8 Best Flavored Coffees – Savor Your Favorite Taste!

We have reviewed eight flavored coffees currently on the market and ranked them according to the best of the best below in our list of favorites.
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Last updatedLast updated: October 21, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Coffee doesn’t have to be bitter. It can be sweet, tangy, nutty, and flavorful. Coffee doesn’t have to be boring.

Flavored coffee brings a little something more to a simple cup of coffee. Whether you’re looking for the best flavored coffee beans, the best-flavored ground coffee, or simply the best chocolate flavored coffee, this list will help determine what you need and want from a flavored coffee. Regardless of the taste, you’re craving, it’s in this list of the best-flavored coffee.

How can you improve upon the basic cup of joe? Our list of flavored coffees can answer that very question.

Top 8 Flavored Coffees Review


Cameron's Pecan Flavored Ground CoffeeEditor’s Choice

  • Flavor: Toasted Southern Pecan
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Size: 32 Oz.

Other Features: Sustainably Sourced, Handcrafted, Smooth, Small-Batch Roasted

Cameron’s coffee provides a subtle yet delicious change to the weekday morning or Sunday brunch. It introduces a Pecan Flavored Ground Coffee to bring a standard cup of jo to the next level. Adding this ground coffee to any caffeinated drink is a warm treat in a warm mug.

Flavored ground coffee like this adds something so magical in such an effortless way. This flavored coffee is among Cameron’s line of specialty coffee. Their coffee includes classic staples, organic, blends, sweetened coffees, and flavored coffee, just like this Toasted pecan coffee.

What are its best features?

  • What we liked about the Pecan Flavored Ground Coffee is that it’s simply delightful. One can make a cup of simple coffee that already has a nutty flavor with a touch of caramel and the perfect amount of bitterness. The exquisite taste provides so many different opportunities to drink this coffee. Whether it’s in a wonderful vanilla latte, or a scrumptious iced coffee, or a simple cup of black coffee, these grounds from Cameron’s will make your morning.

What could be improved?

  • Now that the compliments are out of the way, there are some reservations about Cameron's Pecan Flavored Ground Coffee. If you’re expecting a drink that’s heavy with flavors, you’ll be disappointed. The flavor isn’t as strong as using additional pecan flavorings such as coffee syrup, creamers, or pecan milk. Adding any of those into a cup of this flavored coffee provides a delicious combination of sweet and nutty to those that want a subtle taste of toasted pecans.
  • Flavor: Mocha, Chocolate
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Weight: 11 Oz.

Other Features: Cocoa Notes, Natural Flavors, Pack Of 6

Starbucks is not a new name to most of us coffee drinkers. But did you know that you have brought that Starbucks flavor home with you to brew in your very own kitchen? We knew and thought you should too. There’s nothing quite like having a premium and luscious mocha in your hands without ever needing to change out of your pajamas.

Do you have a sweet tooth? This ground coffee is for those that are all about sweetened chocolate-flavored coffees like cafe mochas, chocolate cappuccinos, or dirty hot chocolate. With Starbucks’ seal of approval, this medium roast is a perfect sweet treat.

What are our favorite features?

  • We were impressed by the amount of the quality of this roast. As our premium pick, the quality of this ground coffee is sublime. In our opinion, this coffee is a perfect match for the home café. Bring Starbucks-level quality to your drinks at home! This mocha ground coffee brings together two ingredients that are known to go together. Chocolate and coffee complement each other so well. Starbucks knows this well with their popular drinks, including chocolate chip crème Frappuccino, white chocolate cream Frappuccino, and even the salted caramel hot choc.

What could be better?

  • On the other hand, this ground coffee has its drawbacks. The first drawback is the price of ground coffee. As a premium brand and a premium product, this mocha-flavored ground coffee from Starbucks is going to be of higher quality at a higher price. Although buying the grounds and other ingredients to make the mochas on one’s own, it’s still a large price tag for coffee.
  • Flavor: French Vanilla
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Weight: 20 Oz.

Other Features: Smooth, Ready to Brew At Home, Pack Of 6

French vanilla is a simple and classic flavor that complements a range of tastes. The taste of vanilla is nostalgic for many of us with memories of ice cream, apple pie a la mode, and of course, vanilla lattes.

Dunkin’ Donuts prides itself on providing a high-quality cup of coffee whether you’re on the go or comfortably at home. This popular model has five stars when reviewed on online retailers such as amazon. With hundreds of ratings, it’s a popular option among coffee drinkers.

