5 Best Braun Coffee Makers – Which One is Best for You?

From expensive models with multiple extra features to cheaper alternatives that maintain high levels of functionality, this list of the best Braun coffee makers should make it easier to pick from the manufacturer’s lineup.
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Last updatedLast updated: December 18, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Braun has been known to produce top-tier industrial product designs since the mid-20th century, and their coffee maker lineup is no different. We examined these coffee makers to determine what makes them so suited to home use and came up with the answer.

Each model mixes various attributes such as capacity, material construction, the user interface, size, weight, and extra features to ensure the buyer gets enough value for money and a great user experience. Consequently, we’ve used these features as criteria to review and collate a list of the best Braun coffee makers available, as seen below.

Top 5 Braun Coffee Makers Review 2022


Braun BrewSense KF7170SIEditor’s Choice

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 in
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Human interface input: buttons

Other features: digital control panel, unique carafe lid, anti-drip system, strength function, 24-hour programmable timer

As the starter to our list, the Braun BrewSense KF7170SI comes with a metal chassis for durability. The outside features a digital display with a nine-button interface that incorporates all the major functions of the device. This includes even a 24-hour programmable timer so you can set your brew schedule in advance. There’s also the sealed glass carafe that minimizes air exposure so as to retain as much of the coffee flavor and aroma as possible during the brewing process. Additionally, the machine comes with two filter types: the charcoal filter for purifying your coffee water and the gold-tone filter that ensures the coffee’s essential oils make it into your brew.

This coffee maker differentiates itself by offering excellent value in terms of construction, features, design, size-weight ratio, and functionality.

What makes it special?

  • The coffee maker has some excellent extra features that we loved, e.g., the coffee strength control button, uniquely designed carafe, gold-tone coffee filter, charcoal water filter, and even the programmability. The design and construction are just as impressive since you get a durable device with a simple-to-use interface and well-labeled buttons.

What cons did we find?

  • While the carafe is one of the machine's best features, it could also be the worst. It’s made of thin glass and may crack in some circumstances. Replacing it is an issue since it costs close to half the price of the entire coffee maker. The design of the coffee maker also makes it challenging to determine the water levels in the reservoir.
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Braun KF9150BKPremium Pick

  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Material: not specified
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7.1 x 15 in
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Human interface input: dial, buttons

Other features: Exact Brew System, exclusive heating technology, freshness indicator, temp sensor, gold-tone permanent filter, charcoal filter

Being a Braun 10-cup coffee maker, the KF9150BK features a smaller carafe compared to the KF7170SI. That said, it also offers some advanced features. One example is the customizable beverage options. There’s even the Exact Brew System to ensure your caffeinated beverage is just how you like it. Also,  temperature sensors keep track of the temperatures in the brewing process from start to finish. As such, each cup is brewed to specific SCA standards for optimal flavor. The interface on this coffee maker incorporates both a dial and a set of buttons which is understandable given the extra controls and features. It also incorporates a freshness indicator which is not a feature you’ll find in many coffee makers at this price.

This coffee maker works best for those who can spend more to get extra functionality and features.

Why are we impressed?

  • In our opinion, the extra features offer a lot of value for money, making the purchase worth it even if the coffee maker is pricey. Additionally, you can customize your beverage preference with the multiple settings included. Finally, the device can brew caffeinated beverages to the SCA golden cup standard, thanks in part to the temperature sensors included.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • It’s the most expensive coffee maker listed, costing almost twice as much as the closest alternative. We also found the controls unintuitive, and the user interface a lot more complicated compared to other coffee makers. Lastly, it’s bulkier than other options, takes more counter space, and will be a hassle to move.

Braun BrewSense KF6050WHBest Braun 4 Cup Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: stainless steel, glass, plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 in.
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • Human interface input: buttons

Other features: programmable 24-hour timer, brew-pause system, 1-4 cup brew option, gold-tone filter, charcoal filter

The Braun BrewSense KF6050WH has a similar design to the editor’s choice but is smaller and lighter. One reason for the lower weight is the construction that features stainless steel, glass, and plastic components. Additionally, the design incorporates a few buttons on the front in addition to a digital clock. Consequently, this coffee maker can offer 24-hour programmability. While you can brew the full 12-cup capacity in one go, it’s also possible to brew 1-4 cups, depending on who the coffee is intended for. Lastly, if you’re brewing 12 cups, there’s a brew-pause option that should give you some leeway to pour a cup or two before resuming the brewing process.

This Braun coffee maker is for users who want a machine with a smaller kitchen footprint.

Why are we impressed?

