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Last updated: October 27, 2021

Lelit Bianca Review

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Last updated: October 27, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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  • Beginners
  • Home use
  • People looking for a machine designed to last forever
  • Has many useful accessories
  • Best suited for home use
  • Stylish
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Lelit is an Italian company that makes a line of coffee makers based on traditional commercial construction. They popularly use high quality-industry standard components and a system of paddles that give the machine a unique look. This Lelit Bianca review is here to delve into this machine and show you just what makes it popular among coffee drinkers.

At first glance, the machine could come across as complex and difficult to master. You could even make the mistake of assuming it is only suitable for professionals. However, the Lelit Bianca is quite easy to use; the unique design, paddles, and features are just the result of some very innovative thinking.

All appliances are bound to be more suitable for certain conditions and people than others, and the Lelit Bianca is no exception.


Boiler capacity
0.8 - coffee; 1.5 – steam
Portafilter size
58 mm
Tank capacity
2.5 l
Water hose, drain hose, water softener filter, cleaning cloth, stainless steel cover, steel tamper, extra steam tip, portafilter, dual spout portafilter, filter basket, cleaning brush, scoop, grate platform
Two years

Lelit Bianca review

One of the biggest selling points of the Lelit Bianca has to be the ease with which a beginner can use it despite its potential for more complicated recipes. As a result of this, the machine would grow with a user as they gain more experience. This is why the Bianca is considered suitable for beginners as they wouldn’t need to replace it when they feel ready to try their hands at newer things; they’d have to challenge the machine further.

This is partly facilitated by the semi-automatic nature of this espresso machine and partly by the innovativeness of the manufacturer. Many of the functions can be set electronically, but they also leave room for the manual management of the coffee-making process that can stimulate learning.

Overall performance and functions

Lelit Bianca Review

All in all, for its price, the Lelit Bianca is a one-of-a-kind machine. Despite this being a review, I can only really tell what I know can be done with the machine, but your experimentation can take you in another direction.

However, I can say this; if you want a simple cup of coffee Trusted Source Global Coffee Machines Market Data And Industry Growth Analysis with minimum fuss, this machine can do it. Yet, if you want a cup of coffee made with attention to every minute detail, it can do that as well. If you’re going to create your recipe or modify an existing one, this machine is still up to the task. In whatever capacity you decide to use the Bianca, it would remain effective, efficient, and satisfying.


This machine is extremely heavy, but luckily it doesn’t take up much of your counter space as well. It could be placed neatly in the corner of the kitchen and should fit comfortably under normal height cupboards as well.

To make the weight of this machine easier to deal with, you could consider investing in furniture pads that would make it easier to slide the appliance around.

Other than the size, though, one of the first features of the Lelit Bianca to stand out is that the water tank attached to its back could be detached and then reattached to either side of the appliance. This provides more flexibility in the placement and location of the espresso machine.

The compact style, however, doesn’t detract from the overall style of the Bianca. From the smooth rounded corners to its exquisitely finished wooden accents, everything is stylish. A popular issue with the machine could be the wooden accents not matching. If this irks you, the manufacturers could be contacted to provide new matching wooden parts.


As earlier stated, this coffee machine is heavier than many others of similar build (58.5 lbs), but this weight should only be a problem if the machine is moved around a lot. If it is to be, furniture pads at the feet could make sliding them around easier, but if they are to be placed in a corner, there might be no need.

Moreover, the weight of the machine could be attributed to the materials it is made from. It has a lot of stainless-steel parts and components that are durable. So, the weight can be considered as the price of more durability.

Boiler capacity

The Lelit Bianca is a dual boiler espresso machine, as is stated in the name and description of the product. And the two boilers of the machine are referred to as the brew boiler and the steam boiler due to their functions. While the brew boiler is directly involved with brewing the coffee, the steam boiler steams the milk. The steam boiler has a capacity of 1.5 L compared to the 0.8 L of the brew boiler.

The boiler has a power rating of 1000 watts, while the steam boiler has 1400 watts. However, when the steam boiler isn’t used, it can be switched off to help save energy. The pressure of both boilers can be monitored through a single pressure gauge located on the front of the machine.

The machine uses an E61 group and a proper dial-loop PID to ensure that both boilers can be controlled independently. Since the structural make-up in this regard doesn’t guarantee stable brewing temperatures, a wide-diameter thermosyphon pipe is added by the manufacturers to minimize fluctuations in temperature.

Portafilter size

Lelit Bianca Review

The Bianca is fitted with two separate portafilters Trusted Source Espresso machine - Wikipedia . There is a bottomless portafilter and a spouted one. Both are equipped with excellently finished walnut handles and single, double and triple filter baskets to boot.

