5 Best Quick Mill Espresso Machines – Great Prosumer Models from a Reliable Brand!

In this article, we’ll explore the best Quick Mill espresso machine options and look into the features a decent espresso machine should have.
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Last updatedLast updated: November 16, 2021
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Many of us have envied the skill of baristas in local coffee shops, but it is possible to make a great shot of espresso at home, if you have the right machine. Quick Mill is a reputable brand in the industry and it has a comprehensive line of espresso machines.

In our quest to discover the best Quick Mill espresso machine we’ve looked at a number of features including the types of boilers, machine capacities, the size and weight, and the materials used. This ensures that the best machines not only look great, but can deliver an excellent shot of espresso time after time.

Top 5 Quick Mill Espresso Machines Review 2021


Quick Mill Vetrano 2B EvoEditor’s Choice

  • Boiler: double, 0.75/1.4 L
  • Reservoir capacity: 3 L
  • Pump: rotary
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 18 in
  • Wattage: 1400/800 W

Other features: PID temperature control, anti-burn steam and hot water wands, water tank with alarm sound, adjustable feet

This is a premium grade big double boiler model that can make multiple drinks at several times per day. The 0.75L brew boiler and 1.4L steam boiler have a smaller footprint but they are user-friendly. This machine uses the E61 brew group which is lauded for its stable temperatures. This is important because a few degrees of variance can have a dramatic effect on the flavors.

This is a great coffee machine for people that are starting to get serious about making high-quality espresso drinks. It’s easy to monitor the temperature using the built-in PID display which also does double duty as a shot timer. The Vetrano 2B Evo has been newly updated so if you were on the fence about a new machine this is a great option.

What makes it special?

  • What we liked was this is a gorgeous machine with a pair of deep blue dual pressure gauges to monitor the brew pressure and steaming. The rotary pump is quiet and you can plumb the machine directly if you prefer. This Vetrano model has a dual ECO mode to manage each boiler separately. You can operate the machine at 15 or 20 amps to speed up heating and recovery times as needed.

What cons did we find?

  • Areas for improvement are the brew and steam boilers could be larger but it’s a trade-off when you want a high-end machine suited to use in a residential kitchen. The stock portafilters supplied with this machine were OK but they should be better quality at this price point.

Quick Mill Achille Lever Best Capacity

  • Boiler: single, 4.5 L
  • Reservoir capacity: 3 L
  • Pump: rotary
  • Dimensions: 31 x 14 x 20 in
  • Wattage: 1400 W

Other features: professional lever group, 4,5 lt. copper boiler with electronic niveau fill probe, stainless steel anti-burn steam and water nozzle

This is a large machine with a 31” lever and an overall weight of 88 lb! It certainly has an authentic traditional aesthetic appeal with polished stainless steel mirror finish. The large 3L top loading water reservoir is generous and easy to access. The boiler is made with copper which speeds up the heating times dramatically.

If you’re a power drinker, you’re going to appreciate the large water reservoir. This is a machine for people with plenty of free space in their kitchen and a desire to truly get to grips with an advanced machine. If you find a dedicated area for your machine you can add a dedicated water line to make the brewing even easier.

What makes it stand out?

  • What we liked most about this machine is the beautiful appearance that is sure to enhance virtually any kitchen. This machine will make multiple cups of coffee throughout the day with no complaints which we appreciated. The knob, gauges and levers are all easy to read and ergonomically placed for maximum convenience. The operation is super quiet and it’s a fun machine to use every day.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • This machine could be improved with the addition of a dedicated coffee grinder. If you’re looking for a beans to brew machine this is not the ideal choice. The water reservoir lacks a dedicated filter which some people want in their high-end coffee machines. A built-in filter can prevent some scaling issues, but many people use distilled water in their machines which is less of a problem.

