8 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines to Make Coffee Just the Way You Like It

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Last updatedLast updated: November 27, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Whether you own a small café or you simply like to live the good life every morning before work, getting one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines on the market can make your morning routine a lot easier.

Although there is a large variety of different brands, which might make it hard to choose, this guide is not only going to give you the top eight brands on the market (after reviewing 36 different brand espresso machines), it’s also going to inform you about a wide variety of features that are important. Although we’ve reviewed plenty of them, we’ve narrowed it down to our Editor’s Choice, the Breville The Barista, which has a capacity of 67 oz and can work both with beans and grounds.

In our review, we’ve not only chosen our favorites, we’re here to tell you why—taking it feature by feature, from the various dimensions, the warranty information backed by the product, water tank capacity, and coffee type used. In our guide, we’re going to take you through a very detailed article, from a side-by-side comparison table, in-detail reviews of each product along with a rated score, and a buying guide to help you choose the right one for you, your coffee preference, and your kitchen (as well as the rest of your family).

Top 8 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines Review 2022


Breville The BaristaEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 12.5 x 15.75 in
  • Water tank volume: 67 oz
  • Guarantee: limited 1-year
  • Coffee type: beans, ground

More features: 15 bar pump, 0.5 lb bean hopper capacity, brushed stainless steel motor, single and double sheets, cleaning kit included

The Breville The Barista is our Editor’s Choice for the best semi-automatic espresso machine on the market. If you‘re looking for a quality-tasting espresso—whether straight from the beans or from the ground to the cup in your kitchen—the Breville The Barista is a great choice.

In just less than a minute, you can get a great-tasting cup of coffee. You can either grind the beans right before extraction or use its interchangeable filters. The reason why it‘s semi-automatic? You can actually choose between automatic operation or manual operation.

From dose amount to precise water temperature, from optimal water pressure to sufficient steam pressure, this semi-automatic espresso machine has everything a good coffee machine needs to sufficiently produce an excellent cup of coffee!

Built from high-quality materials, the machine is also ladened with features like no-slip feet, a  burr grinder, sleek stainless steel casing, and a full hideaway storage compartment for everything to fit seamlessly in your home kitchen.

The Breville The Barista espresso machine has not only a removable drip tray for easy cleanup, but it also has a “Clean Me” light, that indicates when a cleaning cycle is needed—coming along with a cleaning kit to make maintenance a breeze.

What makes it stand out?

  • You can select the grind size and amount with selector dials
  • Hands-free grinding cradle with 67 fl. oz. removable water tank
  • Automatically adjusts the water temperature

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Requires precise settings for each beverage to work properly

De'Longhi La SpecialistaMost Advanced

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 12.5 x 14 in
  • Water tank volume: 67.2 oz
  • Guarantee: limited 2-year
  • Coffee type: beans

More features: quick start, 1450 W power, automatic energy saving shut off, 19 bar pressure pump, removable water reservoir, stainless steel exterior, dual heating system

For a special cup of espresso, the De’Longhi La Specialista is our choice for the most advanced semi-automatic espresso machine.

If you’re an espresso snob (not to be taken offense), this espresso machine is a great choice to get your fix of a perfect cup of espresso. As one of the most detailed and finely tuned machines on the market, the De’Longhi La Specialista is not only elegantly designed on the outside, it also gives you the mechanics to finely produce a handcrafted espresso just the way you like it.

However, instead of engaging in the complicated process of a handcrafted espresso, you just need to rely on the machine’s sensor grinding technology for the perfect grind and dose.

You can also enjoy the active temperature control with its dual heating system to get the most control of temperature stability—from coffee to milk. Like your milk frothed and not just steamed? This is also possible with the De’Longhi La Specialista.

Like complicated coffees every now and then? This machine also allows you to tap into its advanced latte system for the perfect milk texture for café-quality lattes and cappuccinos—as well as the tools you need for an Americano.

With the purchase of the De’Longhi La Specialista, you’ll also get a portafilter, single and double filter basket, a milk pitcher, a descaling solution, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, and finally—a Quick Start Guide to help you figure it all out.

What are its best features?

  • Warrantied for two years—longer than most other machines
  • Lots of power and pressure pump
  • Can brew out various types of espressos and coffee

What could be improved?

