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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The convenience of having the best Nespresso machine for latte over other types of coffee machines is unmatched. There is simply no need to go through the motions of either grinding or portioning coffee since the device only works with capsules. As such, you get the same quality beverage you love without as much hassle.

Our initial scope of products to review consisted of 15 top picks. Of those, only five made it on to our list due to the various merits and demerits of each. Among the top selection, we have the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original, which is the editor’s choice product. The key elements that propelled this device to the top of the list are mainly the automation features. These work both for the brewing process and the self-cleaning of the device after that. As such, it can be one of the most easy tools to own. This is not to mean that other devices on the list fall behind. On the contrary, they all have their perks.

Also, if you are going to come up with a list like this, you have to exhaust all other options, which means hours of researching products. This process involves taking into account manufacturer claims, vendor sites as well as customer feedback. These are all things we have done. Features also play a rather significant role in the rankings. They include water tank capacity, capsules preferred, dimensions, heat-up time, and more. What you then get as a result of our efforts is the comparison table below, followed by in-depth reviews and lastly, a buying guide  for the best Nespresso machines for latte.

Top 5 Nespresso Machines for Latte Review 2022


De'Longhi Lattissima Pro OriginalEditor’s Choice

  • Water tank capacity: 43.96 oz.
  • Used capsule capacity: 15
  • Dimensions: 11” x 7.6” x 13”
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs.
  • Construction material: brushed aluminum

Extra features: detachable milk container with auto-clean function, empty water tank detection, sliding drip tray, automatic power off, automatic rinsing function


As mentioned before, the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original is our editor’s choice. The first positive you notice is the brushed aluminum chassis, which should be durable for continuous use even when subject to a few bumps and bruises. The milk container is, of course, not made of the same material. You should note that the tank is detachable which is necessary for when you want to empty or refill it. Additionally, if you do not finish the milk from a brewing session, you can comfortably store it in your fridge. A bonus of the attachment is that it is dishwasher friendly.

As expected of a Nespresso device, the gadget uses a capsule system, which means it is less messy overall. Consequently, you can make strong black coffee and then layer it with foam as you see fit. This process sounds a bit complicated, but with this device, it is as easy as pie. The one-touch control system makes sure all you need to do is press a button or two to get the desired outcome.

Coffee enthusiasts will know that 15 bars of pressure are what is required for optimal flavor extraction. As such, the 19 bar pump indicated may seem like overkill. However, you have to remember that this works at the beginning of the brewing process and that by the time the water gets to the coffee containment unit, the pressure will have reduced.

Another thing to look out for and set when you first buy the machine is the descaling alert. Of course, since you are going to be using hard water for your brewing, the scaling may hamper your ability to get a quality beverage. Therefore the alert serves to remind you to clean the device thoroughly. You even get an auto turn-off feature that is programmable between nine minutes and eight hours of inactivity.

When you do receive this item from your vendor, it should come with a few capsules to get you started as a complimentary gift. Also noteworthy is that the device doesn’t need you to remove the capsule each time you use it. It can store up to 15 capsules before you have to get rid of them. Add that to the rapid start and heat-up time, and there is no reason for you not to acquire this device.

Why is it special?

  • Descaling alert system
  • Detachable and dishwasher safe milk container
  • Intuitive controls
  • Empty water tank detection

What are the flaws?

  • This device is the most expensive item on our list
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Breville-Nespresso Creatista UnoBest Heat Up Time

  • Water tank capacity: 20.3 oz
  • Used capsule capacity: 6
  • Dimensions: 15.5” x 7” x 12”
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Construction material: metal & plastic

Extra features: heat up in 3 seconds, automatic steam wand with adjustable milk temperature, pop-out cup support, three milk temperature settings, fast self-cleaning

Currently, you can get this product for a bit under 300 dollars on Amazon. When you do make the purchase, you will be getting a relatively large water tank with 20.3 oz. capacity. Where other models have a uniform body construction, this particular device combines both plastic and metal in its body construction.

You are also probably going to want to steam your milk to create foam. This helps to improve the taste and texture of your coffee. As such, you have the automatic steam wand to help you with that. After you are done, you can activate the auto-clean feature that eliminates the hustle of having to clean it on a regular basis manually.

A simple interface is also something that you are likely to appreciate. After all, this makes the device easier to use as a whole. With the available controls, you can adjust the coffee volume, milk texture, and milk temperature, meaning you have no excuse for drinking bad coffee. The six buttons placed on the top of the device should be rather easy to figure out. Also impressive is the general heat-up time it takes for the device to start brewing.

You will likely see the 19 pressure bar pump mentioned as a feature with other devices. This is the same pressure bar pump used in the making of this device. Nevertheless, it is not meant to be used continuously. As such, whenever you get to 9 minutes of no use, the device will shut off automatically. Consequently, you can conserve energy even if you forget to turn the device off as you leave the house.

