-wearing.

This model comes with automatic presets that make it easy for you to get the brew you desire. The six presets available are; gold, fast, strong, iced, cold brew, and my brew. These options have varied settings, which can be changed using my brew option. With my brew, you alter the bloom time, flow rate, and temp. Both flat bottom and cone filter baskets are included in the shipment. This model is among the few best drip coffee makers with a timer that we review herein.

Why did it make our list?

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Multiple brew options
  • Automatic presets
  • Dual filter system
  • Temperature control

What is not ideal about it?

  • Flimsy controls
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Cuisinart Programmable CoffeemakerBetter Control

  • Weight: not specified
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Number of cups: 14
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: different color designs available; brew-strength control; self-clean; control panel; gold-tone filter; 3-year warranty

This model is one of the best automatic drip coffee makers’ ideal for home use. Its weight has not been provided by the manufacturer. If you are keen on knowing the measurements, you should contact the customer care service for more details. The carafe of this Cuisinart coffee maker is made of glass. The design is available in various colors. This feature makes it easy for you to get a coffee maker whose color compliments that of your kitchen.

This stainless-steel coffee maker has a control panel that allows for the fully automated functions to be performed. 24-hour programmability, self-clean, and auto-off are among the top features that make this unit desirable to a significant portion of coffee lovers. A gold-tone commercial grade filter incorporated in this model is re-usable, and it makes brewing easy. You can control the strength of your brew using the control panel.

The top-tier technology that this design embraces ensures that you get a hot cup of coffee without compromising on the flavor or quality of the brew. The manufacturer gives you a chance to choose between standard packaging and the frustration free variation. They also provide a 3-year warranty for any defects that may arise, which is not the normal wear and tear.

Why are we impressed?

  • Variety of colors
  • Brew strength control
  • Digital control panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Commercial grade gold filter

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Warming plates corrode

KRUPS Compact Filter Drip Coffee MakerExceptional Quality

  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.7 x 10.7 inches
  • Number of cups: 5
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: easy to use design; compact; pause and serve system; easy-to-fill water tank

KRUPS is among the leaders in the production of coffee makers. This model from them is made of good quality materials, and it has numerous options for brewing. This model offers the convenience of use. You can pour yourself a cup of coffee when the brewing is underway. Also, the coffee brewed automatically stays warm; hence no need for re-heating.

Operating this coffee machine is easy as it comes with an on and off button, which initiates brewing and stop it when needed. The coffee pot has no drip sprout, and this helps control the mess around your work area. The sleek stainless-steel modern design elevates the aesthetic value of this coffee maker. Having it in your kitchen improves the beauty of the same.

The water tank is located in a convenient position, which makes re-filling it a breeze. The carafe is made of glass, and you can brew a maximum of five cups. This model weighs 3.6 lbs. and it is among the best electric drip coffee makers that the market has received thus far. Accessories that are available in the package you receive are; a glass coffee pot, permanent filter, and coffee spoon that are dishwasher-friendly.

What makes it special?

  • Easy to use
  • Modern finish
  • Dishwasher-friendly accessories
  • Compact
  • Well-placed water reservoir
  • Pause and serve system

What cons did we find?

  • Low temp coffee produced
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 12.2 x 11 inches
  • Number of cups: 12
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: different color designs available; QuickTouch programming; digital controls; 2-hour auto shutoff; easy-view water window; keep hot carafe plate; sneak-a-cup technology

According to reviews left by previous users, this unit is one of the best budget drip coffee makers that you will find. It is inexpensive, but the quality is impeccable. This model weighs 4.45 lbs. and the total number of cups that the glass carafe can accommodate is twelve cups. The design is available in different colors, and you can pick your favorite or that which fits in your kitchen seamlessly.

Quick touch programming has been used to make this unit easy to use. This function also allows you to preset the 24-hour auto brew. This way, you wake up to a fresh pot of coffee every morning without going through the brewing process. Digital controls with a rubberized feel and the easy to read displays enable you to program your coffee maker with ease. This machine can temporarily stop allowing you to pour yourself a cup midway through brewing.

