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Last updated: December 23, 2021

Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: December 23, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Coffee lovers that want a cup right when they wake up
  • People who like a variety of types of coffee
  • Those with limited counterspace in their kitchens
Main features:
  • A dual coffee maker that gives you everything you need
  • A less expensive option than purchasing two coffee makers
  • Easy to understand controls and convenient features
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Coffee is a need for most people, and it has a surprising number of health benefits. When you want the best of both worlds in the coffee realm, it’s time to look for a device that can provide you with everything you’re looking for. Coffee lovers will understand the need for both drip coffee and espresso. Luckily, with the Delonghi BC0430 you get everything you’ve always wanted in a coffee maker.

In our Delonghi BC0430 review, we’ll cover just what makes this machine so special, how much coffee it can produce, and hoe to operate it. We hope you’ll come to appreciate its capabilities, just as much as we did.


Coffee maker
Water reservoir volume
40 fl oz
Pump pressure
15 bar
Carafe size
10 cups
Max cup height
3.66 in
Overall dimensions
14.5 x 11 x 12.8 in
6.15 lbs
1-year limited


Coffee makers can be confusing. There are simply so many on the market and all of them look either too similar or too different to know exactly what they are capable of. To make things easier, we’ve put together this review of the Delonghi BC0430. We’ll break down its construction details as well as its brewing system capabilities. Our aim is to give you all the necessary information you need to come to a logical conclusion.

Overall performance

Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

This coffee machine is one of the most effective devices for small cafes

Delonghi is a brand that is well-known for its coffee makers. It has a wide selection to choose from and as a result, the company knows what it is doing. Overall, the Delonghi BC0430 performs really well. It can brew a wide selection of drinks and it is easy to navigate the controls. You won’t be disappointed.


For a relatively small coffee maker, the Delonghi BC0430 really includes a lot of great features. It has a sleek, black and silver construction, which makes it fit into any home décor.

Overall dimensions

The Delonghi BC0430 will fit well under any kitchen cabinet.
This is one of its key features as many espresso makers are quite large and take up a lot of space in apartment kitchens.

The Delonghi BC0430 measures 14.5 by 11 by 12.8 inches. It is wider than a standard coffee maker but its height, at just 12.8 inches makes it rather compact. Altogether, this is a well-designed coffee maker.


At 6.15 pounds, this is a medium-weight coffee maker. It isn’t exactly portable but it won’t cause a lot of strain if you need to move it around a lot.

While we can’t imagine not having a coffee maker on our countertop, many people prefer to store it away while not in use to save on space. If this is the case for you, the lightweight of the machine will make it convenient.


Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

All the controls are easy-to-read for every action

Unfortunately, many coffee makers are just far too complicated. It can take ages to figure them out and when it’s early morning and you’re blurry-eyed, the last thing you want to do is try to understand your coffee maker.

In contrast, the Delonghi BC0430 is quite easy to understand and the controls all make sense. For the drip coffee mode, you can set the time ahead. This means you can wake up to the smell of coffee, which will help even non-morning people get ready for the day.

There is also an auto shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting this important step as you dash off to work. And, for those who like to sip coffee all morning long, there is a two-hour warmer option. You can keep coming back for a new cup and not worry about it getting cold.

The other controls are also easy to understand. The buttons all make sense and there are even handy icons to help you sort through them. Whether you want a cappuccino or an espresso, your drink is just a button or two away from reality.


The pump pressure of the Delonghi BC0430 is set at 15 bars. This is the maximum pressure that espresso can be extracted at. However, the optimal pressure is 8 or 9 bars, so you may want to play around with the pressure settings to find one that works best for your shot of espresso.


Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

Stainless steel frother quickly makes milk foam

When you to a coffee shop, one of the benefits is delicate, frothed milk foam. It always seems so sophisticated. Well, with the Delonghi BC0430, you can have the sophistication right at home. The coffee maker features a manual frother. You can create your own milk froth, by combining milk and steam. You can mix this in with your favorite drinks or add it at the end for a rich taste.

