7 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands – Better Choice for Your Health

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Why should you drink low acid coffee? Is it really different from regular coffee? What does low acid even mean anyway? These are the questions that this guide hopes to answer. Coffee with low acid is better for those of us with stomach problems, where the acidity can mess with your stomach and completely ruin your day. You don’t want the energy from your coffee waking you up in the morning and giving you stomach pain in the afternoon. That’s not a good cycle, right?

We all need our morning cup of joe to feel good throughout the day, but why should you make the switch to the best low acid coffee? There’s a lot to consider whenever you grab a low acid variety coffee off the shelf, but we’ll have your answers in this article! Here’s our look at some great coffee choices that are also low in acid!

Top 7 Low Acid Coffee Brands Review 2022


Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground CoffeeEditor’s Choice

  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Bag size: 12 oz
  • Taste: gentle
  • Certification: USDA-organic

More features: no bitter aftertaste; protects teeth; good for digestion; ground; secret roasting process

This coffee is completely organic, enhancing the coffee taste while getting rid of the acid. Getting rid of the acid doesn’t compromise the taste of caffeine at all, and you’ll still get the wake-up jolt you need. If you have stomach issues with acidity, then this is the best coffee to free you from that pain. The coffee is grown and made in Arabia and Mexico.

What are its best features? This coffee has a secret roasting process that gets rid of acid. The coffee has a near-neutral PH level and has no bitter aftertaste. The company is so confident in how you’ll like it, that it is free if you aren’t satisfied. It protects your teeth enamel, as you won’t have to deal with the acid.

What could be improved? The taste can be sacrificed and can take some getting used to whenever you first try it out. In some cases, it can cause digestive problems. Creamers or other sweeteners might need to be added to offset the taste until you get used to it.


Puroast Low Acid Ground CoffeePremium Pick

  • Type: not specified
  • Bag size: 40 oz
  • Taste: rich and flavorful
  • Certification: not specified

More features: ground coffee; no additives; innovative roasting

Puroast not only focuses on making good coffee but also focuses on your health. It doesn’t do any chemical extraction of the coffee beans or add any additives to the beans. Instead, the acid is removed by the roasting process. Additionally, the coffee has more antioxidants than green tea and other coffees, making it a healthy choice for daily drinking.

What do we love it for? The coffee has less acidity than its competitors, without adding in chemical additives or altering the bean itself. Instead, they focus on roasting the coffee and give you 100% pure coffee without trouble. The health benefits can make you feel good about drinking two cups a day.

What were we disappointed with? The coffee isn’t entirely acid-free, as it only removes 70% of acid from the brewed coffee. Additionally, Puroast requires extra grounds to be added to each cup, so you’ll go through it a bit faster than a typical bag. The high levels of antioxidants can also take some getting used to the first time you drink it.


HealthWise Low Acid CoffeeBest Value

  • Type: Colombian Supremo Arabica
  • Bag size: 12 oz
  • Taste: not bitter or harsh
  • Certification: Kosher-certified and Vatican-endorsed

More features: reduces heartburn; TechnoRoasting process; roasted in small batches

HealthWise coffee focuses on roasting the coffee beans to provide acid reduction effects.  But where their roasting goes the extra mile is that it keeps all the natural minerals and nutrients inside the bean and also reduces bitterness. Finally, every coffee mix says that it will make you 110 cups of coffee per can. That’s a lot of coffee! Perfect for daily drinkers and those who hate buying more!

Why did it make our list? It keeps the nutrients of a coffee bean and gives a lot of cups per container. Everything is all done by a techno-roasting process, which doesn’t strip the coffee of its nutrients and still keeps all the health benefits. The acid is completely reduced, and it keeps a much smoother flavor than its competitors.

What is not ideal about it? There are some inconsistencies in the roasting process, meaning that every container of coffee can be different. Additionally, while you are getting over 100 cups of coffee per container, the coffee can be expensive.

  • Type: 100% Organic Arabica
  • Bag size: 11 oz
  • Taste: smooth, sweet, and earthy
  • Certification: USDA-organic

More features: medium dark; family-run facility; roasted in small batches

This low acid coffee uses 100% organic Arabica beans made from Indonesia and Brazil. It focuses on green coffee that is completely organic, and The coffee is also hand-roasted in small batches to ensure quality for our customers. The bags might be small, but every bag is completely tested for high-quality. Unlike other low acid coffees, this brand has a smooth and non-bitter flavor that tastes like real coffee.

The roasting process helps to remove any acidity, making it easy to drink even with severe levels of digestive issues. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you won’t have problems.

Why is it special? The coffee tastes and smells like coffee, unlike some of the other low acid variants. The similarities to normal high acid coffee make it the perfect drink to transition from normal coffee to the low acid kind. It’s the perfect coffee to try if you are on the fence.