The two-hour auto-shutoff feature guarantees safety within the home at all times. The non-stick carafe plate keeps the coffee warm for an hour after brewing stops. Visibility is not a problem, and the front-facing window allows you to see the amount of water that will turn into coffee.

Why is it special?

  • Ease of use
  • Quick touch programming
  • Auto shutoff
  • Sneak-a-cup technology
  • Programmable clock

What are the flaws?

  • Must be unplugged after use

Mr. Coffee Coffee MakerExtra Features

  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8.43 x 11.76 x 12.56 inches
  • Number of cups: 4-12
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: light indicator; dual water window; easy to use; warming plate

This product is a creation of one of the best manufacturers in the industry. This unit has an array of features that enhance its performance, and the well-thought-out design makes it a beauty to behold. It is a lightweight model with a weight of 3.6 lbs. and the carafe is made of glass. One feature that makes this unit ideal for every home, including yours, is the on and off light indicator. It enables you to know whether the coffee maker is on or off with just a glance.

You do not have to wait until the brewing is done for you to grab a cup. If you are in a hurry, the auto-pause function will allow you to do so with no hassle. The warming plate keeps the pot brewed warm two hours. Filling a coffee pot has never been easier. This Mr. coffee model has a dual water window that allows you to see preventing overflowing. The lift and clean filter basket are other features that makes usage effortless. The filter basket can easily be removed for cleanup. This model is one of the best auto-drip coffee makers, and its features are to die for.

Why are we impressed?

  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature control
  • Twin water window
  • Ease of use
  • Light indicator
  • Warming plate

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No auto-shutoff

BUNN Speed Brew Coffee MakerAdvanced Technology

  • Weight: 9.65 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 8.3 x 14.9 inches
  • Number of cups: 10
  • Voltage: not specified
  • Carafe material: stainless steel

More features: 3-year warranty; designed in the USA; spray head; vacuum insulated thermal carafe

This Bunn coffee maker boasts of taking the least time to prepare a carafe of coffee. If you are looking for a model that will help you save time during the morning rush, then you may need to pay attention to this one. It takes half the time that other models require to brew a pot of coffee.

It weighs 9.65 lbs. and it has the capacity to brew a sum of ten cups. Commercial grade stainless steel is used for the hot water tank ensuring its longevity and, by extension, that of the coffee maker. The carafe is made of stainless-steel as well. It is double-walled and insulated to keep the coffee brewed warm for two hours or more. This BUNN Speed Brew model is the best drip coffee maker with thermal carafe available for those who are interested in this feature.

The unique spray head, which is included in the construction of this model, allows for the optimal extraction of coffee, which is rich in flavor. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty to take care of any issues arising. This guarantee does not cover negligence and the regular wearing down of the machine.

Why are we impressed?

  • Good quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Rich flavor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Thermal carafe

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Suitable for small homes
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches
  • Number of cups: 12
  • Voltage: not specified
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: smart design; designed and engineered in Germany; dishwasher-safe parts

Programmable coffee makers are lifesavers. This Braun BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker is among those that can make your life easy every morning. The programmable 24-hour time gives you the chance to dictate the time when you want your brew ready. Braun’s pure flavor technology makes sure that the coffee this machine produces is rich in flavor and at the desired temperature. You can brew one to four cups or a full pot, depending on the number of people in the home or office. The unique water level indicator makes it easier for you to brew the amount of coffee that you need. 11 oz. is the minimum amount of water allowed.

The glass carafe holds a maximum of twelve cups. The design of the decanter prevents air from coming into contact with the coffee keeping the favor fresh for an extended period of time. The design features a brew pause system that allows you to pour a cup anytime without dripping. The Braun gold-tone filter enhances the taste of the coffee. A charcoal filter cleans the water used for brewing, eliminating any harmful substances and minerals. This cleaning feature can be customized to different levels of water hardness.

What are our favorite features?