  • We liked the Pure Flavor Technology, whose sole purpose in the machine is to ensure optimal flavor by controlling the brewing temperature and time. Additionally, you can choose to brew between one and four cups of coffee instead of the usual 12 cups by pressing a button. Lastly, the coffee maker’s controls are intuitive.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • While you can program your coffee maker to brew ahead of time, we noticed the device loses the settings if you unplug it or the power goes out. Also, the LED display is not backlit and is thus challenging to read and use. Lastly, just like the KF7170SI, finding out how much water is in the reservoir is a hassle.
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Braun BrewSense KF7000BKBudget Pick

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: glass, plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 in.
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • Human interface input: buttons

Other features: 1-4 cup option, Pure Flavor Brewing System, fully programmable, anti-drip system

Another Braun 4 cup coffee maker option is the BrewSense KF7000BK. However, it can also switch to making 12 cups per brew just by pressing a button. Speaking of buttons, it has the same button configuration as the KF6050WH. However, this coffee maker comes in black as opposed to the stainless steel finish of its predecessor. The device is fully programmable, and you can put in your settings 24 hours in advance. Another feature this coffee maker shares with the KF6050WH is the Pure Flavor Brewing System. Consequently, you can expect the same brewing results from this model as well. Lastly, there’s the anti-drip system that keeps your counters clean even when you pause the brewing process to pour a cup or two.

Given the price, this option is for buyers on a budget.

What makes it stand out?

  • This option is the cheapest Braun coffee maker listed while still maintaining some impressive features, e.g., the Pure Flavor Brewing and anti-drip systems. The former guarantees high-quality coffee brews while the latter keeps your counters clean. There’s even the ledge at the back that ensures the water vapor condenses back into the machine.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • This machine features a Braun coffee maker design flaw that we noticed in the other models listed above, i.e., the lack of an easy-to-see water level indicator. Also, there’s a loud and annoying sound that comes from the machine near the end of the brewing cycle, which may wake users or even annoy them if they expect quiet operation.

Braun BrewSense KF7150BKBest Dishwasher-Friendly Braun Coffee Maker

  • Capacity: 12-cups
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 in.
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs.
  • Human interface input: buttons

Other features: Pure Flavor Brewing System, fully programmable, Bold strength selector, extra-large digital display, dishwasher safe

As for the Braun BrewSense KF7150BK, it features all-plastic construction, which is slightly disappointing. However, you can’t say the same thing about most of the other features. The LCD display, for instance, is large and easy to read even in bright conditions. This comes in handy when programming the machine to brew your coffee in the morning. Next, it incorporates the Pure Flavor Brewing system, which we found quite effective even when reviewing some of the other models mentioned above. Lastly, some of the components are dishwasher safe hence convenient during cleanup.

This coffee maker differentiates itself by being dishwasher safe, having an extra-large display and even offering a coffee strength selector.

Why did it make our list?

  • The display is brighter and much easier to use compared to other Braun drip coffee makers we used and reviewed above. Additionally, it uses the Pure Flavor Brewing system to ensure excellent results, and you even get a coffee strength selector. Lastly, some components are dishwasher-friendly, although you’ll still have to descale them when prompted.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Notably, the plastic construction isn’t very impressive and may be easier to damage compared to other models. As for the water levels in the reservoir, you still have to open the lid and peek into the device see. Lastly, just like the KF7000BK, it can get noisy at the end of a brewing cycle.

Things to Consider

There are quite a number of Braun coffee makers available for purchase, and while they all have their perks, they are not ideal for everybody. They fit different budgets and needs depending on the buyer. As such, picking the right one out of many options should be the goal. You can ensure you reach that goal by using the buying guide below.

Why Braun?

5 Best Braun Coffee Makers – Which One is Best for You?

Braun coffee makers have been around since the 1970s

Braun has been reknown in the industrial product design space since the mid-20th century and has maintained this reputation through successive ownership changes. Some of their more popular products are coffee makers, and with good reason, as you’ve seen from the list above.

How to Choose the Best Braun Coffee Maker

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices and wonder how you can choose the best Braun coffee maker, you’re in luck. We provide an in-depth review of features common in Braun coffee makers and how they affect your user experience below. This will allow you to choose the features and functionality you need in your purchase.

Brewing capacity and speed

The brewing capacity is one attribute you look at with any coffee maker and not just Braun models. The goal is to make enough coffee for your house in one brew cycle.

The standard for most households is a 12-cup capacity, such as in the Braun BrewSense KF7150BK. It’s neither too much nor too little. It even gives a few household members the option of a second helping before they step out.

That said, it won’t work for everybody. For some, it’s too much, and for others, a 12-cup capacity isn’t enough. Worth mentioning is that coffee maker cups are usually 5 ounces. However, according to food measurement conversions by Today Trusted Source How many ounces are in a cup? Food measurement conversions How many ounces in a cup, cups in a quart, cups in a gallon? Here is your guide to food measurement conversions from tablespoons and teaspoons to pints. www.today.com , one cup is equal to 8 ounces. Consequently, coffee makers offering 12-cup carafes will only fill about 7 cups.

Programmability and customization

Programmability and customization are also important areas to look at. The former allows you to determine a future brewing time for your coffee. Most of the Braun coffee maker models mentioned above have this feature which is why they also have built-in clocks and displays.