What are its best features?

  • The advantages to this coffee stem from the reason for its popularity. Other French vanilla ground coffees don’t quite have the ease or familiarity of Dunkin’ Donuts. The grounds are designed to pair well with most if not all coffee makers their customers have in their homes. Their options, from fun flavors, ground, and whole bean coffee options to K-Cup pods and so much more, provide versatility to their customers.

What could be improved?

  • The disadvantage of Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla flavored ground coffee is that it is often described as not strong enough for users that like strong coffee. Since 1950, Dunkin Donuts has been making coffee with the same quality and tenacity. It’s delicious, but it’s not strong. However, other products are better suited for those who require a coffee with a significant impact on coffee taste and coffee impact.
  • Flavor: hazelnut, creme
  • Type: not specified
  • Grind: whole bean
  • Roast: medium
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

Other features: sustainably sourced, handcrafted, gluten-free, allergen-free, non-GMO

Although it’s not the only flavor that copper moon provides in its line of flavored coffees, it’s a delicious one. Other flavors include espresso, French vanilla, and the classic Colombian blend.

For those that require a kosher diet, copper moon’s world coffees provide an enjoyable alternative. These whole beans are bursting with kosher caffeine and flavor. With a dash of hazelnut flavor, it’s a perfect start to make your favorite drinks at home. These flavored whole beans are a start for many cafés inspired drinks like Starbuck’s Hazelnut Frappuccino, or Dunkin’ Donuts’ Hazelnut Mocha, La Colombe Torrefaction’s Hazelnut Draft Latte, or even Krispy Crème’s Iced Hazelnut Coffee.

What are our favorite features?

  • The best part of this coffee is that it’s designed for people in general, not just a specific person style. Their coffee is sustainably sourced, handcrafted, gluten-free, allergen-free, non-GMO, and kosher friendly. Beyond that, the brand provides donations to various charities, including Food Bank, Make-A-Wish, Habitat for Humanity, Conquer Paralysis Now, and Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Their slogan is helping them, and their customers reach for the moon.

What could be better?

  • The worst part of this coffee is that it doesn’t deliver the intensity of the flavor for which we were hoping. This part doesn’t ‘reach the moon for us. As was mentioned before, the flavor doesn’t replace the flavor or bitterness of the coffee. It’s a simple flavoring that’s not quite as strong as other brands. With café inspired drinks such as lattes, Frappuccino’s, and iced coffees, it’s easy to expect the same from home-brewed coffee. These drinks are all more than just ground coffee and thus have a strong flavor.
  • Flavor: Caramel
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Weight: 10 Oz.

Other Features: No Artificial Flavors, Blend Of 100% Premium Arabica Coffee Beans

Folgers is a household name and is known for their coffee throughout America. Their mission is to create a coffee that’s evenly roasted, uniquely smooth, and high grade. It’s also the best caramel-flavored coffee we’ve found.

Roasted locally in New Orleans, Louisiana, this coffee is simple and delicious. For the well-known brand, this is one of their numerous products of flavored coffee. There are so many to choose from with other flavors, including chocolate, chocolate raspberry, cinnamon, mint, and vanilla.

What are its best features?

  • We liked this product because it’s so simple to make café inspired drinks with these grounds. Take the premium caramel frappe, for example. With natural flavors, the notes of caramel are perfect for brewing unique beverages at home. Roasted-to-perfection, Folger’s ground coffee combined with natural caramel flavor gives a decadent aroma and taste to your cup of coffee. The brand follows through in each of their products and especially this flavored ground medium roast.

What could be improved?

  • What could be better about this product is that, as with many other flavors on this list, the flavor within this brand is just that. The flavor doesn’t replace the bitterness of the coffee grounds but adds more additional flavor notes to the drink, making it sweet without having to add anything after it's brewed. You can create this in your very own home using a cup of Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel Flavored Coffee with six scoops of vanilla or caramel ice cream and 1/4 cup half-and-half. Blend using a blender and enjoy a café Frappuccino without leaving your home!
  • Flavor: Blueberry Cobbler
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Weight: 11 Oz.

Other Features: Small-Batch Roasted, Smooth, Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified

Move over pumpkin spice, there’s a new flavor king in town. This is a desert type of coffee flavor from new England and family-owned coffee roasters made in the United States of America since 1916.

Your mug has never had such a delicious blend within it. Spoil yourself with this morning cup of coffee complemented by flavors of blueberries. If you’re a lover of blueberries in general or the lesser-known café inspired drinks of blueberry mocha cappuccino, or blueberry lattes, or a blueberry espresso tonic.

