8 Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano – Making Strong and Rich Coffee at Home!

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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Many people love having a cup of refreshing and energizing drink with their Nespresso machines. They are able to deliver great coffee from the comfort of your own home. The problem many people face is trying to decide which capsules are the best to make their favorite beverage! Here, we have a look at the best Nespresso capsules for Americano.

With Americano, just like with many other types of coffee drinks, a lot comes down to personal preference. However, after trying and testing 23 different products, we know for sure that it’s hard to look past the Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio capsules. They create bold and smooth coffee with an excellent flavor profile, which is required for the perfect Americano. There are some other excellent capsules out there, and here we will look at seven others, which may be more to your taste.

To find the best Nespresso capsules for Americano, we have done a lot of testing. The roast, origin, flavor, and intensity are all vital. You also want well-designed capsules, which are suitable for different types of coffee. We’ve spent countless hours reviewing and gathered a wide range of opinions. We’ve put all this information together to give you the best chance of getting the perfect coffee for your tastes. To make this easy to digest, we’ve created a comparison table, detailed reviews of each product, a comprehensive buying guide, and FAQs. Let’s get started!

Top 8 Nespresso Capsules for Americano Review 2022


Nespresso Intenso ArpeggioEditor's Choice

  • Best for: Americano, espresso, ristretto
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: South and Central America (Costa Rica)
  • Flavor: grilled notes with subtle cocoa notes and woody hints
  • Intensity: 9
  • Capsules: 50

More features: Arabica, long intense roasting

It’s hard to look past those as being the best Nespresso capsules for Americano out there. They offer a fantastic bold taste that is going to tick all the boxes for Americano aficionados. It’s able to do that without having any unpleasant bitterness.

It may be perfect for those who are fans of earthy tastes with grilled and woody notes. It has an intensity rating of 9, which makes it strong without being too overpowering. The coffee is made from Arabica beans, which helps to give it that quality taste.

Inferior coffees often lose their smoothness as the taste gets bolder, but you don’t find that here. This product makes it very easy to drink. Many complain about Nespresso capsules being expensive, but with the 50 you get here, it represents great value for money.

What makes it stand out?

  • Bold taste
  • Great value for money
  • No bitterness
  • Smooth flavor

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some deformed capsules
  • Best for: the package includes different types for Americano, espresso, ristretto, lungo
  • Roast: dark roast for Intense, Lungo and Ristretto; medium for Espresso and Arabica; light for Decaffeinato
  • Origin: America, Africa, and Asia
  • Flavor: varies for each type
  • Intensity: 6-12
  • Capsules: 120

More features: OU Kosher and Rainforest Alliance certified

Looking for the best off-brand Nespresso capsules? It’s hard to look past Bestpresso as the best substitute. This huge pack comes with 6 brilliant flavors.

Ristretto – Intense and creamy with plenty of body. Sweet and chocolatey notes.

Intenso – Intense with mild acidity. Notes of berries.

Arabica – That balanced Arabica flavor with a citrus and floral taste profile.

Espresso – Berry and cocoa notes in a balanced and full-bodied coffee.

Decaffeinato – Berries and nuts with an intense aroma and no caffeine.

Caramello – Brilliant caramel flavor but also with cherries, pumpkin, and apricot notes.

They provide a perfect alternative to Nespresso OriginalLine, and with the flavors above, you’re sure to find something that you love. They taste brilliant and are made to the highest standards. They may not be quite as good as the real thing, but a lot of people aren’t going to be able to tell the difference.

Why is it special?

  • Perfect alternative at a lower price
  • Great variety of tastes
  • Fantastic taste
  • Quick shipping

What are the flaws?

  • The taste differs from the Nespresso OriginalLine, which not everyone might like

Nespresso Intenso DharkanBest for Iced Americano

  • Best for: iced Americano, espresso, ristretto
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: Latin America (Costa Rica, Java), Asia
  • Flavor: hints of bitter cocoa powder, toasted cereals with a velvety texture
  • Intensity: 11
  • Capsules: 50

More features: Arabica, long roasting at a low temperature

If you’re looking for the best Nespresso capsules for iced Americano, this is it. They are brilliant with a great level of intensity. There’s a nice bitterness to this coffee that some are going to love if you prefer that type.

They are a little pricey, but they are still worth it with the velvet flavor profile and the delicious notes of cocoa powder and toasted cereals you get. The coffee also smells lovely too. The beans used have been roasted for a long time at a low temperature, and this allows you to taste that depth of flavor.

