5 Best Krups Espresso Machines – Proven German Quality

We have reviewed five of the top-quality Krups espresso machines and ranked them on our list of favorites.
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Last updatedLast updated: November 19, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Krups is one of the leading brands that provide quality to a morning cup of coffee. Even still, there are countless models. We’ve narrowed them down in this review to our top five of the best Krups espresso machines.

In the morning, a quality cup of coffee with quality espresso makes for a great start to the day. However, something is missing, a quality espresso machine. With an overwhelming number of brands, models, and features, finding a suitable machine for you can be difficult, to say the least. Features such as volume, preference, pressure bars, durability, size, and of course, budget.

Our review of Krups espresso machines looks at the features that make Krups an excellent brand that makes exceptional coffee.

Top 5 Krups Espresso Machines Review 2021


KRUPS XP3208Editor’s Choice

  • Type: single or double serve
  • Capacity: up to 5 cups (50 oz.)
  • Pressure: 15-bar
  • Interface input: touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13.5 x 10 in.

Other features: steam nozzle, manual settings, removable water tank, cup warmer

Krups doesn’t shy away from innovation. The Krups XP3208 proves that with its innovative features that are perfectly versatile. This compact design is a perfect fit for right on your counter without taking up an excessive amount of space. Whether it’s a simple espresso shot, a cup of coffee, or even more complex drinks, this model is perfect for you.

Creating drinks at home has never been so simple. This espresso maker is perfect for the coffee drinker with a sweet tooth. Compared to other models, this one comes with a simple-to-use steam nozzle. With a steam nozzle, this espresso machine allows for steamed milk, coconut milk, creamer, and so much more. This means that café inspired drinks are easy to create in the comfort of your own home.

What makes it stand out?

  • The benefit of this model is its immense quality in terms of the finished cup of coffee, providing a fantastic and delicious espresso. With a 15-bar pump pressure, this is a machine designed to professional standards. This removes the bitterness of the bean’s flavor, leaving you with a natural and beautiful flavor. Although this isn’t the flashiest option provided by Krups, it’s the most straightforward. This espresso machine will provide a fantastic cup of coffee without the hassle.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The downfall of this model is its lower capacity. With only a 50 oz water tank, there is a limit of 5 cups per tank. Although this isn’t a significant concern or issue for most coffee drinkers, it is inconvenient. Its inconvenience grows the more coffee you need in one go. For a busy household of caffeine drinkers, this may not be the best model.
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Krups XP4000Premium Pick

  • Type: single-served
  • Capacity: 32 oz.
  • Pressure: 15-bar
  • Interface input: dial, buttons
  • Dimensions: 15 x 12.9 x 12.6 in.

Other features: steam nozzle, 1200-watt, filter holder with 3 interchangeable inserts, stainless-steel drip tray; cup-warming tray

Coming from the top line of Krups coffee appliances, this model provides more features than the average espresso machine. This model combines impressive features with a wonderfully affordable price for those that are seeking out gourmet espresso experiences.

Collaborating with leading European designers, the innovators at Krups don’t disappoint. The Krups engineering in this espresso machine is undeniable. This model combines rigorous and robust coffee with innovative design, genuine technician, and superior taste and performance. This manual espresso machine puts the control and power in your hands to create the perfect espresso.

What makes it stand out?

  • The benefit of this model is its premium features. With a 1200-watt power, a Thermo block 15-bar pump system, a filter holder with 3 interchangeable inserts, the ability to use single, double, or E.S.E. pods, and a simple selector dial, this model has all the bells and whistles that make it perfect for all kinds of coffee drinkers. As a premium choice, this model doesn’t disappoint its users.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The downfall of this model is it’s a loud model that is not hiding that it’s making an espresso. Adding to this, there isn’t an auto shut-off option. Combining these two can make for a noisy and slightly annoying model. Despite this downfall, it’s a fantastic model that gives you the perfect cup of coffee in terms of taste, temperature, and quality for a delicious and robust cup of java.

Krups XP1500Most Compact

  • Type: carafe
  • Capacity: up to 10 cups (4-cup glass carafe)
  • Pressure: 4-bar
  • Interface input: dial
  • Dimensions: 14.75 x 12.25 x 13.5 in.

Other Features: coffee maker and espresso machine combination, steam nozzle, removable drip tray with stainless steel grid, water-level indicator

Although this is an older Krups model, it’s a fantastic option for many coffee lovers. This model, Krups XP1500, is an excellent option for most coffee counters within American homes. Those coffee stations typically don’t have a lot of space. This is where this Krups model comes in!