Quick Mill QM 67 Evo Smallest Footprint

  • Boiler: double, 1/0.75 L
  • Reservoir capacity: 3 L
  • Pump: vibration
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 17 in
  • Wattage: 1100/600 W

Other features: electronic PID temperature control, New LED Lights, hinged cover, water drain

This is a shiny stainless-steel unit with classic lines that look great in any kitchen. This is a smaller machine than the Vetrano 2B Evo and yet it still features the PID, E61 group head, the dual boilers and a handy built.in shot timer. The components are brass to reduce metal leaching in your coffee drinks.

This is an ideal coffee machine for people that have a little less space and still want a high-quality semi-automatic way to make great coffee drinks. People that have researched Quick Mill machines in-depth may be familiar with the word “Ulka”. This is the name of the 52-watt vibratory pump used on this and more expensive machines. This pump is ultra-quiet and yet it produces more pressure which is a great feature to have in a more affordable machine.

Why are we impressed?

  • There are many Quick Mill QM 67 Evo features that we liked, the dual boiler temperature is easy to control and the rebound time between the shots is minimal. When we raised or lowered the temperature, it was simple to smoothen the shots to our liking. Making accurate adjustments on some machines can be hard but the PID makes 1º adjustments a breeze.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The QM 57 is not perfect, the lack of a rotary grade pump feels like a compromise but adding this component would push the price over the $2,000 mark. This machine does not come with a grinder and you will need a good unit to get the best grind.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium EvoPremium Finish

  • Boiler: heat exchanger, 1.80 L
  • Reservoir capacity: 3 L
  • Pump: vibratory
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 17 in
  • Wattage: 1400 W

Other features: automatic pump refilling, new manometer, solenoid sensor for water lack

This is one of the more popular coffee machines in the sub $2k price bracket. It has a brass coated 1.8L boiler which is heated with a 1400-watt element. The water is heated quickly and the recovery time between shots is excellent. Quick Mill has included an automatic pre-infusion system to ensure you get the best extraction. This machine uses the E61 brew group to ensure that you achieve stable temperatures.

The Andreja is an ideal fit for coffee lovers that want a high-quality machine at an affordable price. This machine has the 52-watt Ulka vibration pump we mentioned earlier which is one of the best pumps of this kind on the market today. This is a cheaper option than a double boiler machine with an efficient workflow.

What are its best features?

  • What we liked about this machine is the addition of metal ends on the Ulka vibratory pump. Unlike units with cheaper plastic ends, this model has superior thermal protection which should improve the lifespan. The Ulka also has a built-in pulsar which makes the machine around 25% quieter than competing models.

What could be improved?

  • This coffee machine could be improved with the addition of PID temperature controls. Although this is common with machines that use heat exchangers, it does necessitate the use of a cooling flush to control the temperature. This machine may be too large or expensive for some users, but the Quick Mill Anita is pretty much the same unit with a smaller boiler and less expensive price tag.

Quick Mill Alexia EvoBest Value

  • Boiler: single, 0.75 L
  • Reservoir capacity: 3 L
  • Pump: vibratory
  • Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 17 in
  • Wattage: 1400 W

Other features: 2-hole steam tip, stainless steel backflush disc, single and double spouted portafilters

The Alexia Evo is a coffee machine for budget conscious users that want a unit with a smaller footprint. This machine has the same 0.75L brewing boiler and PID temperature controls found on the more expensive QM67. Other key features include: a built-in shot timer, the E61 brew group and a lower price tag.

This is the ideal machine for people that want to make high-quality coffee at home. If you like to drink Americanos and espresso, you will find all the functionality you need with this coffee machine. A fully articulated steam wand is included to make milky drinks but it can take a little longer to get the perfect microfoam.

What stands out?

  • What we really like about this coffee machine was the relatively low price for a unit with this feature set and that’s why it’s our bargain pick. If you’re not interested in making cappuccinos and lattes often, you can save a lot of money with a well designed single boiler machine like the Alexia Evo. This machine weighs in at 38 lbs, but the relatively small dimensions make it a viable option for smaller kitchens.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • This machine would be better if you could steam milk at the same time. If you love lattes and other milky coffee drinks, you may become frustrated with this single boiler machine quickly. This is a minor quibble considering the price, but investing in one of the other upgraded models makes more sense if you want to steam a lot of milk.

