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Last updated: December 11, 2021

Jura E6 Review: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Easy

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Last updated: December 11, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Making espresso, cappuccino, and simple lattes
  • Professional baristas
  • Household use
  • Steamed milk frother
  • Dual coffee and milk spouts
  • Easy-to-read TFT color display
  • AromaG3 grinder
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Without the “black gold”, nothing works in the morning for many people, and everyday office life without coffee is inconceivable. The crowning glory for many coffee fans is enjoying coffee from a super-automatic coffee machine like the Jura E6.

A wide variety of coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines are offered by many manufacturers. But the Swiss manufacturer, Jura, with its fully automatic coffee machines from the Jura E series, occupies a pole position among the noble kitchen appliances.

The E6 is very popular already on the market. Well-known among coffee experts, baristas, aficionados, and enthusiasts, it can be found in many canteens and offices of large companies. But does the performance and functionalities justify the hype? In this Jura E6 review, we’ll put the espresso machine through the test.


Coffee to use
Whole beans
Water tank capacity
63.6 oz
Bean container capacity
9.9 oz
Thermoblock heating system
Cappuccino system
Integrated, automatic
Energy consumption
43 kW per h.
11 x 13.8 x 17.3 inches
21.6 lbs

Overall Performance and Functionality

The Jura E6 is a high-performing and functional machine that is worth the money paid. The machine heats up quickly. In addition, it doesn’t work too loudly and is easy to use. Users are particularly impressed by the display, which supports them with its easy-to-understand menu navigation.

It offers more programmability than less expensive models. You can program up to seven different beverages, set the temperature, fine-tune the coffee strength in eight levels (6 to 16 grams) and change the settings such as language and automatic switch-off. The diverse functions impress with the quality and reliability that is synonymous with the Jura brand. So it’s no surprise that the Jura E6 is just as reliable as other machines from the Swiss company.

The menu design is a bit more catchy compared to the cheaper models such as the Jura Impressa C60 or C65. The device can be programmed individually. If you are looking for a larger water tank, you should look around for the Jura XS90, which can provide enough water for an office with its huge water tank.

An extra-large bean container and more precise programmability allow the XS90 to serve many espresso drinks throughout the day. The Jura E6, on the other hand, is ideal for the family and is not inferior to its big brother in terms of quality.

The device has a hot water function with three levels and the patented Jura Pulse Extraction Process System. The coffee maker can be operated via the JURA Coffee App and is wireless-ready. The brew group has the innovative Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System and is fed via the Aroma G3 grinder.

The amount of coffee water is programmable, as is the coffee strength, which can be programmed in 8 levels. The device has a high-performance pump with 15 bars, an energy-saving mode, a programmable switch-off time, an integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program and the water hardness is programmable.

Although the height of the coffee spout is adjustable, the machine, however, cannot hold tall latte macchiato glasses. There is also no program suitable for making this coffee specialty. However, you don’t have to do without milk foam. The milk hose required for this should, however, be replaced every three months for reasons of hygiene.

What Type of Coffee Can You Use?

Jura E6 Review: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Easy

The Jura E6 can process whole beans from the grinding, up to the brewing, extraction, and drink dispensary processes. So, you don’t have to spend extra dollars acquiring a coffee grinder. Likewise, you don’t need to buy packed coffee grounds. With the E6, you’ll always prepare fresh and good-tasting cups anytime you want them. What we also liked here is you can also vary the grind with the integrated grinding system.

How Many Drink Options Does It Offer?

With this system, you can make ordinary espresso and even cappuccinos as it comes with a milk frother. A latte coffee drink would also be possible with the machine.

Brewing Process

The E-Line from Jura, including the Jura E6, offers a small revolution in the preparation of coffee perfect for the taste and needs of connoisseurs.

It uses a completely new approach to the brewing process. The brewing process for espresso from the Jura E6 is now very close to perfection, thanks to the pulse extraction process (PEP®). It is a real world first that is only available in this form from the Swiss manufacturer Jura and ensures an optimal extraction time.

The Pulse Extraction process ensures the maximum aroma of espresso and other specialties even with briefly brewed coffee specialties such as espresso. In this way, the best is always got out of the coffee used.