Other espresso machines, even ones on this list, aren’t as versatile as this model. This is a fantastic option for a kitchen counter because of its versatility. With this, you’re able to make espresso, steamed milk, and coffee. This makes the creation of café inspired drinks that much easier, especially if it’s a full household of coffee drinkers. Making a black coffee, a dirty chai latte, and a cinnamon latte at the same time has never been easier.

What stands out?

  • The benefit of this model is it saves on space. When it comes to adding appliances to your kitchen, space is at a premium. Being able to combine two appliances into one allows for a lot more space to be used elsewhere. Get rid of your coffee pot and old espresso machine and replace it with a simple combination. This model combines a 4-bar steam espresso machine with a 10-cup coffee maker; this combines the two machines into one space-saving innovation.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The downfall of this model is that it takes quite a bit of maintenance. It’s not as easy to clean as other models. With the multiple elements of this model, there are more places and crannies to cleanout. The nonstick warming tray, removable drip tray, and stainless-steel aspects make it simpler to clean. However, having the combination makes it difficult to clean and maintain compared to other models.

Krups FND111 AllegroBest for Beginners

  • Type: carafe
  • Capacity: up to 4 cups
  • Pressure: 4-bar
  • Interface input: dial
  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.9 x 9.8 in.

Other features: steam nozzle, large-capacity carafe with lid and handle, removable drip tray, built-in safety valve

Making a cup of coffee in the morning should be a simple experience. With Krups FND111 Allegro, it can be. With a simple-to-use interface and a steam nozzle for steamed milk, simple doesn’t need to mean boring. A simple espresso shot can be added to a range of delicious café inspired beverages such as mochas, dirty chai lattes, and café americanos.

As a beginner-friendly espresso machine, this model is ideal for most kitchens that are looking for such an espresso machine. This option is comparable to other Krug espresso machines as it’s certainly easier to use. Beginner-friendly doesn’t just mean simple to use. It’s also simple to maintain and clean with its removable drip tray. It also has added safety with a built-in wellbeing valve.

Why is it special?

  • The benefit of this model is its convenience. With a simple dial interface, space-saving plan, removable drip plate, and built-in safety valve, this is a perfect espresso machine for the home barista that wants ease. Making a delicious cup of java with this espresso machine is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. This model is designed to be straightforward for both first-time and veteran users.

What are the flaws?

  • The downfall of this model is that it doesn’t provide the strong espresso taste or quality that many espresso experts expect and love. This model only has a 4-bar steam pressure. What does a low bar mean in espresso machines? It means weaker espresso. For those that want shots of incredibly strong espresso, this isn’t the machine for you. For those that are going to be combining this espresso into drinks, or those that prefer a softer coffee taste, this is a perfect machine.

KRUPS Simply Brew To Go Single-Serve Coffee MakerMost Sustainable Option

  • Type: single-served
  • Capacity: up to 14 oz
  • Pressure: n/a
  • Interface input: buttons
  • Dimensions: 5.91 x 5.31 x 12.32 in.

Other features: minimal counter space, travel tumbler included, no pods required

Krups Simply Brew to Go single-serve drip coffee maker is the last but certainly not the least in our list of reviews. With its outstanding features and without the need for coffee pods, it’s a simple and superior espresso machine for those that want fast and fantastic coffee.

For the coffee drinker on the go, we’ve got your espresso appliance. Designed to be used on the go, this model provides everything that a busy household needs from their espresso machine. Features include easy brewing, large coffee filter, simple operation, compact design, and included travel tumbler. Busy homes profit from a delicious and simple beverage. A cup of coffee is a simple thing and should remain simple.

Why did it make our list?

  • The benefit of this model is its environmentally friendly aspects. Both commercially and domestically, the coffee industry is known to create a lot of waste, unfortunately. This espresso machine is designed to be used in travel beverage mugs and to-go containers. This encourages you and its other users to take coffee to go. This limits the waste of undrunk drinks, as well as the waste of individual use cups, lids, and other plastics of external coffee shops.

What is not ideal about it?

  • The downfall of this model is its price tag. It can be a bit difficult to justify this purchase as the models’ price tag is on the higher end. Espresso machines can be expensive, but they are worth it when the features align with the user. For espresso aficionados that want something more than the average espresso machine, this is a wonderful option. It’s worth the price if you’ll use and appreciate the quality espresso.
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Things to Consider

Take into consideration what you like to drink in the morning and how you like to make your coffee. Purchasing an espresso machine that makes that drink the best is an excellent buy for your kitchen.
Finding the right espresso machine is a journey. We aren’t saying that it’s a simple or quick decision at all. There’s a lot to take into consideration. That’s where we come in. This buying guide is made to help with your decision.

