Coffee Beverage Statistics

Coffee is all about variety. First, there’s an incredible choice of coffee beans your future drink can be made of. Their taste differs depending on the particular beans’ origin, roast level, and notes. Secondly, your coffee can be made from freshly ground beans or ground coffee that you’ve bought at a local supermarket. This will also affect your beverage taste. Finally, there’re so many appliances and tools that help make a perfect cup of java. You can use an automatic coffee maker, French press, or capsule espresso machine.

Not only that, but there’s a practically endless list of coffee beverage recipes to indicate which ingredients to use and their perfect proportions as well. Add a certain amount of hot milk into your espresso, and you get a latte. Less milk, more froth, and violà – here’s your cappuccino. Everyone has their own preferences. Let’s dive into coffee beverage statistics to learn more about these preferences in the context of all the variety of coffee-based drinks there is.

Caffeine contents (mg/100mL)

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