Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

Can't decide between Gaggia and De’Longhi? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: November 12, 2021
Can't decide between Gaggia and De’Longhi? We compared them for you.
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Gaggia and Delonghi are two coffee machine-making heavyweights, as evidenced by their sales and market share. Consequently, if you’re looking to get a coffee machine, you’ll likely end up with models from both of these manufacturers on your shortlist. Making an objective purchase decision may require finding out which company has superior offerings. This necessitates a Gaggia vs Delongi comparison.

Notably, comparing the two manufacturers may be a tall order for you since there is so much information to gather. However, our team already has this information, and we’re willing to share it below. This should help you pick out which coffee machine brand to go with.

Brands comparison

Gaggia as a manufacturer, has a long history in making coffee machines. Giovanni Achille Gaggia, the founder of the company, was the first to make a modern steamless coffee machine. He even applied for a patent in the year 1938 before using the invention in his coffee bar.

Nine years later, the Gaggia Company was founded and subsequently formally incorporated. Most of the company’s initial products were for commercial use. However, it wasn’t long before Gilda, the first home machine in the manufacturer’s lineup, was introduced.

Since then, there have been models such as the Modello, the Classica, and more. Also, the manufacturer has grown to produce manual and automatic coffee and espresso machines and their accessories. This is in addition to coffee beans under the Gaggia brand name.

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

Gaggia is based in Italy and still offers some of the top coffee machines in the market today. Examples include the Gaggia Brera, Gaggia Anima, Gargia Cadorna and more. You can find expensive and inexpensive models in the company’s lineup, and of course, they come with different capabilities and functionalities.

In true modern fashion, these offerings offer multiple drink options and sometimes feature frothers. Also, their warranty terms are pretty standard across the board and only provide protection for a year.

Delonghi’s history, on the other hand, isn’t as simple and straightforward as Gaggia’s. It starts with the making of a radiator that sold quite well in the 1970s. The company’s first offering for coffee enthusiasts was a pump coffee machine released in 1993. A decade later, Delonghi produced the Magnifica, which was the first superautomatic machine.

An agreement with Nespresso to distribute coffee capsule machines followed in the year 2004. A few years later, the company released the Latissima espresso coffee machine, which was very well received by the public. Today you can find multiple Delonghi coffee machines in the market that give Gaggia and other coffee machine manufacturers a run for their money. As for the warranty terms, they vary according to the machine model that you pick.

Gaggia and Delonghi: Comparing popular models

One way to decide which brand is superior is to compare the offerings from both companies with each other. This would be hard to do due to the wide range of products in their lineups. However, you can get a synopsis of the same by picking out the most popular competing models and comparing them instead.

The Gaggia Brera, for instance, should be pitted against the De’Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica. Alternatively, an option like the Gaggia Anima should be compared with the Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica. To find out more about how they fare against each other, keep reading.

Gaggia Brera vs De’Longhi De’Longi ESAM04110S Magnifica

The Gaggia Brera and De’Longi ESAM04110S Magnifica are two very popular offerings from their respective manufacturers. Looking at the two options closely, you’ll notice some differences that may influence your decision in the long run.

Both machines are reviewed below, and we look at the features that matter most to the user. This includes the drink options you get, coffee types you can use, capacities, grind settings, descaling cycle, and more. As such, you can find out how they fare against each other by reading more.

Gaggia Brera Delonghi De’Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica
Type Super automatic Fully automatic
Coffee type Ground coffee, whole bean Ground coffee, Whole bean
Drink options Espresso, espresso lungo, hot water, latte, cappuccino Espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot water, americano
Water tank capacity 40 oz. 60 oz
Hopper capacity  8.8 oz 7.1 oz.
Removable water tank yes yes
Max. cup height 4.5” 4.7”
Rinsing cycle automatic automatic
Descaling cycle automatic automatic
Frother Pannarello Wand Manual steam wand
Grind settings 5 13
Dimensions 12.4″ x 10″ x 17.5″ 28” x 40.5” x 36”
Weight 18 lbs. 20.9 lbs.
Warranty 1-year 2-year / 3-year (with product registration)

Machine Type

Notable is the fact that the Gaggia model is a superautomatic coffee machine, while the Magnifica is a fully automatic option. The superautomatic grinds your coffee, sets up your portafilter, tamps the coffee, pulls the shot, and sometimes even steams the milk leaving you very little work to do.

Some people might prefer superautomatic options since they can leave the machine to do the work while handling some other chores or activities. However, this also means a loss of control over various variables.

The De’Longhi De’Longi ESAM04110S Magnifica being an automatic coffee machine, comes with a timer to set how long the shot is pulled. However, many of the other functions need to be handled manually, including grinding and tamping the coffee. Those who value control should thus pick the Magnifica over its counterpart.