What do we love it for?

  • Fast heat up time
  • 19 bar pump
  • Easy to use button layout
  • Wide variety of coffee capsules to choose from
  • Easy to clean up

What were we disappointed with?

  • The cup holder of the device is un-adjustable to hold different cup sizes

Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlusBest Extra Features

  • Water tank capacity: 40 oz.
  • Used capsule capacity: 10
  • Dimensions: 9” x 13” x 12.8”
  • Weight: 9.72 lbs.
  • Construction material: metal & plastic

Extra features: automatic capsule ejection and recognition technology, rotating water tank, descaling alert, motorized opening & closing of the brew head

If the goal is to find a piece of equipment with a separate milk frother, then you are in luck with this device. You can brew and use the frother at the same time so that the milk will be ready by the time you finish brewing. With this device, you can use up to five different cup sizes by adjusting the cup tray. Also, like with a lot of the other options on our list, you get a few coffee capsules so you can get right on your coffee making journey.

A unique feature to this device is that it reads the barcodes of capsules inserted and can determine which type of coffee it is from the information obtained. As such, you get type-specific brewing from the device, and that ensures a better outcome.

Additionally, the manufacturer gives support to all who buy the device. You can order for Nespresso VertuoLine capsules at any time, or you can request technical assistance from the maker at any time as long as it is about the device. Despite being relatively cheap in comparison with other models, all you have to do is press a single button once you have everything in place.

Where the tank capacity of the device is concerned, you get up to 40 oz., which guarantees you at least a few cups of coffee before needing a refill.

What are our favorite features?

  • Relatively compact
  • Easy to use
  • Large tank size
  • The separate milk frother is easier to clean
  • Can read capsule barcodes

What could be better?

  • Only uses one brand of capsules which can be challenging to find

DeLonghi Nespresso Essenza MiniBudget Pick

  • Water tank capacity: 20.3 oz
  • Used capsule capacity: 5-6
  • Dimensions: 4.3” x 13” x 8”
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs.
  • Construction material: plastic

Extra features: fast heat-up, 2 programmable cup sizes, power save mode, removable water tank, manual milk system

Next up, we have the DeLonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini, which is also an impressive offering despite being minute. Among the features listed above is a used capsule capacity of five or six. This means that you can stack up used capsules in the machine for at least five brew sessions without having to dispose of the containers. One thing about this device that is positively similar to that of the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original is the fast heat-up time.

Since you will be serving coffee directly to your cup when using this device, you will be glad to know you can put two different cup sizes on the holder. It just depends on the size of the coffee you need to take at that point of the day. The model comes with a set of 16 coffee Nespresso capsules as an extra from the manufacturer. As such, you have everything you need to start using the device.

What makes it stand out?

  • Compact size
  • Relatively quick to heat up
  • High-pressure extraction pump
  • Comes with a few capsules to start you off

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some users have mentioned the coffee doesn’t get as hot as with other higher-end models

Breville-Nespresso CitiZBest Slim Design Gadget

  • Water tank capacity: 34 oz.
  • Used capsule capacity: 10
  • Dimensions: 5” x 11” x 14.6”
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Construction material: metal & plastic

Extra features: power save mode, removable water tank, 25-seconds heat-up, folding tray, auto-off, programmable water hardness

The manufacturer tried to make this product as slim as possible so that it could take less space. Where energy use is concerned, this model will save you lots on the utility bill due to its standby mode. It can heat up from cold to hot in a mere 25 seconds, which, if you think about it, is not much time to wait. After you have used it and left it on the counter, a timer will check up to the nine-minute mark to see if you’ll use it again. If you don’t, the device shuts off.

You will appreciate the foldable cup tray, but all that gets you is the ability to switch between two different cup sizes. In order to support optimum extraction, the device has to have enough pressure to do so. This is where the 19 bar pump comes in. You also find the same support system available for the Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus is in place. As such, if you run out of coffee capsules, send in a request or order a new set. However, the first few brews are sorted by the complimentary gift of capsules provided with the purchase.

What do we love it for?

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • 24-hour support system
  • Energy-saving features

What were we disappointed with?

  • The device is noisy in operation

Things to Consider

Coffee enthusiasts know what to look for in their Nespresso machines. However, other people may not be able to pick out a device to buy mainly because they do not know what the features listed mean. Correcting this would make it much easier for them to make a purchase decision. As such, you will find many of the critical features of the Nespresso machines for latte and cappuccino listed below. Also, there will be a short description of each and what about them to look out for when sifting through your options. Consequently, this should make the selection of these devices easier.