  • Charcoal filter
  • Programmable
  • Ease of use
  • Water level indicator
  • Durable

What could be better?

  • Unreadable display

Shardor Drip Coffee MakerStrength Control

  • Weight: 4.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.6 x 13.75 inches
  • Number of cups: 12
  • Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Carafe material: glass

More features: 24-hour programmable timer; influence strength control; keep warm function; anti-drip system; 2-year warranty

The Shardor Drip Coffee Maker is a model that embodies both functionality and beauty. It is a stylish unit designed to fit in most, if not all, kitchens, including yours. It is a lightweight model that weighs 4.8 lbs. it is ideal for both the home and small offices since it can brew up to twelve cups in one cycle.

The 24-hour programmable feature is among the many that make this the best 12 cup drip coffee maker enviable by coffee lovers. This feature allows you to program the device to brew a cup of coffee at around the time you want it ready.

The timer can be set to brew the coffee at least thirty-five minutes before consumption. The keep-warm function enabled by the automatic heating plate maintains the coffee temperature. However, it goes off after the time limit mentioned above is reached.

A pressure knob is a part of the design, and its function is to enable you to control the coffee concentration. You can achieve both strong and mild brews using this function. The manufacturer gives a 2-years warranty and lifetime technical support. The water tank in this model is BPA free, and it has 60 oz. capacity.

What are our favorite features?

  • BPA free water tank
  • Safe
  • 24-hour programmable
  • Strength control
  • 2-year warranty

What could be better?

  • A little slow
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OXO Brew Coffee MakerResembles Pour Over

  • Weight: 7.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches
  • Number of cups: 2-9
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Carafe material: stainless steel

More features: SCA-certified; rainmaker showerhead; LED interface; 24-hour start timer

OXO is a renowned brand specializing in an assortment of home appliances, tools, and gadgets. This coffee maker from them is of good quality, and it has a myriad of sought-after features. This model has better precision controls for time and temperature when compared to other brands. This unit is among those that are recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association as being among the best drip coffee maker for coffee snobs.

The brew cycle is controlled by a microprocessor that mimics the pour-over method producing anywhere from two to nine cups of coffee. The water is heated to the perfect temp for coffee; therefore, a perfect cup is brewed. This coffee making machine is among the easiest to use. A single dial enables you to set the number of cups that you want to brew. It also allows you to set the 24-hour programmable function. The rain shower head used in this model disperses water over the beans evenly, resulting in uniform saturation and full flavor extraction.

The carafe is made of stainless steel. It is double-walled, and this keeps your brew fresh and hot for longer than other decanters would. The in-built LED interface has a backlit screen that displays the status of the coffee maker and the freshness of the brew.

Why are we impressed?

  • Rainmaker shower head
  • Thermal carafe
  • Durable
  • Ease of use and cleanup
  • LED interface
  • SCA-certified

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some users find it hard to operate
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Things to Consider

When purchasing a drip coffee maker, many factors influence the decision. The model or brand acquired should perform as desired. The quality of the brew depends on the quality of the coffee maker bought as well as the key features that it has.

Advantages of a drip coffee maker

Making the choice of which model to acquire is not easy. In this buying guide, we lay out the intricate characteristics to look out for. We also answer some of the frequently asked questions to help you decide on which action to take before placing an order. Read through our guide to familiarize yourself with the best elements to check out when buying a drip coffee maker.

Features to consider before you buy a drip coffee maker

10 Best Drip Coffee Makers - Drink Your Coffee Hot and Fresh!
Although getting a coffee maker may seem like an easy task, this is not the case. The marketplace has a significant number of these machines, and you must know what features to consider before buying. Based on our evaluation, the elements that we pay keen attention to are the weight of the drip coffee maker, its dimensions, the number of cups it makes, carafe material, and voltage required. Remember that the purpose of the drip coffee maker and the number of people it is expected to serve are fundamental in getting the best fit.


The weight of the drip coffee maker you acquire is crucial as it dictates the placement of the machine in the kitchen.