It’s able to give you that amazing strength without any bad aftertaste that other brands can give you. They are also well packaged to ensure you get your delivery with no issues. If you haven’t tried this type of coffee before, then it’s a great idea to give it a shot.

Why did it make our list?

  • Amazing strength
  • Delicious flavors
  • Good packaging
  • No aftertaste

What is not ideal about it?

  • A little pricey

Nespresso Intenso KazaarBest Intensity

  • Best for: iced Americano, espresso, ristretto
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: blend of Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala and Arabica from South America
  • Flavor: powerful bitterness, notes of pepper
  • Intensity: 12
  • Capsules: 50

More features: creamy texture, split-roasting technique

The Dharkan blend is a great option for iced Americanos, but if you were looking for more choice, this Kazaar blend would also make a delicious coffee. It has a perfect level of bitterness but with a creamy texture that a lot of people are going to fall in love with.

An important aspect to note here is that this coffee is packed full of caffeine. It’ll perk you up, even if your body is quite tolerant to high caffeine intake. It could be a little too much for some who only occasionally have coffee, but coffee addicts will enjoy it.

As well as Americano, the capsules are also wonderful for making espresso and ristretto. They also work perfectly in the likes of cappuccinos and mochas, making the product highly versatile. The dark flavors are glorious, and it’s a type of capsules that you simply have to try.

What are its best features?

  • Strong and rich
  • Perks you up
  • Also perfect in lattes, cappuccinos & mochas
  • Dark flavors

What could be improved?

  • Maybe too strong for some

Nespresso Intenso RomaBest for Energy

  • Best for: Americano, espresso, ristretto, iced cappuccino, milk-based drinks
  • Roast: medium
  • Origin: Central American Arabicas and Brazilian Arabicas and Robustas
  • Flavor: roasted and woody notes, mild taste
  • Intensity: 8
  • Capsules: 50

More features: coffee cultivated at high altitude, lingering aftertaste

There are the coffee lovers who enjoy having a bold taste but don’t like the bitterness that can often come with it. This Roma coffee represents a great balance of flavors that are going to give you that smooth and clear taste.

There is a perfect aftertaste to this coffee that stays in your mouth for a while. The packaging of these capsules looks great without any plastic, but there have been a few reports of the capsules being crushed or damaged upon delivery.

It’s a medium roast coffee with an intensity rating of 8. It’s ideal for those who like their coffee in the medium strength range. It helps to make these capsules highly versatile as they are able to be used in a wide range of different coffee drinks, especially milk-based ones. Overall, it is a nice choice if you are looking for that energy kick in the morning.

What are its best features?

  • Bold without bitterness
  • Wonderful flavor profile
  • No plastic packaging
  • Gives a great kick

What could be improved?

  • Some buyers have received damaged packages
  • Best for: Arabica, espresso, ristretto
  • Roast: dark roast
  • Origin: Maestro – Arabica from Tanzania & Costa Rica; Gentleman – blend of Arabica from Central America & South Africa and Robusta beans from Brazil; Macho – blend of Robusta beans from Brazil & India and Arabica beans from Colombia & Peru
  • Flavor: varies for each type
  • Intensity: 9-12
  • Capsules: 60

More features: 60-day return policy for trying coffee, extra package to ensure that pods stay fresh

There are many companies out there that have tried to replicate Nespresso’s capsules but have fallen short. The one that has succeeded is Rosso coffee, which has developed this set of three flavors.

Gentleman – An extra dark roast (10 intensity) with a round and full-bodied taste.

Maestro – A dark roast (9 intensity) with strong and fruity notes.

Macho – Extra dark roast (12 intensity) with an incredibly bold and rich taste.

All three are great coffees and work perfectly for Americanos in any Nespresso machine. The packaging is very secure, and you’re not going to have to worry about any of them being damaged. Their customer service is also wonderful, and these capsules are fantastic value for money. However, some coffee maniacs noted that the flavor could be deeper.

What do we love it for?

  • Secure packaging
  • Great service
  • Excellent value
  • Dark and strong coffee

What were we disappointed with?

  • Flavor isn’t that deep

Gourmesso Espresso Forte BundleBest for Crema

  • Best for: Americano, espresso, ristretto
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: South and Central America, Mexica, India, Africa
  • Flavor: varies for each type
  • Intensity: 8-10
  • Capsules: 80

More features: Fair Trade certified

Gourmesso is another company that can hold their heads high and say they’ve made a range of outstanding coffee capsules. Their pack comes with four different flavors, and they are all exceptional.