What makes it stand out?

  • What we liked about this flavored coffee was its simplicity. The flavor was strong enough that it didn’t require many additions to the cup of coffee. Enjoy those delicious, flavored coffee simply on its own or with a splash of creamers, sugar. The intense flavor of sweet blueberries combined with coffee has hints of both spices and a rich aroma. With smooth flavors and lovely notes of blueberry and arabica beans, it makes for a beautiful cup of coffee.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • What we didn’t like about this flavored coffee was, in a way, the newness of the flavor. With ‎100% arabica coffee, this New England coffee is naturally and artificially flavored to taste like a blueberry cobbler. This isn’t the only flavor, as there are many in their year-round flavored coffees, blueberry cobbler, butter pecan, Colombian supremo, chocolate cappuccino. Blueberry is a new flavor to the coffee world, although not to the caffeine world: it is a common flavoring in teas, caffeinated smoothies, and energy drinks.
  • Flavor: Cinnamon Stick
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Whole Bean
  • Roast: Light
  • Weight: 2 Lbs.

Other Features: Lightly Spiced, Premium Ingredients, Texas Origin

The phrase goes that variety is the spice of life. Lola savannah heard the calls for a spiced coffee that’s beyond the typical. Adding this coffee into a cup with cream, sugar, and whatever additions you prefer makes for a delicious cup of jo. Altogether it provides a delicious combination of sweet and spicey to those that want to spice up their morning.

An important business meeting or an enjoyable time with your friends, it’s always a perfect time for a coffee. Enjoy that cup of coffee with a side of spice with Lola savannah’s cinnamon stick flavored whole bean coffee. This is an indulgent treat to awaken your senses in more than one way. Each freshly brewed cup of coffee offers focus and balance to your day. Take a moment to satisfy your cravings for the spice of life.

Why is it special?

  • What we love about Lola Savannah’s Cinnamon Stick Flavored Whole Bean Coffee is the spice. Ask yourself, what’s cozier than a cinnamon-spiced coffee? The answer is not much. These coffee grounds are perfect for the holidays paired with pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce. It’s a perfect complimenting flavor sitting next to a fire or watching the stars under a blanket.

What are the flaws?

  • Now that the positives have been shared, there are some negatives about Lola Savannah’s Flavored Coffee Due to the exact feature we were raving about. Unless you love the taste of cinnamon, this is a coffee bean that’s best combined with other ingredients to create café inspired drinks.
  • Flavor: Irish Cream
  • Type: Arabica
  • Grind: Whole Bean
  • Roast: Medium
  • Weight: 12 Oz.

Other Features: Smooth, Proprietary Advanced Air-Roasting Technology

Everyone knows about adding Irish crème to a cup of coffee but Good as Gold thought about putting it in the beans before the brew, making a delightfully creamy coffee. Good As Gold Coffee is a family-based brand providing delicious, high-quality coffee at an excellent value for just over five decades!

Starting with a specialty-grade coffee bean, this coffee is roasted with advanced air roasters to provide a coffee that’s not only brighter but cleaner and more flavorful than using traditional roasting methods. This method has been passed down through several generations and over 50 years to produce high-quality coffee.

What do we love it for?

  • The benefits of this flavored coffee are its versatility. This is one of the best flavored whole bean coffee products on our list. Good As Gold Irish Cream Flavored Whole Bean Coffee can be brewed in many ways, including an automatic drip coffee machine, a pour-over, as well as a French press. From here, it’s simple to add this Irish cream flavored coffee into traditional café inspired drinks such as like Starbucks ’ Irish Cream Americano, Or Starbucks’ Irish Cream Cold Brew or Dunkin Donuts’ Irish Crème, or Whiskey Barrel’s Coffee Irish Cream.

What were we disappointed with?

  • The negative of this flavored coffee is its flavor is rather flat. When people are used to the strong creamy flavor of café drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos, the flavor of Irish crème isn’t what you’d expect. It’s a delicious coffee with a hint of Irish cream, but it can’t replace a coffee with Irish cream. It would make a wonderful base for café inspired drinks.

Things to Consider

A morning cup of coffee doesn’t have to be a simple or boring cup of jo. There’s more to life than bitter coffee. This is a common morning ritual for all the United States of America. Read further for more quality and flavor, and quality and value in your morning coffee.

How is Flavored Coffee Made?