  • Can be quite loud
  • Can’t brew pre-ground coffee
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Rancilio SilviaBest Commercial

  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 11 in
  • Water tank volume: 67 oz
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited
  • Coffee type: ground

More features: articulating steam wand, 15 bar pressure pump, 12 oz boiler, stainless steel exterior, drip tray, cup warmer, cleaning kit included, 1100 W power

Although this guide is geared for more home coffee makers, the Rancilio Silvia is a great choice—even though it’s rated as one of the best commercial espresso machines.

Designed to fill up a café with happy customers, this popular, traditional style is durable—and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Not only does it look the part, but it’s also constructed to last from the inside out, with strong linear designed constructed of iron and stainless steel side panels.

You can also rely on this espresso machine for its high-quality heat stability and premium extraction quality.

The Rancilio Silvia comes with a patented ergonomic 58mm portafilter that allows you to get the most flavor out of your cup of espresso. Designed to bring the taste of café to your home, they use the same filters that are generally used on their commercial machines.

Even though it contains a single boiler, it actually has one of the largest volume capacities of any home machine, with the capability of holding 0.3 liters (12oz) and two quarts of water.

The Rancilio Silvia also features an articulating stainless steel steam wand that can help you produce the perfect latte. The machine comes with accessories like a 7-gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper and two filter baskets (single and double).

What stands out?

  • Has a 15-bar pressure pump
  • Can hold a lot of water at once
  • Comes equipped with commercial-quality in an at-home model

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The instructions came in 6 languages but not English
  • Machine was difficult to operate
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Gaggia Classic ProBest for Home

  • Dimensions: 9 x 14.9 x 9.4 in
  • Water tank volume: 72 oz
  • Guarantee: limited 1-year
  • Coffee type: ground, pods

More features: 15 bar pressure pump, cup warmer, indicator button lights, stainless steel exterior, drip tray, 1450 W power

The Gaggia Classic Pro is rated on our guide as one of the best espresso machines to equip your kitchen. If you’re looking for a high-quality machine that can whip out great-tasting espresso by using either grounds or pods, this machine won’t let you down.

Also rated as one of the best entry-level semi-automatic espresso machines, the Gaggia Classic Pro easy-to-use nature can help you not only whip out a perfect espresso, it also allows you to texture milk for a velvety micro-foam, just the way you like it—and if you’re into impressing your guests with latte art.

The Gaggia Classic Pro has also a great exterior design, compact to fit on the counter but fancy enough to give your kitchen a bit of a modern boost. The machine is designed with heavy-duty chrome-plated brass.

And its function? The Gaggia Classic Pro comes capable with a commercial single and double shot filter basket. You can also use the pressurized basket and improved pump mounts for quieter brewing—which is great if you’re making coffee and someone in the house is still asleep.

What are our favorite features?

  • Versatile machine packed with commercial features, built to last for years
  • Rugged Brushed Stainless Steel housing
  • Modern finish with chrome-plated brass portability and brew group
  • Easy-to-use commercial steam wand and rocker switch controls

What could be better?

  • Complaints about lack of power
  • Dimensions: 9.75 x 9 x 11.5 in
  • Water tank volume: 42 oz
  • Guarantee: limited 1-year
  • Coffee type: bean, ground

More features: 1350 W power, 15 bar pressure pump, cups and milk frother included, comes with separate bean grinder, LED indicators, built-in steamer, removable drip tray, removable water tank

The EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine does what it advertises. After being ready to use in just 45 seconds, this espresso machine can whip out great-tasting espressos with just a turn of the knob and press of the button.

Capable of working with beans and grounds, this makes the EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine highly versatile.

It also looks great in any kitchen with its stainless steel finish. Whether you want a traditional espresso, cappuccino or latte, you can rely on its 15 Bar Pump to help get a great-tasting cream and a bold taste.

As the name suggests, you can have access to all the accessories you’ll ever need, like the electric grinder, portafilter, stainless steel frothing cup, measuring spoon and tamper.

With its compact design, you can easily leave it on the countertop of any kitchen—and it even shuts off itself after 25 minutes of non-use, making it highly convenient.

You can also choose between the High-Quality Filter of 2 basket options—for both single and double shot options. Coming along with the machine, you’ll also get an added bonus of two high-quality espresso cups that hold 3.6 oz each cup.