Before the first brewing process is started, the Jura E6 rinses the entire system once to remove any manufacturing residues and dust. This step should not be skipped or stopped under any circumstances so that the functionality is maintained, and the coffee can be brewed in the expected quality.

If you want to prepare a coffee drink with milk, you of course have to fill a container with milk. The major suppliers also have milk containers that match the look of the Jura E6, but of course, any suitable milk container can be used. The hose supplied must then be dipped into the milk so that the Jura E6 can suck in the required amount of milk when preparing the coffee specialty.

By the way, users emphasize the firm consistency of the leftover pomace and the coffee grounds as a quality feature.

Cappuccino System

The cappuccino system of the device, which is the milk frother, works great. It turns out creamy and fine milk froth. However, some users are irritated by the fact that a loud cloud of steam escapes from the frother at first. To their chagrin, some water ends up in the already brewed coffee at the same time, which dilutes it. Anyone who cannot live with this is better advised to use an external frother.

Ease of Use

The device has preset coffee programs that ensure user-friendliness and all settings and preferences can be flexibly adjusted and saved. The coffee machine is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Connect, with which the machine can be controlled via the free Jura app on the smartphone or tablet.

Another thing we liked is you can tweak numerous parameters of coffee quality, namely: the amount of water, coffee strength, and brewing temperature. The water hardness can also be adjusted, although the machine also has a water filter. Not every user sees through all the options right away without looking at the operating instructions.

A disadvantage of the device is certainly the fact that you cannot remove the brewing group here. Complete cleaning of the device, including the removal of coffee deposits inside the machine, is therefore not possible manually. But while the machine is already filtering the water perfectly, cleaning the brew group is not neglected either. Since the device does not have a removable brew group, Jura goes far beyond that to automatically clean the brew group with every espresso production cycle.

The Quality of Coffee You Get

Jura E6 Review: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Easy

The Jura E6 works with various types of coffee and ensures that you can enjoy your coffee quickly and with high quality at all times. The perfect milk foam result is also guaranteed.

Most users like the coffee. However, a few say the espresso tastes a little bit bland. Given the large pores, the crema doesn’t get a better result than satisfactory either. We, therefore, recommend varying the grind and strength of the coffee to get a better aroma if necessary.

Jura E6 Design

The E6 is an excellently designed fully automatic coffee machine from Jura. Designed in platinum and made of stainless steel, the modern and stylish design as well as ease of handling of the Jura E6 can also inspire you to go for it. Next, we will see some of the other features which make it well designed.

Materials Used

The Jura E6 is predominantly made of stainless steel and finished in platinum. You won’t find any cheap plastic items in this machine. So, it’s a coffee machine with good value for money. The platinum ensures you have beauty on your kitchen counter while the stainless steel offers functionality with its lasting durability.

Size and Weight

Jura E6 Review: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Easy

The Jura E6 is surprisingly compact, and this is what is hard to believe for an espresso machine that has a grinding section and a milk frothing function.

The height of the coffee spout and hot water spout is adjustable. The maximum capacity of the water tank is 63.6 ounces or 1.9 liters, and the coffee grounds container has a maximum of 16 servings. The capacity per bean container is 280 g and the machine has an empty weight of 21.6 lbs.

What Is Included

The Jura E6 automatic coffee center comes with everything you need to make a coffee. Its provided items and accessories include the milk container, coffee, pitcher, smart filter, and espresso cups bundle. So, there’s no spending extra money on coffee pods or coffee mugs, which justifies the price.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with all fully automatic machines from Jura, the brew group cannot be removed. However, this does not mean a disadvantage, as it reliably cleans itself. The automatic milk cleaning system, on the other hand, is a test of patience. It announces itself after every milk preparation and demands attention.

However, cleaning and maintaining the device is just as easy as making coffee. The integrated cleaning programs work by themselves and ensure perfect hygiene. The brewing container is lined with stainless steel and the brew group cannot be removed, as mentioned, but it is automatically cleaned each time it is used. The milk frother can be cleaned with the special milk cleaning solution from Jura and the milk spout is dishwasher safe. The same applies to the descaling of the device, which is carried out in a simple manner using the descaling tablets supplied by Jura.

On the machine, you can choose between the cleaning, rinsing, or descaling functions. Then simply follow the instructions on the display to run the cleaning program. In any case, it is advisable to throw away the first cup of coffee prepared after cleaning and only really drink the second cup afterward or offer it to guests. So you can be sure that no residues from cleaning will get into the coffee and be drunk.