Machine Design

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

The Gaggia may have a simpler-looking interface at the front. This is because it comes with four buttons and an LED display. In comparison, the Delonghi De’Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica has three knobs and multiple buttons. That said, there is no LED screen provided.

Both machines have silver finishes, although the Gaggia also comes in a silver + black finish as well. Both devices have simple, well-labeled designs that should be easy for people to use, with the only significant difference being the screen. That said, the illuminated icons in the display might just make use more intuitive for the Gaggia than it is for the Magnifica.

Overall Performance

In terms of overall performance, both machines are great. They work with both ground and whole bean coffee since these coffee machines come with built-in grinders. Also, the two devices provide the same number of beverage options. That said, a few of the drink options vary, so it’s up to users to pick which beverage types they prefer.

The ESAM04110S Magnifica pulls slightly ahead when it comes to the grind settings. This is because it has a few more options than the Gaggia Brera. Another area where we see a difference is in the descaling cycle. Older models of the Brera had a manual descaling cycle, although that changed from 2013 onwards.

However, even with the switch to automatic like the ESAM04110S Magnifica, the descaling process still takes longer. Also, descaling requires more input on the Brera than it does on the Magnifica.

Drink Options

As we mentioned above, both coffee machines have five beverage options to choose from. Most of these are the same, including espresso, latte, hot water, and cappuccino, available on both devices. However, the Brera can also make an espresso lungo, an option not available in the Magnifica. Alternatively, the Magnifica has an Americano option.

This doesn’t make much of a difference to most coffee drinkers. However, you can still pick one based on whether you prefer the americano or the espresso lungo.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

Despite the difference in the controls incorporated in the machines, both options seem pretty easy to use. The Brera, for instance, comes with four buttons and a screen. As such, you can get feedback and a way to confirm the settings on the device before brewing.

The controls on the Magnifica are also easy to figure out. The few extra buttons are not enough to overwhelm users. Also, they’re well labeled and come with LED lights to give users feedback.

As for the components that need frequent cleaning on the Brera, they are easily accessible and can be removed from the machine. As such, cleaning them in the sink should be easy. The same is the case for the Magnifica as the grounds container, water reservoir, drip tray, and other parts can easily be detached for deep cleaning.

However, descaling can also be considered part of the cleaning process. As we mentioned above, descaling the Brera is a little more complicated and time-consuming than it is on the Magnifica.

Water Tank and Hopper Capacity

The larger the water tank’s capacity, the less frequently you have to refill it to make coffee. As such, the Magnifica takes a clear lead over the Brera since it comes with a 60 oz water tank, while the latter comes with a 40 oz alternative. However, it may not be much of a hassle if your coffee machine stays close to your tap or source of drinking water.

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

As for the Hopper, the Brera is the option that comes with a larger capacity meaning it can hold more beans. As such, it’s a tie for both machines.

Dimensions and Weight

Most buyers are also concerned about dimensions and weight since they determine how and where to install the device in your kitchen. Going by the dimensions, the Magnifica is much larger than the Brera. As such, it’ll take up more room on your kitchen counter.

If you have a larger kitchen counter with lots of space and very little clutter, this likely won’t be enough to dissuade you from getting the coffee machine. However, if you have limited space and are trying to save more, the Gaggia Brera becomes the obvious choice.

As for the weight, the Magnifica weighs almost 3 lbs more than the Brera, which might prove to be a significant difference any time you try to move the machine.

Grind Settings

With the De’Longhi De’Longi ESAM04110S Magnifica, you get more fineness settings to choose from when you’re grinding your coffee. It has 13 options, while the Brera only has five. For those who prefer having more options, the ESAM04110S is the better pick.


Most of the Gaggia coffee machine models feature a 1-year warranty, and it’s no different for the Brera. As such, the Magnifica pushes further ahead since you get a 2-year warranty after buying the machine. Also, this warranty is extendable by an extra year if you register the purchase.


So far, the Magnifica seems like it’s ahead of the Brera in so many areas. However, when it comes to pricing, the latter is more affordable and thus more accessible. As such, you may find more and more people going with the Brera due to the cost savings involved.

Gaggia Anima vs Delongi Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica

The Gaggia Anima and the Delonghi Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica are two other excellent offerings from their respective manufacturers. They have a lot in common, as well as a few key differences that might help sway your opinion in favor of one manufacturer over the other. Learn about these differences and even the similarities by reading more.