What are our favorite features?

  • Capable of functioning with both beans and grounds
  • Full 1350 W power of pressure with 15 bar pressure pump
  • Comes included with cups and milk frother
  • Features LED indicators, built-in steamer, auto shut-off, removable drip tray, and removable water tank

What could be better?

  • The espresso is a bit watery for taste
  • The machine breaks after couple of months
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Mr. Coffee Café Barista (Red)Budget Pick

  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.8 x 11.2 in
  • Water tank volume: 54 oz
  • Guarantee: money back within 30-days, limited 1-year
  • Coffee type: ground

More features: 15 bar pressure pump, automatic milk frother, removable water reservoir, 26-inch long cord, 1040 W power

If you’re on a budget but still want a great cup of coffee, the Mr. Coffee Café Barista is our Budget Pick.

Capable of whipping out some great-tasting espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, the Mr. Coffee Café Barista is a great choice.

Powered with an electric 15-bar pump that can give you some pretty rich flavors, whoever said that budget can’t mean powerful?

This simple-to-use espresso maker has one-touch controls that you can control—choosing between single or double shots. You can also refer to the adjustable control knob that can allow you to automatically froth milk.

The machine also comes with an included recipe book that helps you impress your friends and guests with intricate coffee drinks—all of this from your home kitchen!

The 3-in-1 espresso, cappuccino, and latte maker also has an easy-to-fill, removable water and milk reservoirs. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance and keeping it clean—the Mr. Coffee Café Barista comes with an automatically programmed cleaning cycle.

The semi-automatic espresso machine comes available in three different colors: red, silver, and white.

Why did it make our list?

  • Has a power of 1040 W and 15-bar pressure pump
  • Comes with removable water reservoir for easy clean-up
  • The 26-inch long cord makes it easy to move around the kitchen with large counter space

What is not ideal about it?

  • Only capable of functioning with grounds
  • The milk frother tends to break
  • It is normally lukewarm not hot
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Quick Mill Carola EVOBest for Beginners

  • Dimensions: 13.75 x 7.75 x 15.5 in
  • Water tank volume: 67 oz
  • Guarantee: 2-year
  • Coffee type: ground

More features: stainless steel construction, dual-purpose pressure gauge, 2 portafilters, thermosiphon circulation, magnetic switch

The Quick Mill Carola EVO is made of quality components that are compact and fitted together. It comes in a stainless steel mushroom that protects it from scaling. The Carola heats up in a matter of minutes which enables you to make your coffee quickly. When the machine is not in use for a set time (between 10 to 240 minutes), the “Eco timer” automatically switches off the heating circuit.

This model makes our list one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines because of its quality to espresso lovers. If you are a beginner in making espresso but demand a machine that will last for a long time while making consistent quality espresso, the Carola is for you.

What we really like is that the Carola has a temperature regulator that ensures flavor consistency. It heats up very fast, thereby making your coffee in a few minutes. The machine comes in a stainless steel mushroom that prevents scale deposits points and does not make noise while working. With the Carola, you can make great-tasting espresso consistently!

However, the machine does not have a steam and hot water wand so you cannot make milk-based drinks with it. Also, mishandling the temperature settings can offset the temperature regulator, thereby preventing you from having a consistent coffee flavor. Finally, the pump automatically stops when the low water alarm is triggered, not minding if you are in the middle of pulling a shot

Why is it special?

  • Easy to use
  • Heats up very fast
  • Has a temperature regulator that ensures flavor consistency
  • Has an 'Eco timer"
  • Stainless steel mushroom
  • Does not make noise while working

What are the flaws?

  • Does not have a steam and hot water wand
  • Can only be used for grounds
  • Pump automatically stops when the low water alarm is triggered
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Capresso EC100 Most Versatile

  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.25 x 10.25 in
  • Water tank volume: 46 oz
  • Guarantee: 1-year
  • Coffee type: ground, pods

More features: stainless steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system, 15 bar power pump, self-locking filter holder, removable stainless drip tray

We enlisted this machine because of its versatility – while you can make your ordinary espresso, you can also make a cappuccino. It has dual frothers that allow you to make latte and cappuccino, which have the distinct flavor and aroma of the same type of coffee served in premium cafes.

