10 Best Guatemalan Coffee Picks – Try New Flavors of Coffee Grown in Rich Volcanic Soil!

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Have you ever heard or tasted Guatemalan coffee? Many coffee lovers recommend it because of that unique flavor profile. But what makes it so popular? Guatemala is known for cultivating and providing the world with high-quality beans, and the country is the world’s 10th largest supplier. This coffee is special thanks to the most diverse climate and fertile soil in places where it grows.

With that being said, how do you choose the best Guatemalan coffee? Since there are many different brands, purchasing one might not be easy. To help you along on your journey, we have reviewed multiple products and put together a list of the top-rate Guatemalan coffee beans you can consider. For our research, we compared several factors: the coffee type, roast, flavor, and also bag weight. All these criteria are important as they will help you make the appropriate choice and help you enjoy and benefit from all the aromas you are looking for.

Top 10 Guatemalan Coffee Beans Review 2022

  • Coffee type: ground / whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: nutty, chocolate balanced
  • Bag weight: 16 oz.

 More features: single origin from the Santa Barbara Estate in Antigua, fresh roasted

If you are looking for the best Guatemalan coffee brands, Volcanico has got you covered with its Guatemalan Antigua Coffee. It is a single-origin coffee that comes from the Santa Barbara Estate in Antigua, and it provides you with a full-bodied drinking experience. The brew offers a delightful cup of classic flavors that characterize the region it comes from.

As a medium roasted coffee, these Guatemalan coffee beans allow the flavor to come through for a remarkable taste. You will love the intense and nice cocoa and nuts aromas it delivers. The cup notes provide a smooth, vibrant acidity, and creamy body, while the flavors delivered are honeyed, apple, and tea, with a floral brown sugar finish.

Why did it make our list? We love that it is freshly roasted with low-emission technology. Additionally, the brand guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Let’s not forget to mention that the bag weight is consistent, and you can brew several cups of coffee with your beans.

What is not ideal about it? Unfortunately, this Guatemalan Antigua coffee is a bit lighter than expected.

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: balanced taste with complex chocolate and berry notes
  • Bag weight: 12 oz.

 More features: USDA Organic and Kosher certified, best brewed as drip, French press, or pour-over methods

Guatemala holds a particular place in the heart of coffee lovers because the country provides the best coffee beans. If you are looking to purchase the best organic Guatemalan coffee, then you will love ones coming from Jim’s Lake Atitlan Tzanchaj area. These beans come with excellent-tasting flavors – balanced taste with complex chocolate and berry notes.

This Guatemalan coffee is artisan roasted to perfection and packed into one-way valve bags for a fresh taste. You will love that it comes from the best organic farms. Indeed, it is made from the finest 100% Arabica beans that ensure that you get the best aromas, flavor, character, and beverage experience.

Did we mention that this Guatemalan coffee is 100% organic? To prove this point, these beans are USDA Organic and Kosher certified. This means that all the ingredients are safe, healthy, and cause no harm to the consumers.

What do we love it for? The beans provided in the bag are whole, and you can grind them according to your liking: drip, French Press, or pour-over method. Did we mention that it is budget-friendly? No need to spend a huge amount of money to buy it.

What were we disappointed with? The only regret we have is the quantity. It is smaller than most of the coffee brands reviewed here.


Pablo's Pride Guatemala CoffeeBest with Caramel and Cocoa Finish

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: rich and chocolaty, deep flavor with smooth velvety body and a clean caramel and cocoa finish
  • Bag weight: 2 lbs.

 More features: low acidity, GMO-free, roasted in small batches

Don Pablo is another excellent coffee brand, known for its ties to Guatemalan coffee growers. Their Pablo’s Pride coffee is artisan roast in the Certified Organic coffee-growing Don Pablo’s facility, and it showcases local know-how. It is tasty, GMO-free, and 100% authentic. This is the authenticity that keeps coffee lovers coming back for more.

Additionally, Pablo’s Pride Guatemalan coffee is clean, silky-smooth, and it offers perfect in-depth flavor. The beans provide subtle undertones of natural sugar so that when you brew them, you benefit from a pleasant and sweet aftertaste. The flavors are rich and chocolaty, with a very smooth velvety body and a cocoa and caramel finish.