Advantages of Nespresso machines that can make latte

5 Best Nespresso Machines for Latte - Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee at Any TimeIf you do purchase such a gadget, there are some benefits you can expect from choosing a Nespresso over other types of coffee machines. One of them is consistency. Probably one reason you don’t get consistent coffee results is that you never measure your coffee. On the other hand, capsules come pre-measured, and as such, the results of the brew session will remain constant.

You will also find that the whole process is much more efficient. This leads to less wastage. The coffee is extracted directly from the capsule and put into your cup with almost no leftovers. Some devices will even store up empty capsules, ensuring you don’t have to empty and clean them after every brew session. This also makes them more convenient as all you need to do is get a capsule, add milk and water, and press a button. You even get a wide variety of coffee capsules to choose from with regards to flavor, intensity, and the brand.

Features to consider when choosing a Nespresso machine for latte

5 Best Nespresso Machines for Latte - Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee at Any TimeThe features that make up an excellent Nespresso machine are all the same, and thus you can use the same criteria to choose a favorite. Once you have these features down as we have done below, you can use them to rate each product. Whichever products rank highest should be your first picks if you end up visiting Amazon to order one.


The capacity is influenced by two main things: the water tank size and the milk reservoir size. Additionally, you can check the size of the storage compartment as that impacts how many used capsules can be stored therein.

As a rule, the larger the tank size, the better.
This will allow you to brew more cups of coffee at the same time. Nevertheless, if you don’t need to make many cups of coffee, you can forego the large sizes in favor of a more compact model.

Milk frother

5 Best Nespresso Machines for Latte - Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee at Any TimeThe milk frother is, of course, an essential part of these devices. Some have external frothers while with others, they come attached. Whatever the style, they should be easy to clean, and the capacity should match your style of coffee and needs. They should also be adept at producing high-quality foam. Nevertheless, not all devices will have a frother, and thus you should always check for this in the features listed.

Heat-up time

The heat-up time tells you how efficient the machine is. The shorter the brew time, the less you have to wait for your coffee.

On our list, the Breville Nespresso Creatista Uno performs best in this regard by starting up in about 3 seconds.
Other products also do well, like the Breville-Nespresso CitiZ that heats up in 25 seconds. The goal is to get a heat-up time that is suitable for you, whether three or 25 seconds.

Size and weight

The size of any machine you consider buying will forever be an essential part of determining whether you end up making the purchase. This is due to storage and installation, where you check to see if it will fit your counter. Also, this will influence the capacity of the device. Go for a product that is big enough to fulfill your coffee needs, but small enough to fit your kitchen space. If you can find a suitable compromise between these two, you can then make the purchase.

Body materials

5 Best Nespresso Machines for Latte - Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee at Any TimeThis is yet another way to determine the durability of a gadget and even its ability to withstand shock. Metal overall is better at protecting the innards of the piece of equipment. However, some plastic components can perform just as well. If you want a good idea of how a gadget handles shock, you can check out the reviews section of these products to see what other users said about it. That should give you an idea of how long devices will last.

Extra features

Extra features will give certain products an edge over others. For instance, the fact that the Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus reads capsule barcodes and then adjusts settings accordingly may be a deal closer. The controls also matter whereby some devices are easier to use than others. You should be able to tell this from the button layout. Also, if a device has a power-saving mode, it could serve as a bonus to an already positive product.


Other types of pods are not meant to be used in a Nespresso machine, and so you shouldn’t be using them to brew your coffee.

It often depends on the machine and even the hardness of the water you use daily. On the other hand, some products endeavor to make this journey easier for you by incorporating a descaling alert system. As such, products like the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original will tell you when you need to descale.

This depends on whether you want stronger or lighter coffee. If you want stronger coffee, you can use the small cup size and use the controls to reduce the length of the pour. This means that the device can output a concentrated 40 ml espresso shot from the 5-7 grams of ground coffee in the pod. Also, you can switch this out for a 110 ml pour that won’t be as strong using the same size coffee pod.

Our Verdict

As to the most features packed into a single device, the De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Original takes the cake. As such, it would be a favorite for us in a real life buying situation. Also, the body features robust construction with various brushed aluminum components. The descaling alert is also a plus in addition to the power saving tendencies of the tool. Overall, this product is an all-round performer in making coffee.

The Breville Nespresso Creatista Uno is another excellent choice. A positive attribute included is intuitive controls. Additionally, the heat-up time of three seconds is something to write home about and propels it to the first choice for anybody who is often short on time for coffee.

Despite having a detached frother, the Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus would still be the right choice for many. The barcode reading capabilities are what stand out most for this product. In effect, this is the easiest tool to use on our list, with a downside being that you can only use one brand of capsules with the device. Nevertheless, this is a flaw that some people might be willing to overlook. Pick one from the five options provided, make the purchase, and you could be enjoying your coffee in your house as soon as it is delivered. Don’t forget to notify us of your experience with your purchase by commenting below.

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