Tarrazu – Dark roast with a racy, full-bodied, and intense profile with an intensity of 8.

Messico – A dark roast with a full and rich taste, intensity of 9.

Ristretto – Slightly spicy dark roast with an intense taste and body, intensity of 10.

Etiopia – Hints of citrus in a powerful dark roast, intensity if 10.

Some of them can be a little light in flavor, but in general, they are a great alternative. They also create a great crema and are perfect for Americanos. As an added bonus, the packaging is very secure to retain coffee freshness, and the coffee is also Fair Trade certified.

Why did it make our list?

  • Great range of flavors
  • Create great crema
  • Secure packaging
  • Fair Trade certified

What is not ideal about it?

  • Quite light in flavor

Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio DecaffeinatoBest Decaffeinated

  • Best for: Americano, ristretto, espresso
  • Roast: dark
  • Origin: Arabicas from Brazil and Costa Rica
  • Flavor: intense body and indulgent cocoa and fruity notes
  • Intensity: 9
  • Capsules: 10

More features: split-roasting technique

If you love coffee but want to reduce your caffeine intake, then your options can be limited. These Arpeggio Decaffeinato capsules give you those rich flavors, and you don’t have to worry about the caffeine.

They have a good level of versatility, too, as you’ll be able to use them for a cup of perfect Americano, but they are also great for ristretto and espresso. The roast is dark, and it can bring out deep-tasting notes of cocoa and fruits.

The only problem with these capsules is that they are quite expensive, which may be an issue for some. Others will see it as worth it due to their quality. Only the best Arabica beans are used to produce one of the most delicious decaffeinated coffees out there.

What makes it stand out?

  • Deep flavor
  • Numerous buying options
  • Intense tasting notes
  • Versatile capsules

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Quite expensive

Things to Consider

Trying to find the best Nespresso capsules for Americano can be a great tasting journey. Every coffee type is going to be different, but there are certain products that are popular due to their rich flavors, smooth taste, and high quality. Here, we will go into all the key features that will help you with your buying decision. Once you get to the end, you’ll have a good idea of which coffee is going to be right for you.

How to choose the best Nespresso capsules for Americano?

8 Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano - Making Strong and Rich Coffee at Home!

To find the best Nespresso capsules for you, it’s a good idea to have knowledge of which type of coffee you love. That could be a certain level of intensity, tasting notes, or aroma. There are also other considerations, such as compatibility with your Nespresso machine and value for money. As we go through each section, it’s a good idea to take some notes to find out which features are going to be the most important to you.

Coffee machine compatibility

The first thing you want to check is whether or not the capsules are going to be compatible with your Nespresso machine. It’d be incredibly frustrating to have that excitement about getting some new coffee only to find that the capsules you have got are useless.

The important thing to note here is that Nespresso has two lines for their machines, OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

Most off-brand machines work with the OriginalLine capsules and all the capsules for Americano we have looked at here work with those machines. Just double-check if your machine is compatible with them.

Coffee roast

There are three main types of roasts, and they are light, medium, and dark. A few coffees will place themselves in between these three.

Light roast – These beans are quite a light brown and are used in mild-body coffees. They don’t have any oil on the surface and are light in taste while often having floral or fruity notes.

Medium roast – A darker shade of brown will be seen with these beans, and this is the most common type of coffee that you’re going to find on the market. It’ll give plenty of flavors.

Dark roast – If you’re looking for intense flavors, then you’ll most likely want a dark roast coffee. The beans are nearly black and provide some bitterness. They offer heavy and strong flavors.

If you want to try them all at a very affordable price, check the Bestpresso Coffee Variety Pack with 120 Capsules and different flavors.


There are many different coffee regions around the world, but there are only two main types of coffee beans, and they are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more expensive and is seen as a higher quality, and there are a few reasons for that.

8 Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano - Making Strong and Rich Coffee at Home!

Arabica has a sweet and soft taste with many notes of berries and fruits. They are also more acidic and don’t contain too much caffeine. They are harder to grow as they need to be at high altitudes, are more affected by weather conditions and pests.

Robusta is far more common with strong tastes and more caffeine. While some countries grow both types of beans, such as Brazil and India, Robusta is mostly grown in the likes of Africa and Indonesia.

Arabica is most commonly grown in Latin America, where the altitudes are high, and the climate is perfect.


There are certain coffee flavors that usually have negative connotations. As far as coffee flavors go, however, earthy tones and bitterness are often loved. They are commonly associated with most coffees with dark roast coffees being the most mouthy and bitter.