What are its best features? It is a medium roast that comes as whole beans, and you can brew them according to your liking. We love that the coffee is less acidic and provided with a risk-free trying warranty. You can buy the coffee and try it. If you are not satisfied, you can contact the manufacturer for a refund.

What could be improved? Some people don’t recommend brewing it in the percolator, as it might alter the taste of your coffee.


Java Planet Guatemala OrganicBest Organic Coffee

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: fruit undertones and caramel and chocolate notes
  • Bag weight: 16 oz.

 More features: GMO-free, Bird Friendly, and Fair Trade certified

Java planet is one of the best Guatemalan coffee brands on the market. It is renowned for its dedication to providing premium-roast coffee beans that are pesticide and chemical-free. Their beans are Bird-friendly, Organic, and Fair Trade certified. These designations provide you with the peace of mind that you are consuming a healthy, naturally-nurtured, and ethically sourced product.

This Fair Trade Guatemalan coffee is packed with powerful flavors and is less acidic. It is filled with fruit undertones as well as caramel and chocolate notes. The beans are sweet and succulent, and this medium roast coffee is perfect for you if you are looking for a savory, refreshing cup to drink.

What are its best features? We love the fact that the brand behind this coffee is family-owned and operated. Their main objective is to satisfy coffee-lovers, and they do so by providing them with quality products. Their beans are also ideal for people who have sensitive stomachs or who do not react well to bitter brews.

What could be improved? Sometimes, the beans come dry.


Peet's Coffee Single Origin GuatemalaBest K-Cup Pods

  • Coffee type: K-Cup coffee pods; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: fruity, milk chocolaty sweet
  • Bag weight: 1.15 lbs. (32 pods)

 More features: originate from the San Marcos, hand-roast them in small batches, Kosher certified

These Guatemalan coffee cups respect the original craft of Alfred Peet. The manufacturers have remained faithful to the founder’s commitment to quality, and they promise you something you will not get elsewhere – the perfect cup. These Peet’s Single Origin beans make for the ideal drink if you are looking for a uniquely rich taste. Artisans roast them by hand in small batches to bring out the true character of the coffee.

The Peet’s beans are perfect for those who are obsessed with freshness. The roast date is available on each bag so that you can be sure you have the freshest coffee possible.

What makes it special? Peet’s is a single-origin coffee that comes from San Marcos. It boasts fruity, milky, and chocolaty sweet flavors. Its quality is guaranteed, and it is 100% Arabica coffee. We love that they come in pods. The pods give you less work, and you will be able to enjoy your beverage as rapidly as possible.

What cons did we find? The only drawback we can identify is the price. Contrary to the other brands reviewed here, Peet’s is a little bit expensive.


Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua BlendBest Full-Bodied Flavor

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: light
  • Flavor: full-bodied with cocoa, berry, and citrus finish
  • Bag weight: 32 oz.

 More features: GMO-free, evenly roasted

The Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend coffee is specifically brewed for you. It is flavorful and is ideal for everybody who is looking for the perfect cup, as they are served in coffee shops. Whether you like Fairtrade beans, organic, full-bodied dark, single-origin brews, or medium roasts, the brand has got you covered.

This Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend is whole-bean 100% Arabica coffee. If you like to grind your coffee, you will love this one. Each morning, you will savor fresh cups of coffee according to your convenience: cold-brew, pour-over, press pot, etc.

What makes it special? Did we mention that this full-bodied coffee boasts cocoa, berry, and citrus finish? The blend of these flavors makes for the tastiest coffee to brew and serve. Each sip is delightful, smooth, and creamy. Also, it is GMO-free and budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get it.

What could be better: Unfortunately, some people found this coffee too dark and oily.


Starbucks Guatemala AntiguaSmoothest Coffee

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: cocoa and subtle spice
  • Bag weight: 16 oz.

 More features: no bitterness, consistent and smooth

The Starbucks Guatemala Antigua’s coffee is a good mix of subtle spices, lemon, and cocoa flavors. It is also excellent paired with chocolate, which brings out the coffee’s taste and character. The flavors are brought out depending on how you brew it: either the lemon-like acidity or the cocoa-like one. We love the fact that it is clean and nice, with a definite kick to it. It tastes great in a regular coffee maker or French press.