The spouted portafilter is one of Lelit’s famed patented coffee slide portafilters. It has a unique design that helps to improve the quality of the crema of the espresso. The manufacturers also thought to add a naked portafilter and a hefty steel tamper as well. Talk about quality service and efficiency in an affordable package.

Tank capacity

The tank attached to the Lelit espresso machine has a capacity of 2.5 L. As stated earlier in this review, the location of the tank could be changed to suit your placement or preferred arrangement of the machine.

Alternatively, the machine could also be connected directly to the home plumbing. For this reason, one of the accessories accompanying a purchase is a hose. Removing the water tank would also make the machine even more compact.


The manufacturers of this machine took time to determine exactly how they could make its use as convenient as possible for users without affecting the quality of service they’d be receiving. That’s why it comes with a variety of accessories. You might not see the use of some of them straight away, and a little research could expose you to how they make coffee making easier.

Some of these accessories are:

  • A water hose
  • A drain hose
  • A water softening filter
  • A cleaning cloth
  • A stainless steel cover
  • A steel tamper
  • An extra steam tip
  • Portafilters
  • A filter basket
  • A scoop
  • A cleaning brush
  • A grate platform

Lelit Bianca Review

Durability and warranty

Just looking at the machine invokes durability, but this is not to say that it couldn’t develop issues along the way. It is for this reason that regular maintenance is just as important as the solidity of a coffee machine in ensuring durability.

Lelit also does its part in making possible issues easier to deal with. This is so as they use industry-standard parts that are quite straightforward to source if the need arises. If you struggle to acquire a part, your local technician should be familiar enough with machines to help out.

The popularity of the parts it uses is one of the reasons the Lelit lasts as long as it does. When properly maintained, it rarely has problems, and when it develops problems, they are easy to take care of.

The maintenance should, however, be carried out properly. For one, the steam wand and portafilter should be cleaned and hand washed after every use. And if the machine is being used regularly, a thorough weekly or biweekly cleaning would be good. Along with this, the manufacturers also recommend backflushing the machine monthly using a special detergent (that would be purchased separately) and a blind filter.

Though the machine is also fitted with a cartridge filter to soften hard water and prevent descaling, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look out for mineral residue buildup. If any is ever found, descale as needed.

The company also allows a two-year warranty policy on any of these espresso machines that are purchased. More information on the conditions of the warranty could be obtained on their website.

Price tag

While the Lelit Bianca might be expensive compared to many of the cheaper machines around, the features it has are quite special for an appliance in its price range. For instance, this is arguably the cheapest espresso machine with a flow profiling capability or a manual paddle pressure control with the E61 group.

Both features encourage hands-on approaches to coffee making but are usually present in models twice the price of the Bianca.

However, the actual price of the Lelit Bianca would depend on the retailer you are patronizing or how you are to be acquiring the coffee machine.

Key features

The Lelit Bianca has a lot of features Trusted Source (PDF) Correlating Espresso Quality with Coffee-Machine Parameters by Means of Association Rule Mining PDF | Coffee is among the most popular beverages in many cities all over the world, being both at the core of the busiest shops and a long-standing… | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate . Some of these are to ensure that the coffee brew is of the right quality and others are to make it more convenient to use. The following features are the most important to take note of:

  • Manual paddle pressure control
  • Dual boiler
  • Thermosyphon pipe to minimize fluctuations in temperature
  • Very quiet rotary pump
  • LCD as part of its control center to manage the settings of the boilers
  • Standby mode to reduce the time spent waiting for the machine to heat up

Features aside, though, the machine has some disadvantages associated with its use as well. The advantages and disadvantages are outlined below.



  • The Lelit is quite elegant and durable
  • It possesses a flow profiling capability that allows for a lot of experimentation with your espresso shots
  • The machine utilizes one of the quietest rotary pumps of any coffee maker around
  • The machine is suitable for both beginners and experts alike
  • The machine requires regular cleaning and maintenance
  • It is significantly heavier than similar appliances of the same capacity
  • It requires between 25-30 minutes to get warmed up though the standby mode can reduce the waiting time considerably


The Lelit Bianca dual boiler espresso machine is versatile enough to satisfy the needs of both pros and beginners comfortably, and this makes it very popular. In addition, it provides passionate coffee makers with a chance to experience the thrills of flow profiling at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Many of its other features as well are as innovative as they are useful. Despite this all, the machine is a relatively cheap one compared to similar builds. This is why this Lelit Bianca review boldly assures that a decision to purchase this coffee machine is one you would not regret.


Global Coffee Machines Market Data And Industry Growth Analysis
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(PDF) Correlating Espresso Quality with Coffee-Machine Parameters by Means of Association Rule Mining
PDF | Coffee is among the most popular beverages in many cities all over the world, being both at the core of the busiest shops and a long-standing… | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
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