Gaggia Anima Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica
Type Super-automatic Fully automatic
Coffee type Ground coffee, whole bean Ground coffee, whole beans
Drink options Espresso, espresso lungo, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, milk froth, hot water Drip-style coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot water, americano
Water tank capacity 60 oz 60 oz
Hopper capacity 8.8 oz 8.8 oz
Removable water tank yes yes
Max. cup height 5.9″ 5.5”
Rinsing cycle automatic automatic
Descaling cycle automatic automatic
Frother Pannarello Wand automatic + manual steam wand
Grind settings 5 13
Dimensions 13.4″ x 8.7″ x 17″ 9.37” x 16.93” x 13.39”
Weight 16.5 lbs. 25.9 lbs.
Warranty 1-year 2-year

Machine Type

Like the Brera, the Gaggia Anima is a superautomatic machine option that requires very little input during brewing. It can grind your beans, deposit them on the portafilter, tamp them, and pour water over the grinds until your coffee cup is full. You just need to tweak the settings to your preferred specifications beforehand.

With the Delonghi Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica, you will be required to handle various manual tasks while brewing because it is a fully automatic option. Those who value control over every aspect of their coffee should pick the ECAM23260SB Magnifica.

As for those who want the option to leave their coffee brewing and come back later when it’s done, the Anima becomes the right pick.

Machine Design

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

The design of the Gaggia Anima is fairly simple, where the machine comes in a black finish with some stainless steel detailing. In front of the device, you have an LCD screen alongside six dedicated buttons that you can use to adjust your coffee settings. The machine also sports a Panarello froth wand.

In comparison, the ECAM23260SB Magnifica features the same color scheme. In addition, there is a similar setup of six buttons on the control panel, and you can even see your coffee settings on the front of the machine. There is also a knob for selecting your beverage preference.

One unique aspect of the coffee machine is the included carafe that can dispense milk directly into your coffee cup. This component also comes with a knob to control the settings. Both designs seem like they fit nicely in a modern kitchen setting.

Overall Performance

The Gaggia Anima is a better performer when it comes to the maximum cup height you can use for your beverages. After all, there is a significant difference between the 5.5” option of the Magnifica and the 5.9” of the Anima. That said, the Magnifica hits back where milk frothing is concerned. It features both an automatic and manual steam wand, while users of the Anima are limited to using the Panarello wand.

Another point goes to the Magnifica in the grind settings available. It comes with 13 allowing users to have more options than the five grind settings of the Anima.

There’s not much else separating these two devices in terms of performance. That said, you will get different coffee options, and we will get into that below.

Drink Options

There’s also not much to separate the drink options between the two devices. They both have espresso and cappuccino options. In addition to that, they come with some unique specialty beverages. For the Anima, this includes a macchiato and an espresso lungo.

For the Magnifica, there is drip-style coffee and the americano. If you already have one specialty coffee that you prefer, you can use that as criteria to judge which machine would be most suitable for you.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

With a display on both machines showing the coffee settings, they seem very easy to use. This is enhanced by the well-labeled buttons and their layout. The manufacturers also designed both machines with ease of cleaning in mind. You can see that in the fact that you have easy access to the water reservoir, the bean hopper, the brew group, and other components that might occasionally need a wash.

Both machines have automatic rinsing and automatic descaling functions that are easy to navigate, leading to a tie.

Gaggia vs Delonghi: Which Brand to Choose?

Water Tank and Hopper Capacity

In the previous comparison between the Gaggia Brera and the De’Longhi De’Longi ESAM04110S Magnifica, there were slight differences in the water tank and hopper capacities. However, when comparing the Gaggia Anima and the Delonghi Delonghi ECAM23260SB Magnifica, we find that these differences have completely been eliminated, leading to a tie.

Both machines have 60 oz water tanks and 8.8 oz hoppers.

Dimensions and Weight

Notably, these two devices are almost equal in size and will take up roughly the same amount of space on your kitchen counter. As such, there is no merit in picking one option over the other.

However, the balance is broken once you factor in the weight. The Magnifica option is heavier by close to 10 lbs and will thus be more strenuous to move or transport. If you plan on moving the device a lot after installation, the Gaggia may be a better pick.

Grind Settings

By having more grind options, the ECAM23260SB Magnifica sets itself apart from the Gaggia Anima. This makes a big difference for people who are particular about the fineness of the grinds used in their coffee. However, for some coffee drinkers, it may not matter as much.


Again the ECAM23260SB Magnifica gets ahead of the Gaggia by having a 2-year warranty. The alternative is only covered for a year.


Just like in our last comparison, the Delonghi coffee maker is slightly better than the Gaggia when you consider the features. However, you’ll need to pay almost thrice what you would pay for the Gaggia. As such, this might put a lot of people off from the purchase.

Final Thoughts

Both manufacturers are excellent, although the Delonghi coffee makers are consistently better than their Gaggia counterparts. This implies the Delonghi is the winner in a Gaggia vs Delonghi debate. However, these differences may not be enough to account for the price differences. As such, most people will likely end up with the Gaggia models due to the cost savings involved.

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