About Krups

Coffee is a major export and import for many countries around the world. That means that coffee appliances, accessories, flavorings, and additions are immensely popular. Krups is one example of the leading company in the brewing industry; it’s a German company based on European innovation and engineering. German engineering and innovation combine to create kitchen appliances with amazing functions, astounding designs, technical perfection, and astonishing performance.

Founded by Robert Krups, the company has been continually creating innovative and iconic products since 1846. Although we’ve focused on espresso machines in this review, that’s not all Krups does. Their clever lines include drip coffee makers, automatic coffee grinders, generic coffee makers, and so much more. They cater to the world of coffee drinkers and coffee makers.

Krups espresso machines are known for their quality and performance. These products are all designed to meet the needs and wants of their customers. Even though newer models are coming out regularly, Krup’s older models are still impressive and functional. Many of these older Krups models have manuals available through their website to cater to all their customers’ past, present, and future.

How to Choose the Best Krups Espresso Machine?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks for Americans, with over 50% of the American population drinking coffee beverages including latte, espresso, cappuccino, or cold brew. Espresso has gained popularity in recent years; this is interesting as espresso isn’t like typical coffee at all.

The espresso itself Trusted Source Espresso - an overview | ScienceDirect Today’s espresso machines are very consistent tools in the preparation of recipes with defined coffee-to-beverage ratios. www.sciencedirect.com is a drink instead of a specific type of coffee bean or a specific roast. More than that, it’s a type of brewing method that uses high-pressure force to power hot water through finely-ground coffee in half a minute or less. Understanding the process is essential to know what’s vital in an espresso machine. Espresso-based beverages are commonly prepared away from home. Because of this, espresso machines aren’t as popular as other forms of beverage preparation. Specific espresso appliances are typically used by 10% of coffee drinkers Trusted Source National Coffee Data Trends | NCA 60% of Americans had a coffee in the past day, more than any other beverage including tap water. www.ncausa.org . They are fourth after drip coffee makers (41%), single-serve brews (23%), and cold brew options (15%).

All the espresso machines we’ve brought forth are an excellent value investment. Krups is known for consistent quality, durability, and amazing features. These features range. That range is where you’ll find the perfect machine for your coffee station. Choosing the Krups espresso machine models isn’t a quick decision, and it doesn’t have to be. Weighing these features is a terrific way to ensure you’re getting the espresso machine of your dreams.

Brewing Capacity

5 Best Krups Espresso Machines – Proven German Quality

The brewing capacity of the Krups XP3208 espresso machine is one of the largest on our list: up to 5 cups of coffee (50 ounces).

Brewing capacity or volume is one of the top features in terms of practicality. Simply put, this is how many cups of coffee that the machine will make before you need to refill the water tank.

If a single cup of coffee in the morning is perfect, a smaller tank is perfect as it cakes only a few cups of bean brew at a time. However, if there’s a household of coffee drinkers or you’re working from home, it’s important to have a larger water tank. There are a few models in this list, including Krups XP3208 and XP4000 have the largest water tanks within this list. Both are over a liter of water and coffee potential.


Investing in a machine that’s reliable and studied means that it’ll stay functional for a longer period. The typical lifetime for an espresso machine is between 5 and 15 years, depending on the make, model, and usage. Buying sturdy and durable espresso machines is one thing. Machines made with study materials are far preferable to others that aren’t. Materials vary depending on the type of machine and whether the parts are original to the model or replacements.

Maintaining espresso machines is another thing. It doesn’t matter how sturdy an espresso machine is. If it’s not maintained properly or cleaned regularly, then it’s not going to last for exceedingly long at all.

Coffee Taste

When it comes to personal taste in caffeinated drinks, there’s a range of drinks. From a simple cup of black coffee to foamy lattes and sweet chocolate mochas, espresso machines can add to the quality. Most espresso machines are perfect for making black espresso. However, there are many more options for a morning java, such as iced vanilla latte, iced caramel macchiato, mocha Frappuccino, mocha iced latte, iced coconut milk latte, café americano, and so many more.5 Best Krups Espresso Machines – Proven German Quality

If you’re into delicious café inspired drinks, then an espresso machine with a steam nozzle would create delicious drinks. Take the Krups FND111 Allegro model, for example. There’s a spray nozzle on the side to easily froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

Coffee Types

Espresso machines can use several types of coffee to create a delicate and delicious cup of espresso. Depending on the model, these espresso machines can take pods, filters, and direct coffee bean grounds.

Models such as the Krups Simply Brew to Go can use coffee grounds without a pod. Avoiding the use of pods or capsules allows for less material waste. Also, it has the additional benefit of having a constant and easy-to-access supply. These models are fantastic options for being environmentally friendly. Older models that take pods may find it harder and harder to hunt down and obtain their favorite pods.