Additionally, the coffee is pretty smooth, without any bitterness to it. This Guatemalan whole bean coffee is ideal for you if you are looking to brew your cups of coffee each morning. The beverage is a fresh, qualitative, and medium roast. It, therefore, does not taste burnt.

What are its best features? The bag weight is acceptable, and the quantity provided in the bag is enough to make for many cups of coffee.

What could be improved? We only regret that its flavors are not that bold, and they might not suit you if you are looking for something strong.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Guatemalan Coffee PodsBest with Hints of Milk Chocolate

  • Coffee type: K-Cup coffee pods; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: mildly acidic and citrusy with hints of milk chocolate
  • Bag weight: 2.75 lbs. (72 pods)

 More features: USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified

The Fresh Roasted LLC K-cup coffee is revered for its balanced body and smooth flavor. It is an organic Guatemala Huehuetenango product that is truly delectable. You will love the fact that it is mildly acidic and citrusy with hints of milk chocolate. These bring out the coffee’s tastes and character and make for a great consumer experience.

Additionally, this Guatemalan coffee is USDA organic and Fair Trade certified. It is healthy, and the ingredients are of natural origin. It is also a single-origin coffee from Huehuetenango, and it brings forth the region’s character of smoothness.

Did we mention that it is also Kosher certified and proudly roasted, blended, and packaged in the USA? By purchasing it from the brand, not only do you participate in developing the local economy, but you can also trace the source of the product you are buying and know that it is reliable.

What do we love it for? The brand also participates in the protection of the environment. This Guatemalan coffee is roasted on Loring Smart Roasters to provide you with superior flavor and reduce the emission of carbon. Additionally, the coffee pods are compostable/recyclable, and the bag weight contains 72 pods.

What were we disappointed with? As for the drawbacks, many people think that it is a bit pricey.


Gobena Coffee Organic GuatemalanLargest Pack

  • Coffee type: ground; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: full body with some light sweet notes
  • Bag weight: 80 oz.

 More features: Fair Trade and USA Organic certified, roasted using Joper in small batches

The Gobena Coffee is a perfect coffee for those who want to drink some delicious full-bodied beverage with light sweet notes. It is ground and roasted on the same day to provide you with fresh cups each morning. Its foil-lined bag keeps all the freshness locked in.

Additionally, it is 100% Arabica, medium roasted, Fair Trade USA Certified, and Organic. The ingredients used are of natural origin and healthy for consumers. You can, therefore, consume it without fear for your health.

Roasting is done using the Joper Small Batch Roaster. The Joper roasters are known for ensuring that the coffee is evenly roasted without any hotspots. Each batch is carefully prepared to bring out the bean’s full flavor.

What makes it special? This coffee comes with an excellent bag weight. The quantity is 80 oz., and it is more than enough to sip coffee for weeks.

What cons did we find? The only reproach some people had was that they have found it not intense enough.


Two Volcanoes Coffee Gourmet GuatemalaStrongest Coffee

  • Coffee type: whole beans; 100% Arabica
  • Roast: medium
  • Flavor: natural earthy
  • Bag weight: 16 oz.

 More features: roasted in small batches, originates from San Marcos

What we love about Two Volcanoes Coffee Gourmet Guatemala is the fact that it brings out the best possible flavor and aroma. It is a single-origin product from San Marcos, and it is not blended with coffee from other regions in Guatemala. This singleness provides this rare, delicious tasting coffee.

Thanks to its medium roast, this 100% Arabica coffee keeps a great deal of its natural, earthy flavor. This way, it is able to offer the best possible aroma, strength, and flavor in each cup. We love that it is grown organically from the base of two volcanoes: it is rich in mineral, the flavors are enhanced, and the smell of each bean is pronounced.

What are its best features? The Two Volcanoes coffee is roasted in small batches to guarantee an even roast. This ensures that each coffee bean is of superior quality and that it is roasted to meet your desired specifications. Additionally, each bag of coffee is equipped with a built-in valve that facilitates the going out of natural gas, as well as preventing it from staling.