What are the flaws? The bags are small, and while this is because of the roastery’s commitment to quality, it can be expensive to buy and quick to go through.


Tieman's Fusion CoffeePremium

  • Type: 100% Arabica premium coffee from Central and South America
  • Bag size: 10 oz
  • Taste: smooth
  • Certification: not specified

More features: dark roast; ground

Tieman’s fusion coffee combines the caffeine power of 100% premium Arabica coffee with the energy-boosting power of green and red tea and Goji Berry powders. This lets you have all the energy with none of the jitters, as well as the healing benefits of the Goji Berries for your stomach.

The coffee comes with lots of antioxidants, five times more than the body needs, in fact. It also comes in various flavors with dark roast, medium roast, and decaf options for both ground and whole bean coffees.

What stands out? The health benefits of this coffee cannot be understated. The fusion of coffee and tea, along with the goji berries, gives a noticeable boost in energy without the crash of normal coffee. It’s very good for anyone looking to get a little healthier, whether you have stomach problems or not.

What cons did we manage to find? Goji is a member of the nightshade family, which can cause sensitivity for some people with nightshade intolerance. Additionally, the taste of the fusion can overpower the coffee and takes some getting used to.


Clean Coffee Co Whole Bean CoffeeSingle Origin

  • Type: Papua New Guinea coffee
  • Bag size: 12 oz
  • Taste: smooth and bold
  • Certification: not specified

More features: single-origin; rich in antioxidants; medium-dark roast

Unlike its competitors, Clean Coffee Co. takes a more rigorous approach to purity and high quality. The beans come from Papua New Guinea and are handpicked and tested to make sure they are low acid and high in taste!

The company tests its coffee against over one hundred and fifty toxins and chemicals to make sure every batch is pure and clean. The coffee is rich in the antioxidant CGA, which also helps to detoxify the body.

Finally, it’s a low acid coffee brand. This allows for great coffee and health benefits.

Why is it special? Unlike some other low acid coffees that can be quite bitter or need some cream or sweetener to taste good, this coffee tastes amazing on its own. It has a smooth taste, has low acid, and is free of toxins and pesticides.

What are the flaws? The only real con is that for some people, it can be bitter. Also, if you want a stronger cup of coffee, then you’ll need to add more grounds to the mix.

  • Type: not specified
  • Bag size: 110 oz
  • Taste: not specified
  • Certification: USDA-certified

More features: water processed; fair trade

Mommee coffee is great for pregnant mothers who are expecting a child. It is designed to support coffee drinking mothers through all stages of being pregnant, from trying to conceive to actually having the baby. It’s 100% organic and water processed, and it is the best low acid stomach-friendly coffee.

Additionally, the coffee is low-acid and fully caffeinated, so you can get the powerful coffee boosts without having to deal with any discomfort. The coffee is also fair trade certified, so your purchase helps the world.

What makes it stand out? There are different types of Mommee coffee available for purchase, including full caf, decaf, and half-caf. The coffee is designed to be gentle on both babies and mothers, and it works well in that regard. It also gently gives an energy boost without that draining crash at the day’s end.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The coffee only comes in twelve-ounce bags, which smaller than other brands. Additionally, the taste can take some getting used too.

Things to Consider

If you are still on the fence about getting the best organic low acid coffee, you shouldn’t be. Low acid coffee has several benefits for anyone suffering from acid reflux problems or who just want a healthier cup. If you are really interested in low acid coffee, you could also save some money on your next purchase!

Benefits of low acid coffee

7 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands - Better Choice for Your Health

The first benefit of low acid coffee is low acid. If you suffer from GERD, Acid Reflux, or any other stomach issues related to acidity filled drinks and foods, then low acid coffee can help to save you from the pain.

It doesn’t matter if you are cutting out acidity-based foods because of an illness or a personal choice; you’ll soon find that low acid coffee is better than anything you’ve had before.

Another problem with high acid coffee can crop up at the dentist’s office. Coffee’s acidity can wear down the enamel in your teeth. Enamel is the barrier that protects your teeth from bacteria and other problems, and when it is gone, it is gone. Low acid coffee can let you enjoy your cup without the guilt.

Plus, the main reason we drink coffee is for the energy, right? Well, most cups of regular coffee pump caffeine into you for about 4 to 5 hours. Then you take on the crash and collapse, often needing more coffee to get through the day. However, low-acid coffee releases sustained energy into your bloodstream. Not only will you be energetic for longer, but you also won’t deal with those pesky crashes that can really ruin a day!

Features to consider before you buy a bag of low acid coffee

There are a lot of features to consider before you make the first low acid coffee purchase. Everything from the type of coffee, how it’s roasted, and the certification needs to be understood before you make that purchase, and of course, there’s no accounting for taste!