Water and coffee reservoirs

Both water and coffee reservoirs serve a practical and convenient function. They allow you to prep your machine ahead of time and not have to worry about constantly refilling them. The Delonghi BC0430 has a water reservoir of 40 fluid ounces. With a standard cup of coffee about 6 ounces, you can serve up quite a few cups. The convenience is certainly here as your water reservoir allows you to brew an entire pot of coffee and not have to worry about constantly refiling it.

As for the coffee reservoir, while it doesn’t hold extra coffee grounds, it is located at the front of your machine. Simply slide the coffee ground tray out and you can add as much as you need for your drink or pot of coffee. It’s convenient to navigate, especially early in the morning.


No matter how safe our drinking water is, it will always contain trace amounts of impurities. A water filtration system on your coffee maker can enhance the overall taste of the coffee and make you feel secure knowing you’re drinking pure water.

With the Delonghi BC0430, you get an active carbon filter included with the machine. The one problem is that this filter will only work for so long. After a while, the impurities will build up and the filter simply won’t work anymore.

It’s recommended to change your water filter every two months.
This can seem excessive but if you drink coffee every day, that is a lot of water through the filter. Also, while the filter is a great accessory, it can become pricy having to replace it all the time. It’s best to budget this expense ahead of time so there are no surprises.


There aren’t many people that want to wake up and not have their coffee ready. With the Delonghi BC0430m, you can set the machine up to 24 hours in advance. Simply set it at night and when you wake up in the morning, you will have a steaming cup of coffee waiting for you.

There is also the option of stopping your coffee mid-brew. Sometimes it’s hard to wait for the entire pot to fill and you really need your caffeine fix right away. Simple press a button and your coffee will stop pouring. Then, pick up the carafe and pour yourself a mug. It’s a small feature but one with a big result in happiness.

Warming plate

We get that in the morning there are a lot of moving parts. You need to pack you lunch, get ready, and prepare for the day ahead, and to accomplish all this you may need more than one cup of coffee.

Instead of constantly brewing a new pot, you can use the warming plate function on the Delonghi BC0430. It keeps your pot of coffee warm for up to two hours, which means one less worry.

This warming plate is also perfect for those that are now working at home. Instead of having to break your flow to prepare another pot of coffee, you can simply walk over and indulge in a cup that is still perfectly hot.


Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

The measuring spoon comes with the coffee machine

The one category where the Delonghi BC0430 is lacking a bit is with its accessories. There are some coffee makers that provide you with a barrage of accessories but unfortunately, this one does not.

While you do get a measuring spoon included for your coffee grinds, you do not get a coffee tamper. This is important for making your espresso, and will be an additional cost to you.

There is a removable drip tray, although this is fairly standard with most coffee makers. Altogether, we would have loved to see the inclusion of extras such as a travel mug or even a sample of coffee. With the competitive market out there, the little extras can go a long way in enticing purchasers.

Brewing System

Now that we’ve covered the construction of the Delonghi BC0430, it’s time to get into the details surrounding its coffee performance. The dual construction of this machine allows you to make one-cup drinks as well as whole pots of coffee, so there’s a lot to unpack.

Coffee types

What do you want to drink this morning? Because the Delonghi BC0430 can pretty much satisfy all your caffeine needs. On one side of the machine, you will see a coffee carafe that can hold 10 cups of coffee. This is a standard drip machine that you can program ahead and keep warm throughout the morning.

On the other side of the Delonghi BC0430, you will notice a sophisticated, but compact area for designer drinks. Whether you want a latte, a cappuccino, or a bold espresso, you can make it all. The inclusion of a milk frother allows you to add extra touches to your drinks, and for those that want a caffeine-free beverage, you can even make creamy hot chocolate.

Cup height

While the Delonghi BC0430 isn’t very tall, you can still fit most standard-size cups under its espresso side. You can place your coffee mug in this area for your steamy cappuccino, and it will easily fit a smaller espresso cup.

Unfortunately, the area is not large enough for a travel cup. The same holds true for the drip coffee side. While it easily fits a 10-cup carafe, it will not be able to fill up your large travel mug. Instead, you will have to take the extra step of brewing the coffee and then filling up your mug. Overall, this is a mild convenience.

Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

Uoi can use classic espresso cups for each shot

Coffee taste

No matter how sophisticated a coffee maker is, if it doesn’t taste great then it’s money wasted. The Delonghi BC0430, however, satisfies your taste buds. The coffee tastes pure and bold. You can use a robust, dark coffee grind, or a more subtle light coffee bean, and all will taste as it should.