Depending on the frequency of use of your Jura E6, you should clean the device regularly; the process can be started and carried out very easily manually, as already described.

For hygiene and taste, it is not only important to regularly clean the Jura E6, but also to regularly replace the hose for sucking in the required milk. Due to its small diameter, the hose gets dirty very easily and is very difficult to clean. It is, therefore, better to change the hose occasionally.

The more coffee beverages with milk are prepared with it, the more frequent you need to maintain it. Not only the hygiene but the taste will also be affected if the hose is not replaced for too long.

For particularly hygienic cleaning of the Jura E6, it is best to use the original Jura cleaning tabs, which clean your fully automatic coffee machine thoroughly and gently with its 2-phase system.


The Jura E6 automatic coffee machine comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s covered for up to the first 6,000 brews Trusted Source following the purchase of the device, whichever comes first. However, this warranty is only applicable to users in the United States, according to Jura.

Price Tag

The Jura E6 is currently sold by the brand for less than $2,000. However, it’s a little bit cheaper on Amazon.

For the price to be paid for the Jura E6 Jura, you get more than enough. The display is easy to read and the device is easy to program. The water capacity could be more, but it should be sufficient. For the production of the inner boiler and brewing group, high-quality materials were used to guarantee excellent coffee enjoyment. Therefore, the machine is worth the money in any case.

Key features

The Jura E6 is a powerful machine and works fully automatically. Some of its main features are the following:

  • Dual coffee and milk spouts

The coffee spout of the Jura E6 fully automatic machine can be adjusted in height and width and individually adapted to the cup size. It is, therefore, possible to dispense two drinks at the same time.

  • AromaG3 grinder

A multi-stage AromaG3 grinder is used, which delivers perfect coffee quality and ensures pure taste.

  • Steamed milk frother

The frother ensures steamed milk flows directly into the same cup as the espresso flows out of. You can control how much milk flows into each cup at the push of a button. Unfortunately, like many home espresso machines, there is no customization of the type of foam that is produced.

  • Smart water filter

Jura E6 Review: Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee Made Easy

One of the outstanding functions of the Jura E6 is the Jura Smart water filter system. With the intelligent filter, the machine tells you when it is time to replace the filter. To do this, simply enter the water hardness level using the test strips provided and the machine will do the rest.

  • 9 oz bean container

The capacity of the bean container is 280 grams and is therefore in the middle ground, compared to most products. In any case, there are enough beans in stock to make a few coffees. The bean container also has an aroma protection lid so that the full aroma of the fresh coffee beans is retained for a while.

  • 6 oz water tank

The capacity of the water tank is 63.6 ounces or 1.9 liters, which is more than sufficient for household use.

  • Easy-to-read TFT color display

The device has a large and easy-to-read TFT color display on the front. All important functions, settings, and fill levels can be viewed here at a glance.

Would This Coffee Machine Be Right for You?

The Jura E6 fits into every household in which more than one or two caffeinated drinks are consumed every day. Its large water tank enables beverages to be brewed after an average warm-up time of 1 minute and 58 seconds, which is why the device would also be suitable for larger groups. However, the machine is not suitable for the office environment because the bean container is too small. The device is designed for daily use and is, therefore, a little oversized for someone who only enjoys espresso occasionally. There are smaller, cheaper machines from Jura that better serve the needs of the casual coffee drinker.

  • The pulse extraction process (PEP©) optimizes the extraction time
  • One-click steam button
  • Heats up quickly
  • Hardly makes any operating noise
  • Keys arranged on the front
  • Integrated cleaning programs
  • Interchangeable milk spout
  • Large TFT screen
  • No individual adjustment of the milk foam structure
  • Cannot prepare a latte macchiato
  • Frequent rinsing milk cleaning system



As we have seen in the Jura E6 review, the machine always produces a very pleasant and high-quality espresso or milk drink. The price for this device, with its easy-to-read screen, large capacity, built-in sensors, and programmability is reasonable. The Jura E6 is a bit more expensive than the competition in the same price range, but it has great durability and functionalities.

After all, the Jura E6 is one of the most attractive machines on the market and impresses with its sleek, elegant, and modern design.


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