It’s also helpful to know if the device is portable and can be moved from one position to the next with minimal hassle or not.
All the designs we review above are among those that have the lowest mass. The lightest model we discussed above is the Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker, which weighs a sum of 3.15 lbs. Important to note is that weight is not the only factor that influences the choice of a drip coffee maker.


Dimensions are a critical feature that everyone interested in buying a drip coffee machine ought to have in the back of their minds. This element helps you determine if the model you are interested in will fit in the available space in your kitchen or not. If it is bigger than the available space, then arrangements must be made to find the best position for it. On the other hand, the model can be exchanged for one that will fit in the free space effortlessly. The OXO BREW Coffee Maker is an example of a brand that requires more space than other models.

Number of cups

Each drip coffee maker has a maximum capacity that it can brew for each cycle. Typically, most of these machines have a 12-cup capacity. Some models, however, brew less than this portion, depending on the settings. Some models, like the Mr. Coffee Maker, allow you and other users to make anywhere from four to twelve cups depending on the concentration that you want for your brew. Pick a model that has this flexibility. It makes it easier for you to brew smaller batches anytime you want to.


Drip coffee makers rely on electricity for normal functioning. It is a factor that cannot be overlooked because the machine cannot function if it is limited.

Knowing how much power a coffee maker needs is a must know.
The voltage in your home will determine which machine will work without any adjustments being made.

Carafe material

The various models in the market have carafes made from different materials.

Stainless steel and glass are the common types of decanters that come with drip coffee makers.
Some have double walls, while others do not. Many other elements ought to be considered, as well. Those with glass carafes are among the popular models, and the KRUPS Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker is an example of a machine with this feature.


Small offices are among the places that will benefit from a drip coffee maker. It helps save costs as well as the time used to get to a coffee shop for a cup of the same. Choosing the best drip coffee maker for a small office is a cinch if you are aware of the critical features to look out for. The number of people in the office and the purpose of the machine are among the top factors that affect choice. The financial implications also dictate which brand and model can be bought. The number of cups that a drip coffee maker can make and the time it takes to prepare a carafe should be factored in when making a choice. The carafe material and that used to make the machine ought to be considered as well to determine the durability of the drip coffee maker.

Cleaning a drip coffee maker is something that anyone can do. Some manufacturers avail of the necessary steps for this task while others do not. If it is your first time doing it here are a few simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your machine is clean and ready for the next use:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power source
  • Empty the coffee pot. Dump out any leftover’s coffee from the carafe and the remains from the filter as well
  • Mix vinegar and water
  • Fill the coffee pot with three cups of white vinegar and six of cold water
  • Turn on the coffee maker to brew a pot
  • Let the vinegar sit for fifteen minutes then brew the vinegar and water mixture
  • Switch off the machine and let the mixture sit for fifteen minutes

Pour out the vinegar solution and rinse the coffee maker.

Many drip coffee makers are ideal for small households. Manufacturers avail an array of drip coffee makers that you can choose from. Picking the best drip coffee maker for your home is not rocket science if you understand your needs. You also need to evaluate the features that will give you the finest quality of the coffee. For busy homes, coffee makers with the 24-hour programmable feature should be given priority. The number of people in the household also affects the choice of machine to buy. The age of the family members must also be considered to ensure that the acquisition is safe for use in that home. The pricing of the machine is also another factor to consider as it affects the budgetary allocations of the home.

Our Verdict

The ten products we reviewed above are among the best available in stores. The buying guide we include in this article ought to guide you in picking the best model for your home. Our selection includes the best automatic drip coffee makers and the best four-cup drip coffee makers, among others.

The editor’s choice and the first item in our list of the best drip coffee makers are the Ninja Programmable Coffee Maker. Hotter brewing technology is the top feature that makes this model desirable and ideal for people who like a steaming cup. The premium pick is the Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker. This model has PID control and dual filter baskets that improve the quality of the brew. In our assessment, the best value unit is the BLACK+DECKER Programmable Coffeemaker. It is a product designed by a leading manufacturer, and it features quick touch technology; thus, easy to use.

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