You will want to learn some basic cleaning practices Trusted Source How to Clean a Coffee Maker - Tips for Cleaning Coffeemakers with Vinegar When you think about the germiest spots in your kitchen, you probably don’t think your coffee pot is one of the worst, but surprise! It totally is. with your coffee maker to ensure your coffee taste stays as pure as you expect it to be. This includes decalcifying your machine once a month with vinegar and washing with mild dish soap after use. Cleaning doesn’t take too long and instead will leave you with a machine that works as well as it is meant to.

Strength levels

Everyone likes their coffee differently and while some prefer a weak brew, others like the strong, knock-your-socks-off effect. Some Delonghi coffee makers allow you to adjust the strength of your brew, but unfortunately, our product does not.

Instead, you will have to go about the old-fashioned way and simply add more coffee grounds for a bolder strength level. While not quite convenient, and it may take you a bit of trial and error, it’s not the hardest task in the world. Eventually you’ll be able to gage your preferred strength ratio and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

Brewing speed

Delonghi BCO430 Review: Coffee Maker for Café and Office

This coffee machine can brew two espresso shots at once

While we couldn’t determine the actual brewing speed of the Delonghi BC0430, it is not a slow process. Expect a pot of coffee in a normal amount of time. The same is true with the espresso side. Whether you want an espresso or a latte, you don’t have to wait a ridiculous time for it to arrive.

And, if you are in a hurry, there are a few options to speed things up. The night before, be sure to set the time so you can wake up to coffee and not have to wait in a grumpy mood in the morning. Furthermore, you can always pause the coffee maker and have a cup before letting the machine resume for the rest of the brewing process.

Unfortunately, while there are a few ways to increase the speed of your drip coffee, there is no way to increase the speed for your individual drinks. The good news, though, is they don’t take long.


Like all coffee makers, you want to spend a bit of time cleaning your machine. First, start with the carafe. Once you have enjoyed your delicious pot of coffee, you want to wash it out. While it can’t go in a dishwasher, you can easily wash it by hand with mild dish soap. To minimize the spread of germs, it’s best to let it air dry.

For the espresso attachments, such as the frother, you should be able to easily detach it. Give it a good soak and then wash with mild dish detergent. Milk solids can become trapped leading to mold and the spread of bacteria, so you want to make sure it is nicely cleaned.

As for the exterior of the coffee maker, give it a good wipe down with a warm, soapy cloth. The buttons are protected but you don’t want to submerge them in water. Your coffee maker will most likely sit on your countertop, so the cleaner it is, the more pride you will have in it.


The Delonghi BC0430 runs on 115 Volts of power which is pretty standard. It also used 1500 Watts of power.

Overall this is a coffee maker that won’t increase your electric bill. It is definitely a cheaper option than going to a coffee shop every day.


Before you think about the actual price for the Delonghi BC0430, first think about how much it would cost to buy a drip coffee machine and a separate espresso machine. This can be quite expensive so you immediately cut costs by purchasing a two-in-one machine.

The Delonghi BC0430 retails around $200 to $300, depending if it is on sale. This is definitely more expensive than a standard coffee maker but much less than purchasing two individual coffee makers. It’s also a lot less expensive than high-end espresso machines.

We feel that there is a lot of value in this product. It is durable, has great extra features, and produces excellent-tasting coffee. While it would be nice if it had more than just a one-year warranty, it has brand recognition. Delonghi is a leading manufacturer of coffee machines, so you know you will be getting a quality product.

  • Measurements are compact
  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Great coffee taste
  • Convenient frother
  • Comes with accessories
  • Doesn’t have a large coffee reservoir
  • Need to replace and pay for new water filters


Coffee is a staple in most people’s lives and you want a coffee maker that meets all your needs. With the Delonghi BC0430, you no longer have to choose between an espresso or drip coffee. Instead, you get the best of both worlds and can customize your coffee exactly how you want it to be.


How to Clean a Coffee Maker - Tips for Cleaning Coffeemakers with Vinegar
When you think about the germiest spots in your kitchen, you probably don’t think your coffee pot is one of the worst, but surprise! It totally is.
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