What could be improved? Unfortunately, the beans seem to be quite dry.

Things to Consider

The Latin America, especially Guatemala, is known for producing the world’s largest amount of high-quality coffee. The country produces 100% Arabica beans because of its large tropical climate, excellent fertile soil, high elevation, and lengthy wet season.
The reason why people love coffee from Guatemala is that not only does it bring out each of the region’s characters, it is also rich in flavor and satisfies the needs of coffee-lovers. With that being said, it is important to know that the coffee comes from different regions. These include Antigua, San Marcos, Atitlan, Huehuetenango, and many more. When trying to purchase yours, you should consider the fact that you need a single-origin or a blended coffee.

Reasons to try Guatemalan coffee

Why try the Guatemalan coffee instead of any other? There are so many advantages to this coffee, and they make it worth trying.

Unique flavors

Guatemalan coffee is known for providing strong and unique flavors. Generally, it is less acidic and ideal for people who have stomach issues.

Concerning the flavors, they vary and depend on the region of production. The coffee can be fruity, chocolaty, natural earthy, nutty, etc.

Suitable for different brewing methods

Another advantage of Guatemalan coffee is that you can use different brewing methods. These help you highlight the coffee’s sweetness, body, acidity, and flavor:

  • Pour-over: This highlights the coffee’s acidity as well as the flavor notes. This method is ideal for you if you are looking to taste the floral and subtle fruit notes of your beans.
  • French press: It is perfect for bringing out the natural sweetness as well as the body of the coffee.
  • Cold-brew: Combines heavy sweetness, full-body, and medium acidity of the coffee. It extracts all of the coffee’s flavors and pours them into your cup for a refreshing drinking experience.

How to pick the best Guatemalan coffee?

10 Best Guatemalan Coffee Picks – Try New Flavors of Coffee Grown in Rich Volcanic Soil!

When trying to purchase the best Guatemalan coffee, there are so many criteria to consider. Where it is grown, how it is roasted, what the brewing method you should try at home, etc.  –  all of these questions matter as they will help you get the best out of your coffee.

We know how difficult it can be to buy the best Guatemalan coffee – there are many brands and manufacturers on the market. We have decided to help you by putting up some factors you need to consider. In our research, we considered some objective factors, and using them to compare various brands will help you make the appropriate choice.

Coffee type

The first criterion to consider when purchasing the best Guatemalan coffee is its type. By this, we mean whole beans, ground coffee, or K-cups. Whole beans coffee is ideal for people who like to brew their coffee each morning. It is fresh and brings out the flavors in your cup. Pablo’s Pride Guatemala Coffee is the best example here.

Ground coffee is perfect for you if you want to have your cups each morning without putting in the work of grinding it. For ground coffee lovers, we recommend the Gobena Coffee Organic Guatemalan. If you are looking for K-cup pods instead, you can get Peet’s Coffee Single Origin Guatemala for your single-serve coffee maker.

In our Guatemalan coffee reviews above, we provided you with whole and ground coffee. All of these are 100% Arabica, and it is fantastic because it contains vitamins (E and B), magnesium, and potassium, beneficial for health.

Single-origin vs. blend

Another criterion to look for when purchasing the best Guatemalan coffee is whether it is a single-origin or a blended one.

Single-origin is for you if you like unique flavors, while the blended one will suit you if you are looking for a well-rounded, smooth flavor.

A bag of single-origin coffee generally contains coffee beans originating from one region in Guatemala. This is the case of San Marcos, Huehuetenango, Atitlan, and many more. Keep in mind that the choice here depends on how you want to explore your coffee flavors. If you want to get a single-origin coffee, try the Volcanica Coffee Company Guatemalan Coffee from the Santa Barbara Estate in Antigua.

Concerning the blend, you want to make sure that you choose an all-Guatemalan blend if you are looking to taste all of the flavors originating from the country.