It comes with a large number of safety measures that make it a dependable machine and sturdy stainless steel construction that makes it last longer. Its array of creative features and one-of-a-kind technologies make it an appealing bundle for both novice and seasoned coffee lovers.

What do we love about it? First, the machine comes with a thermoblock heating system that guarantees that your coffee is served hot. In addition, it has separate frothers for making lathe and cappuccino. We also like that the machine automatically goes off if not in use for 2 hours and has a removable drip tray that aids its cleaning.

What shortcomings did we find? At times, coffee grounds have to be pushed. Brewing coffee with the Capresso EC100 Espresso Machine takes a bit more work than necessary. To get the best from your coffee flavor, you need to add more effort by pushing the tamper that comes with it. Some users also noted the frothing wand’s length could have been a little longer.

Why did it make our list?

  • Separate frothers for making lathe and cappuccino
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Automatically goes off if not in use for 2 hours
  • Has a removable drip tray
  • Lasts for a very long time

What is not ideal about it?

  • After the machine is used for a long time, you will stop getting consistent quality brews
  • The frothing wands length could have been a little longer
  • At times, coffee grounds have to be pushed

Things to Consider

If you’re like the majority of the population, you probably take your coffee in the morning very seriously. Getting one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines to whip out the perfect cup of coffee can definitely make your mornings go more smoothly. To help you choose the right espresso machine based on your budget and various other features, this buying guide can definitely help. From the best features to some frequently-asked questions that most first-time users have before they make the initial purchase, this buying guide is intended to help you through every aspect of the semi-automatic espresso machine and every step of the entire buying process.

What to expect from a semi-automatic espresso maker?

8 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines to Make Coffee Just the Way You Like It

We hope that we can help you fall in love with your morning (or afternoon—or mid-morning) espresso again.

We know how important it is to make that small shot of espresso delicious. One wrong aspect of the machine and it can lead to a few not-so-happy mornings. To help you pick out the best semi-automatic espresso machine, read on!

Not as easy-going as an automatic espresso machine but not as handmade—and traditional—as a manual espresso maker, a semi-automatic espresso maker gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’ve decided to go with the semi-automatic option, you know at this point what you like.

However, even though you’ve already chosen to go semi-automatic, you might not know which brand to choose. This guide can help you based on the various features and which are important in brewing that perfect cup of Joe.

How to start working with a semi-automatic espresso machine?

If you’ve never owned a semi-automatic espresso machine before, you might not know exactly how to work one—which can be a real drag when trying to churn out the perfect cup of coffee.

To help you work your way through the technical aspects of a semi-automatic espresso machine, you can view this video, which can help guide you with everything you need to know (great for visual learners):

The best semi-automatic espresso machine can be found by the following features

Whether you’re in search of the perfect cup of espresso or if you simply want to make the most well-informed purchasing decision when buying a semi-automatic espresso machine, it’s important that you take a look and pay attention to the various features of each product.

Some features may be more important to you as an espresso owner than others, so identifying which ones are best to look out for can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Vary the price

As we just mentioned—you don’t have to break the bank if you’re in the market for a new semi-automatic espresso machine.

There are plenty of low-budget options, like the Mr. Coffee Café Barista, which can get you everything you need in a machine without the extra dollar sign amount on the price.

However, if you’ve got the funds to spend on a cool-gadget, easy-to-use espresso machine, you might not have to consider price when deciding on which one to buy—this also opens a ton of new options.

Grinding option

There are various grinding options when it comes to how fine you like your coffee.

You also want to consider whether or not you want a machine that only can take beans, like the De’Longhi La Specialista, only can take grounds, like the Rancilio Silvia, or one that can take both—like the Breville The Barista.

Knowing how to work each and definitely knowing which one you’re getting before you invest is extremely important—this can dictate future purchasing decisions about which type of coffee you’re going to be buying!

Heating time

If you’re in a rush in the morning, one of the most frustrating things is waiting for the water to heat up in your coffee machine if you’re craving your morning cup o’ joe.

However, when it comes to heating time, you can choose some of the most powerful espresso machines out there that can churn out coffee and heat up water in record-breaking time!

To figure out and compare water-heating speeds, however, you’ll have to do a little bit more digging for yourself to see which ones come out on top when it comes to mph.