As for customization, an option like the Braun KF9150BK is ideal since it has a couple of different customizability settings, including the coffee boldness and the buttons in the design to match.

Dimensions and weight

Regarding dimensions and weight, you merely have to decide how much counter space you have to spare and how often you need to move the device. Notably, if you have lots of space, you can buy a bulkier device stress-free. If you don’t intend on moving the coffee maker, often, a heavier device also won’t be a problem.


As for the materials, you look at both the coffee maker and the carafe. While unlikely, it’s still possible that your device might pick up a knock or two. Of course, if it’s durably constructed, the knock won’t be a problem.

Human interface input

5 Best Braun Coffee Makers – Which One is Best for You?

The better functionality a coffee maker has the more complicated human interface is.

Next, look at the interface. Ideally, it should be intuitive where you can easily see and use all the buttons and controls. However, extra functionality sometimes leads to a more complicated interface.

Ease of cleaning

You will also have to clean your coffee maker from time to time to ensure microorganisms don’t settle in there and find their way into your coffee. This is where the ease of cleaning comes in. Some models like the Braun BrewSense KF7150BK feature dishwasher-friendly components, so you might not have to clean them manually.


The price is just as essential as you have to find something that matches your budgetary requirements. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on your Braun multi-serve coffee maker, an option like the Braun BrewSense KF7000BK fits the bill quite nicely. It’s more affordable than all the other coffee makers listed.

However, the low price doesn’t come free. There are some features you find in more expensive models that you won’t get in the KF7000BK.


Since these are all Braun coffee makers, the warranties should be pretty similar. Consequently, it doesn’t matter which option you pick, as the warranties will likely be similar.

Other features

As for the other extra features, there are many to choose from. Notably, the more expensive the device is in the Braun lineup, the more extra features you get. This can be seen in the Braun KF9150BK as it’s the most expensive, and it comes with additional features such as a freshness indicator, a temperature sensor, the Exact Brew System, and more.


Notably, your Braun coffee maker will prompt you to clean it once the limescale in your machine has reached a certain point. This limescale is brought about by using hard water in your coffee maker. Information by the (USGS) United States Geological Survey Trusted Source Hardness of Water In scientific terms, water hardness is generally the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. But in layman’s terms, you may notice water hardness when your hands still feel slimy after washing with soap and water, or when your drinking glasses at home become less than crystal clear. www.usgs.gov asserts that hard water has high dissolved mineral content. It’s these minerals that are left behind in the form of limescale.

The prompt from the machine is usually in the form of the “CLEAN” button lighting up green. Braun has a descaling agent that works well for the job, but you can use any other descaling agent that’s safe for aluminum.

Notably, all descaling agents will come with instructions on the package that you’ll need to follow. However, before that, remove all the filters in the machine, including the charcoal and gold-tone options.

Follow up by emptying the carafe and putting it back in its default position on the keep warm plate. You then press the “CLEAN,” and the solid green light will turn into a flashing green. After that, you press the “BREW” button, and the Braun multi-serve coffee maker will do the rest.

You’ll know the cleaning is done when the green light goes off. After that, dump the descaling agent and rinse the carafe. The final touches include running the coffee maker through two brew cycles without coffee. This will rid the internal components of the remnants of the descaling agent.

If it’s not damaged, one possible reason why it’s not brewing is it’s not plugged in or on. As such, make sure the plug is well fitted into a socket and that you’ve pressed the ON button. Additionally, your reservoir may be empty, so check your water levels and refill if necessary. Lastly, the unit may require descaling, in which case you follow the steps mentioned above for cleanup.

Our Verdict

The Braun BrewSense KF7170SI, Braun KF9150BK, and Braun BrewSense KF6050WH are easily our top three picks, and with good reason. The BrewSense KF7170SI is seemingly an excellent all-rounder. It features durable construction components, a well-designed and unique carafe lid, among other benefits, e.g., the anti-drip system.

While the KF9150BK is easily the most expensive Braun coffee maker listed, it has the extra features that make it a worthy purchase. This includes technology for efficient heating, an impressive brew system aided by a temperature sensor, a freshness indicator, and more.

Lastly, there’s the Braun BrewSense KF6050WH with only a few minor differences to the editor’s choice, mainly in the construction, and this is accounted for in the price. It’s thus great value for money. That said, we feel you can’t go wrong with any pick since the five models listed are some of the best Braun coffee makers in the market.


How many ounces are in a cup? Food measurement conversions
How many ounces in a cup, cups in a quart, cups in a gallon? Here is your guide to food measurement conversions from tablespoons and teaspoons to pints.
Hardness of Water
In scientific terms, water hardness is generally the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. But in layman’s terms, you may notice water hardness when your hands still feel slimy after washing with soap and water, or when your drinking glasses at home become less than crystal clear.
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