Pressure Bars

Espresso is essentially pressed coffee. It requires a great deal of pressure from the espresso machine. This pressure is indicated in bars to determine how much pressure is used in the espresso machine. Where drip coffee machines use gravity, espresso machines use pressure. Some can use up to

The more bars that a machine uses, the better the experience. The typical models utilized about 10 bars, but quite a few Krups machines use 15 bars for an enhanced espresso experience. The XP3208 model provides 15 bars to increase the experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

5 Best Krups Espresso Machines – Proven German Quality

You won’t face any challenges in cleaning your espresso machine with the removable drip plate of the Krups FND111 Allegro.

Cleaning coffee pots, mugs, machines, and carafes can be a pain. However, it’s vital to the longevity of your espresso machine and the quality of your espresso.

These are great investments that need to be maintained to ensure your investment has the most value. Krups is a brand that’s designed to be easy to clean. With aspects like a removable drip tray, the Krups FND111 Allegro is one of the models that make cleaning and maintenance much easier.


Not all kitchens and coffee stations are built the same. The size of the coffee machine is essential to keep in mind. Single appliances such as the Krups Simply Brew to Go provide a single espresso machine with a compact and sleek design perfect for even the most crowded counters.

Having multiple coffee appliances on one counter can be hectic. When you’re looking to add another piece of equipment to your kitchen counter, look at products that combine two appliances into one. The Krups XP1500 model combines a coffee maker and an espresso machine into one space-saving device.

Price Tag

When it comes to the budget, espresso machines are an investment. The benefit is that there’s a range of prices for everyone’s budget. A delicious cup of coffee doesn’t need to break the bank.

According to Statista Trusted Source Coffee preparation options workplace U.S. employees by type 2020 | Statista This statistic shows the results of an online survey conducted by the National Coffee Association (NCA) as of January 2020. www.statista.com , espresso isn’t the most popular kitchen coffee appliance in homes. It’s following in second with 24% compared to drip coffee pots at 54%.

Types of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines come in a range of functionality. This includes being manual, semi-automatic, or super-automatic.

Manual machines rely on a manual process being controlled by the user. Perfect for the budding barista, this requires the user to take on more steps. Semi-automatic espresso machines are the best of both worlds, providing a degree of control and a degree of ease. Super-automatic espresso machines require little assistance from the user. The automatic processes take care of everything. This convenience usually comes at a higher price.


Krups espresso machines are the leading machines on the market. This is because of their innovation and innovative designs. Krups is dedicated to efficiency and quality at affordable prices.

Your Krups espresso machine is an investment. Keeping that investment at peak functionality is essential. To extend the machine’s service life, make sure to read and follow the specific requirements of the machine.

One of the worst things for your beverage machines is limescale which comes from how hard or soft your water is. This can clog the machine and impact the taste and quality of your coffee. Having a filter for your water either right on your tap or in the coffee machine itself is a straightforward way to prevent limescale buildup.

Krups prides itself on marvelous coffee and remarkable customer service. The Krups warranty covers domestic use only. It does not cover professional or commercial use of any of its small domestic electrical appliances or accessories.

Repair centers are available for Krups customers both during and after the warranty period. To extend the life of the espresso machine, these repair centers also offer original accessories, consumables, and spare parts.

Our Verdict

Finding the perfect espresso machine can be a challenging task, but there’s a range of options within this buying guide. With these features in mind, finding the ideal espresso machine is quite simple.

Our editor’s choice KRUPS XP3208 espresso machine shines as the best quality espresso machine with the best quality cup of coffee. With a 15-bar pump, this is an espresso machine to brag about. Our premium choice, Krups XP4000, is known for its enhanced features and espresso. This is one of the most innovative and premium espresso machines that doesn’t disappoint its coffee lovers. Our third choice of this list of the best Krups espresso machines is Krups FND111 Allegro. This model provides a wonderful espresso machine that’s simple and easy to use even for the complete beginner.

Whether you crave a simple black coffee or a beautiful full-flavored latte, or an impressive café americano, an espresso machine makes your morning cup of coffee a beautiful moment.


Espresso - an overview | ScienceDirect
Today’s espresso machines are very consistent tools in the preparation of recipes with defined coffee-to-beverage ratios.
National Coffee Data Trends | NCA
60% of Americans had a coffee in the past day, more than any other beverage including tap water.
Coffee preparation options workplace U.S. employees by type 2020 | Statista
This statistic shows the results of an online survey conducted by the National Coffee Association (NCA) as of January 2020.
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