8 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines to Make Coffee Just the Way You Like It

Some additional features that can dictate which coffee machine trumps the other, includes some features that the EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine has. As the name suggests, these features and settings can be changed and manipulated to your personal preference, making an espresso not just a shot of coffee but more of a highly-sought-out caffeinated experience.

Some additional settings include the pressure pump, cups and milk frother, a separate bean grinder, LED indicators, a built-in steamer, a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, and a removable water tank.

These settings can help dictate user-friendliness and should be taken into consideration before buying an espresso machine.

Brewing time

The brewing time takes as much importance as the heating time—this is all time taken away from you drinking that delicious espresso!

Finding a semi-automatic espresso machine that has a fast brewing time can help improve your experience and make it a very delightful one.

Design and durability

The design of the espresso machine can change drastically from espresso machine to espresso machine. Not only does the design play a huge role in user-friendliness and how simple it is to navigate for someone who’s not a café barista, but it also can play a role in it fitting into your kitchen decor—or just fitting into your kitchen in general. You don’t want a coffee machine taking up your whole kitchen counter space (especially if you have a smaller kitchen)!

Read the user reviews from others and take the dimensions of the machine into account before you buy to help pick the machine fit that best fits into your kitchen and interior design.

When it comes to durability, you’ll also want to consider how long the machine is built to last. Especially in those early morning hours, chances are you’re not awake enough, where some mistakes can simply happen.

Having a durably built design can help prevent the machine from getting banged up or broken.

To help you see how long the machine is built-to-last check the warranty.

Warranty information

8 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines to Make Coffee Just the Way You Like It

As we just mentioned, the warranty of the machine can dictate a lot about the design and quality of the product. Most of the espresso machines on this guide have a 1-2-year warranty.


The rule of thumb when it comes to pressure on an espresso machine is that it should usually be around 9 bar, which is for an espresso. This pressure is the power it takes to push the hot water through the grounds.

Shots’ thickness

Depending on your personal preference in taste and consistency, the shot thickness can change from espresso machine to machine.

You can determine the thickness of the shot through being able to brew a single or double espresso shot. You can also use a built-in feature, called a conical burr grinder, which can help you choose the thickness.

If you like the espresso extra thick, the manual steam wand can help you, as well.


Everyone who takes their coffee seriously can benefit from various accessories that come along with the semi-automatic espresso machine.

Because you know that great coffee takes great equipment. The quality of not only your machine is important here—but also your coffee cups, filters, and cleaning equipment.

Some other accessories are just an added bonus, like the Rancilio Silvia’s cup warmer, which helps keep the exterior of your espresso hot just a bit longer to enjoy the warming sensation of a delicious espresso on a cold morning.


Whether this is your first espresso machine or you consider yourself to be quite the expert, here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions:

Absolutely! If you’re passionate about your coffee brewing, a semi-automatic espresso machine can give you a bit more control over the brewing process than an automatic machine would. Although it might be a bit more on the expensive side when compared to other coffee machines, if you feel like you want that control, it is definitely suitable to invest in one for your kitchen.

Exactly like changing the oil in your car, your semi-automatic espresso machine also needs to be descaled. This process helps keep your machine in good working order and help you extend the life of your espresso maker as much as possible. We know you love your coffee—so this process can help you keep churning out quality espressos for the length of a lifetime!

Our Verdict

If you’ve skipped out reading on our entire guide, here’s a quick verdict of our favorite three picks:

The Breville The Barista is our Editor’s Choice for the best semi-automatic espresso machine on the market. From the capability of grinding beans or ground and features like a 15 bar pump, a 0.5 lb bean hopper capacity, brushed stainless steel motor, single and double sheets, and a cleaning kit included this choice gives a quality-tasting espresso right in your own kitchen.

The De’Longhi La Specialista is our Runner-Up choice and most advanced semi-automatic espresso machine on the market. Although it only takes coffee beans, it has a number of advanced features, like quick start, 1450 W power, automatic energy saving shut off, a 19 bar pressure pump, a removable water reservoir, and a dual heating system.

The Mr. Coffee Café Barista is our Budget Pick and one of the most affordable, best semi-automatic espresso machines out there. Not only does it have a power of 1040 W and a 15-bar pressure pump, but it also comes with a removable water reservoir for easy clean-up.

We hope this guide has helped you pick out the best semi-automatic espresso machine for that perfect morning cup of coffee!

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