Many different tastes can come with coffee, including the likes of berries and fruity notes. Many people find one coffee they love and never divert away from that. A great aspect of these capsules is that you can get a few different flavors. When getting a selection, you could fall in love with a coffee you never considered before.


When we are talking about the intensity, we are looking at the overall character of the coffee blend. This involves a few different aspects, such as the consistency of the body and also how the flavor richness impacts on the intensity.

The biggest factor of intensity is how strong the coffee is. This is mostly affected by which type of roast the coffee has been made with. An intensity of around 5-7 is seen as medium strength. Above that then it will have an intense taste and aroma, such as with the Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio, which is quite popular among coffee aficionados.

Number of capsules in the package

All these capsules come in a packaging of varying sizes. If you’re looking to get the maximum value for money, then you’ll want to get the largest packets possible. The Bestpresso Coffee Variety Pack, for example, has 120 capsules, and it is a fantastic value for money.

The problem with getting a large pack is that if you don’t like the coffee, then you’re stuck with capsules that you’re never going to use.

Make sure that the pack contains a large variety of different flavors, so you might find one which you enjoy most. Or, you can simply order a smaller package with one taste to give it a try.

What other drinks can I make with Nespresso capsules?

8 Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano - Making Strong and Rich Coffee at Home!

Americano is one of the most popular types of coffee out there, but with these capsules, you also have plenty of options. If you want to make iced Americano, it’s hard to look past the Nespresso Intenso Dharkan, which offers a nice bitterness with the hints of cocoa powder and has a velvety texture.

The Nespresso Intenso Roma is a highly versatile coffee that can be used for making Americano, espresso, ristretto, iced cappuccinos, and milk-based coffee. With these types of coffee, it’s a great idea to experiment with the capsules and see which ones work for you. You never know, you could well stumble on your new favorite drink.


Making an Americano is very easy as you’ll be able to transform your espresso into a full cup of coffee. Nespresso themselves recommend the Intenso Arpeggio capsule to do this. All you need to do is pour the espresso into a bigger mug and then add the boiling water. After this, you can enjoy your favorite beverage. Making an iced Americano is also easy, and Nespresso recommends that you do this with either the Kazaar or Dharkan capsules. You’ll need a tall glass that can hold 23 ice cubes. You then add two capsules to it and then add cold water to taste. Either hot or cold, these capsules will make an excellent Americano.

When buying a pack of 50 capsules by Nespresso, you can expect to pay about $35. That works out to be approximately 70 cents per capsules, as can be found with the Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio. With smaller packs, the price per capsules go up, as for the Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio Decaffeinato pack of 10, you could be paying around $20. Many will see this as a steep price, but the quality is undoubted. This is why many people prefer alternatives. For example, the Bestpresso Coffee Variety Pack at 33 cents per capsule and the Rosso Coffee Capsules at 42 cents are a great value with a range of fantastic flavors. The right ones for you will depend on your budget. Some people will love the off-brand capsules thinking they have a better value, whereas, others won’t want to sacrifice the quality and will be happy to pay a little extra. All in all, the final choice is up to you.

The biggest difference is the quality. Nespresso is a huge name in the coffee industry, as they make capsules that offer outstanding taste and are very easy to use with their machines. As we have seen here, however, other companies have made capsules that can also be used with those machines. Compatibility isn’t an issue of concern as with Nespresso because you know that the capsules are going to fit any machine on the same line. When buying from third parties, you will want to double-check the fitting will be correct. Other factors also come into play, such as Nespresso having high-quality packaging and having a wide range of flavors available. Of course, the big downside to these qualities is the price. Third parties are cheaper, and, therefore, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to get your perfect choice.

Our Verdict

Coffee isn’t about just getting a shot of caffeine or warming you up when you’re cold. The drink should have an exquisite taste, and all the capsules here tick that box.

The best bet for a hot Americano is the Nespresso Intenso Arpeggio, as this has a marvelous quality with intense and bold flavor and aroma without lacking any smoothness.

If you’re looking for the best value for money, then the Bestpresso Coffee Variety Pack is an amazing choice with its vast array of capsules and different flavors.

Want an iced Americano? Then Nespresso Intenso Dharkan would be a perfect option with its deep intensity.

Whichever set of capsules you pick in this list, it’s most likely that you’re going to love the results. You could even get multiple packs to see which one you love most. Once you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the best Nespresso capsules for Americano in the comfort of your home.

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