First, the type of coffee really makes a difference. Most store-bought brands of coffee, like Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, use Arabica coffee beans. These beans are the most popular brand of coffee beans and make some of the best low acid coffee with flavors.

If you are looking for something heavy and strong, you’ll need to find Robusta beans. These beans are bitter and have higher caffeine content. If you need an espresso shot or something to really wake you up, then this is that bean.



7 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands - Better Choice for Your Health

The different types of coffee roasts (light, medium, and dark) all have to do with how the coffee beans are roasted to release their flavor. There are dozens of different techniques and roasts that turn coffee beans all sorts of different colors, but they all fall under the above categories.

Lighter roasts are very flavorful. The beans are typically light in color, and the coffee tastes like where the beans came from. If you want to have coffee that is different every single time, depending on the bean used, then light roast is the way to go. However, it is very acidic.


Medium roast coffee has a fuller body. The beans are dark brown in color, and they don’t taste as grainy as light roasts do. The coffee is more medium balanced and flavorful, and it has a good aroma to go with it.

Finally, the best low acid, dark roast coffee beans taste roasted with a spicier feel. In this roasting, oil starts to coat the beans whenever they crack. Dark roasts don’t have a lot of caffeine in them, and the flavor is often smokey and bitter. You won’t taste the origin of the beans, but you can get a rich drink that will get you moving. You’ll need to know which roast you like or pick a coffee-like Mommee Coffee that comes in different roast types.


The taste of your coffee largely depends on your roasting choice. If you want a coffee with a kick of flavor that’s different from the rest, then try a light roast.

Medium roasts bring out all the flavor as the beans have started to caramelize, and dark roasted coffee is very rich and almost chocolatey.



Another thing to look at is the coffee certification on the website or the bag of your coffee. This tells you all about how the coffee is farmed, grown, and handled before it gets to your bag. Here are some common certifications you’ll see on your low acid organic coffee.

Fair Trade Certified: Coffees like Mommee coffee are fair trade certified, which means that the maker of the coffee is focusing on building a better life for farmers. The farmers that make the coffee benefits from a fair market and sustainable trade relationships.

USDA Organic: A coffee like Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee is only certified as USDA Organic when the coffee is grown sustainably. The grown coffee must meet the USDA’s strict standards on plant growth. Some of these standards include supporting biodiversity, increasing the health of the soil, and not using any prohibited pesticides or herbicides.

Bag size

The bag size, along with how much coffee you drink every day, should inform your coffee purchase. Some coffees, like Healthwise low acid coffee, can provide you with hundreds of cups per can. Others might only provide you with a few cups. The bag size comes into play if you are a daily coffee drinker, but if you drink it sparingly, then you can get away with a smaller bag. This depends on how much coffee you drink and if anyone else in your social circle steals from your bag!

You might have to stretch your budget if one bag isn’t big enough for your coffee needs. Spending some extra money certainly means that you need to make sure the coffee you pick works for you.


One of the best ways to drink a low acid coffee is by picking a darker roast coffee. Heat draws out the acidity whenever coffee beans are roasted, and a darker roast means that the beans were exposed to more heat. Additionally, you’ll want to get finely ground coffee. The finer the coffee has been ground, the more acid has been drawn out during the process. If you have the time, you can also cold brew your coffee overnight to further remove the acid. If you brew your coffee this way, it can be around 60% less acidic, and it tastes good too!

Yes, with some exceptions. Pregnant women can drink decaffeinated coffee, low acid coffee, and coffee specialized for pregnant moms. Such as the Mommee brand of coffee, which is certified safe for moms and babies. This coffee can be drunk throughout the entire process of birthing and won’t impede your attempts to conceive a baby. Low acid coffee stops the upset stomachs caused by regular coffee, and it can also keep your bones healthy. Additionally, it tastes great, provides all the same energy and health boosts as coffee, and can be drunk throughout the pregnancy. You’ll still need to be careful about the types of coffee you pick and monitor your stomach, but at least you’ll have the energy to do it!

Our Verdict

The best low acid coffee brands are the best because they all come with low acid, clean health benefits, and great taste when compared to regular coffee. Each of the products will give you all the energy and warmth of regular coffee, without any downsides.

You can’t go wrong with our Editor’s choice of Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee, with it’s all organic flavor and money-back guarantee. Our premium pick of Puraroast Low Acid Ground Coffee has all the low acid with no chemical additives, only leaving 100% organic coffee. Our Best Value of HealthWise Low Acid Coffee certainly gives you value, promising over one hundred cups per can. It certainly delivers on that promise! No matter which one you end up making your new favorite coffee, you are picking from some of the best low acid coffee brands in the world, so you can’t go wrong at all.

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