Flavored lattes, Frappuccino’s, mochas, and many other cafés inspired drinks are flavored using creamers or flavored syrups. That’s not the case when it comes to flavored whole beans or flavored ground coffee, at least not exactly.

Instead of flavored syrups, flavoring oils, both natural and artificial Trusted Source Flavoured coffee beans: Are they unhealthy? | The Globe and Mail The Swiss almond chocolate flavoured coffee you enjoy so much does not have added sugar or calories, provided you drink it black of course. www.theglobeandmail.com , is added to the coffee both before and after grinding the beans.

How to Choose the Ideal Flavored Coffee

Based upon the best flavored coffee reviews, there’s a lot that goes into a good, flavored coffee. This is often more than the average person considers. Notable features to look for when choosing a delicious coffee include quality ingredients, flavor options, grind, roast, quantity, and of course, the price tag.

Flavor Options

8 Best Flavored Coffees – Savor Your Favorite Taste!

Pecan, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and cinnamon are only some of the flavors you can meet choosing your flavored coffee.

The best flavored coffee brands tend to have a range of flavors to appeal to the different tastes of their customers.

Nearly 20-30% of all coffee sales in America are made up of flavored coffee, with the top five most popular flavors being chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and cinnamon, respectively.


There are many different types of coffee that one can buy, including whole beans such as Cameron’s Southern Toasted Pecan, or even ground coffee such as New England’s Blueberry Cobbler flavored coffee.

This is a choice entirely on personal preference. Some individuals want the ease of having the coffee already ground and ready to go. Others prefer coffee to be as fresh as possible. Having the coffee in whole beans allows them to grind them fresh each morning.


Ranging from dark, medium, and light roast, there are many options to choose from in terms of coffee.

8 Best Flavored Coffees – Savor Your Favorite Taste!

The different levels of coffee roasting are Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark.

When choosing between roasts, a good rule of thumb is that the darker the roast is, the longer it’s been roasted for.
With a medium roast, you’ll be able to taste more of the distinct characteristics. This is especially important in a flavored coffee like Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Flavored medium roast.


Ensuring that you’re getting the quantity that you require for your home is vital. The latest report published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Trusted Source Consumer Choices and Habits Related to Coffee Consumption by Poles | MDPI In the literature, much attention is paid to the influence of coffee on human health, especially daily intake of caffeine, and also purchasing consumer behavior. www.mdpi.com explains that coffee is the second most traded commodity with global production of coffee beans worldwide, reaching over 9513 million tonnes and $200 billion annually.

Coffee is big business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Buying in bulk saves not only time and effort but money.

Is Flavored Coffee Bad for Health?

Flavored coffee contains several additional ingredients that aren’t present in natural coffee. In the simplest form, there’s additional oil that’s added, but, in some brands, there are more ingredients. When it comes to most things, moderation is key.

Check the ingredient list of flavored coffees to screen for individual allergens, preferences, and intolerances.
An alternative to using flavored coffee is simply using flavored syrups that provide a stronger taste, have fewer ingredients, and can be sugar and calorie-free depending on the brand.


Each brand and product will have its own sugar content depending on the ingredients used in the flavoring. Check the ingredient list of flavored coffees to check for individual amounts and types of sugar.

The brand with the highest quality flavored coffee would be our premium pick, Starbucks’ Mocha Flavored Ground Coffee. This mocha flavored coffee combines two distinct flavors of coffee and chocolate into a luscious drink with both bitter and sweet tones.

Our Verdict

After researching the best flavored coffee brands available, the top three are very deserving.

The editor’s choice is Cameron’s Pecan Flavored Ground Coffee that provides not only an excellent product but a taste of nutty sweetness that compliments the coffee amazingly. What we like most about this flavored coffee is its simplicity. Starbucks Mocha Flavored Ground Coffee is our premium pick that combines two decadent flavors to create a luscious drink. We really loved the quality of this coffee. Our next favorite is our New England Blueberry Cobbler Flavored Ground Coffee with the boldest flavor out of the full list. This one is going to blow you away with its innovative new flavors!

For now, we hope it’s not challenging for you to choose one of the best flavored coffee that suits you best.


Flavoured coffee beans: Are they unhealthy? | The Globe and Mail
The Swiss almond chocolate flavoured coffee you enjoy so much does not have added sugar or calories, provided you drink it black of course.
Consumer Choices and Habits Related to Coffee Consumption by Poles | MDPI
In the literature, much attention is paid to the influence of coffee on human health, especially daily intake of caffeine, and also purchasing consumer behavior.
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