How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last?

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Last updatedLast updated: December 10, 2021
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

While many people may not admit this, there are a lot of coffee lovers who have no idea on the kind of creamer to use and how they can easily store them. They are faced with a lot of busy schedules and never pay attention to their Starbucks orders. In this article, I would be helping you understand what coffee creamer are, the different types, storage options and durability.

What then are Coffee Creamers?

While this question may sound cliché, it essential we both agree on what creamer is and is not before moving ahead because ‘creamer’ has multiple meanings. When it comes to the production of ‘tea’ creamer it is simply another blend of tea, and for ‘Coffee’ it is a form of light cream added with coffee for more taste.

In the United States alone, according to data gathered from its Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) approximately one hundred and eighty million Americans are said to be actively using coffee creamers this year.

What type of Coffee Creamer do we have?

In case you are wondering about the type of coffee creamer that is available, there are about four types of Coffee Creamers:

Powdered coffee creamers

This form of creamers is the one available in powdered form, whether they are a dairy or non-dairy based product. They are very white and pure to use with coffee

Mini Sealed Cups

This type of creamers are the ones served in a restaurant or bought while travelling. They often come in a single serve-yourself container to be easily used.

Dairy-based creamers

These creamers fall under the categories of dairy products such as milk, cream and other flavoured products.

Non-dairy based creamers

Any creamers that is not dairy-based fall under this category. Such type includes almond, coconut milk etc.

How do I store it then?

Now that you know what creamer is and the type that is available in the market, you may begin to wonder, how long does coffee creamer last? How long does coffee creamer last after opening? How long does coffee creamer last in the fridge? Well, calm down, this troubling question is well understood, and the subsequent information would begin to explain how you can store the creamers and their durability.


How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last?When it comes to powdered coffee creamers, it is advisable to keep them at a temperature of eighteen degrees to twenty degrees. This degree is the ideal room temperature. It can be kept in a place such as a kitchen cabinet to prevent it from dust which could affect the taste of the creamer later on. If you are buying the creamer and have unpackaged it, ensure that after opening it you seal it back tightly. If you can’t seal the package again, try to put it into a tight container or freezer bag for additional protection.

When it comes to its durability, if you are the type of person who rarely uses creamer, I suggest that you make use of this product. The reason is that it is highly durable, and can still be used beyond its expiration date, although its taste might not be as sharp as before. All you need to do is ensure that the powder does not get wet or air enters it and grow lumps. If they don’t, then you can still make use of it. If by chance, the creamer begins to have a weird taste, it is advisable to throw them away.


The Mini sealed cups are airtight cylinder cups that can store creamers without necessarily refrigerating it. They are tiny in size, making it easier to be moved around, which makes it the ideal when travelling. Since it can be challenging for particles, air or dust to enter, it is very safe to say that the mini sealed cups can be used more than once.

If by chance, you get the Mini sealed cups and you are wondering how long this coffee creamer last once opened. Well, it is for only six months; however, according to enthusiasts, you can still be making use of it after its expiration date. Maybe you take your health seriously, and you don’t feel very comfortable doing this, you may also do away with the cup container and retain the cream.

Another thing to note is if you by chance find out that the taste of the creamer seems awkward, it is advisable to throw away the cup or brew another, add the cream and your creamer could be okay.


How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last?I’m pretty sure you know what dairy products are. Products such as milk and cream fall under these categories. For the Dairy-based creamers, the same way dairy products are stored should be the same way they are also managed. There are some few guidelines for you to follow:

One essential instruction in using the Dairy-Based Creamer is that you must ensure that you check the label of the product to know how long does the coffee creamer last after opening it. It is crucial so you can understand how to store the creamer.

Just like many dairy products, ensure that they are refrigerated, except they are pasteurized milk or the label of the products says it.

For dairy products, their expiration date is not extended. Because of this, the Diary based creamers expiration date are usually short, and can only last for one week. However, try to ensure you confirm the expiration date from the label as some products can go beyond their expiration.

For you to notice that the product is going bad, the texture, smell and the taste of the product would change drastically. If you see any of the changes, try to discard the product quickly.


There are a lot of products that fall under this category. While some Non-dairy based creamers require to be refrigerated upon buying them, others need to be refrigerated once opening them.

When it comes to storage, an ideal thing to do is to store the cream in the same way it was saved when buying them. The creamer can only last a couple of weeks when left unopened, and two weeks after been unopened, ensure you look at the description on the product label.

To Round-Up…

They are a lot of information shared above that can help you to make the decision when you want to buy some coffee creamers. Ensure that you read through each line of the article and understand it!

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