Guatemalan coffee is renowned for being unique in its flavors. That is why it is roasted in a way that the flavors are not altered or overwhelmed. When choosing your coffee, you have to decide between different types of roasts:

Flavor and aroma

Flavor and aroma are other great factors to look for when purchasing Guatemalan coffee. Generally, the flavors and aroma are affected by the region of production of the beans and by the roasting. According to your preferences, you can choose between:

  • Nutty flavors
  • Chocolate and cocoa finish
  • Fruity undertones
  • Natural, earthy tones

10 Best Guatemalan Coffee Picks – Try New Flavors of Coffee Grown in Rich Volcanic Soil!

Packaging and bag weight

The packaging and the bag weight are also important factors to look for in the best Guatemalan coffee. They make sure that you have the appropriate product, perfectly package, and with the right quantity. The packaging should protect the coffee’s quality and provide you with information about the roast, the expiry date, and the region of production.

Concerning the bag weight, it should be enough to help you benefit from several cups of coffee for weeks.

For instance, Gobena Coffee comes with a bag weight of 80 oz., which should be more than enough if you drink coffee every morning.


Certifications are also important as they ensure that you are consuming a healthy product – one that has been verified and approved. There are many certifications to look for in the best Guatemalan coffee:

  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Kosher

Jim’s Organic Coffee Guatemalan, as well as many others in our reviews, are certified.


When purchasing the best Guatemalan coffee, you must also consider the price of the product. It is possible to purchase a bag of coffee that meets your budget, as the price varies from brand to brand. Generally, the products from our review cost anywhere around $15-$30. Pablo’s Pride Guatemala Coffee is affordable and budget-friendly at $15, which also provides you with deep and rich flavors.


Concerning the recommended brewing methods for Guatemalan coffee, you need to know that they depend on your preferences and the flavor tenor you wish to experience. With that being said, you can choose between the pour-over for subtle fruit and floral notes, French press for full-body, and cold-brew for medium acidity. Also, you can find K-cup pods that are incredibly convenient to use in your single-serve coffee maker.

Before talking about the price of the Guatemalan coffee, you need to know that this coffee is unique in its genre. Climate diversity contributes to its uniqueness, and it does not have its equal around the world. It is, therefore, no surprise that it is recognized among the most consumed and appreciated coffee in the world. With that being said, it is important to mention that the price of the Guatemalan coffee depends on the brand you choose. Luckily, the prices are not fixed, and it is possible to purchase a bag at an affordable price while providing you with the uniqueness that characterizes Guatemala.

Many regions in Guatemala are known for the growing coffee:

  • Antigua: It is one of the most well-known coffee-growing areas in Guatemala. It is popular because of its rich volcanic soil. It is sunny, has low humidity and temperatures. All these factors contribute to the making of the best Guatemalan coffee.
  • Acatenango valley: The soil in the Acatenango valley is volcanic. It is full of minerals and nutrients that favor the healthy and strong growth of coffee.
  • Atitlan: It is another volcanic area. The soil is rich and organic, and the climate is moist and warm.
  • Huehuetenango: It is also located in a volcanic area. The atmosphere is one of the driest and highest coffee-growing regions. There are abundant streams and rivers that keep the soil saturated enough to grow coffee.
  • San Marcos: It is another popular region that grows coffee in Guatemala. The region has the highest amount of rainfall, and it favors the early flowering of coffee plants.

Which one tastes better? The choice depends on your preferences, whether you are looking for light or strong flavors.

Our Verdict

If you are a coffee lover, then Guatemalan coffee is a beverage that you will like. It tastes different because it comes from various regions in the country. This way, you benefit from unique flavors, with some rich and others light.

If we are to recommend one brand, it will be Volcanica Coffee Company Guatemalan Coffee. It is our editor’s choice, and we like it because it is freshly roasted and is available in both forms – as whole beans or as ground coffee.

If you are looking for the best value (quality and price), we have Jim’s Organic Coffee Guatemalan. It is organic, and you can use various brewing methods to make your favorite drink.

For those looking for caramel and cocoa notes, Pablo’s Pride Guatemala Coffee boasts everything you desire. It is GMO-free, roasted in small batches, and is low in acidity.

We hope this review has helped you in your quest for the best Guatemalan coffee. Do not hesitate to browse through the different brands we analyzed to buy the coffee that meets your needs.

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