Things to Consider

Most people are aware that it can get pretty expensive to keep buying coffee at a local coffee shop. With an average price of $2.70 Trusted Source Americans Pay an Average $2.70 for Coffee, While Tipping 20 Percent Enjoying a cup of coffee is a daily, revitalizing ritual for many Americans – but amid the rush of waiting in line at bistros and cafes one might wonder how much they should tip or whether they are being overcharged. www.usnews.com per cup, it is easy to see how the coffee shop industry is predicted to reach $200 billion over the next decade. So, it makes sense to consider having an espresso machine at home. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be tricky to choose the right one. Here we’ve compiled a buying guide to help you make your purchase decision.

Why Go for Quick Mill?

5 Best Quick Mill Espresso Machines - Great Prosumer Models from a Reliable Brand!

For their coffee machines, Quick Mill uses such high quality materials as brass, copper and stainless steel

Despite the English moniker, Quick Mill is actually an Italian brand and the company was formed in 1945 as the post WWII period of regrowth in Europe began. All Quick Mill products are made in Senago which is a Milan commune in the Lombardy region of Italy. Quick Mill is a highly regarded brand with a solid reputation for performance and reliability. Every stage of the manufacturing process takes part in-house and each machine is assembled by hand- Quick Mill uses high quality materials, such as: brass, copper and stainless steel to make their coffee machines and grinders. Their coffee machines are never clad in painted or coated steel because those surfaces can be prone to corrosion. In fact, the motto of Quick Mill is “Made to Last for Years” and they make a wide variety of coffee machines, including: espresso, traditional, semi-automatic, automatic and commercial.

How to Pick the Best Quick Mill Espresso Machine

With so many Quick Mill espresso machines in the manufacturer line, it can feel a little overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. So, here are some features to consider to narrow down your options.


If you enjoy cappuccinos and mocha drinks where the espresso affects the flavor it’s likely that you will be happy with the results from most Quick Mill machines. However, espresso purists can be very particular about their shots because the flavor is at the heart of every shot.

As you become more familiar with making espresso at home you may want to explore the possibilities in more depth. There are a few things to consider and the choices you make can have a dramatic effect on the flavors of your espresso. First, the more boilers a coffee machine has, the better it is to make good espresso. An espresso machine that utilizes steam pressure is less desirable and a steadily maintained temperature is essential. To start, we recommend a mid-range machine to begin your journey or if you just want espresso a basic machine should suit your needs.

Materials and Design

A high-end coffee machine represents a significant investment and lower grade materials can compromise the taste of your coffee and the longevity of the unit. Highly complex automatic models tend to need more maintenance and repairs than manual espresso machines that have fewer parts. All Quick Mill coffee machines are built to last with high-quality materials.

Heating System and Boilers

5 Best Quick Mill Espresso Machines - Great Prosumer Models from a Reliable Brand!

You can find three boiler setups on Quick Mill machines: single boiler, double boiler, and heat exchange system

One of the more important choices to make when you purchase a prosumer espresso machine is the boiler setup. There are three types to choose, they are:

The Single Boiler

This is a smaller and less expensive option because you use the same boiler unit for both brewing and steaming. The main drawback is that you cannot do both at the same time. But, a single boiler is a viable option if you don’t care about milky espresso drinks.

The Double Boiler

This is a larger and more expensive boiler that can make your coffee and steam the milk at the same time. This is a more efficient way to make milky coffee drinks and the machines that use these boilers tend to have excellent temperature control features. If you really love lots of different types of coffee flavors and styles the double boiler is a must have feature.

The Heat Exchange System

This system also allows the user to make coffee and steam milk at the same time. But, they don’t have the fine temperature control as a double boiler which can be a turn off for coffee flavor purists. On the plus side, these machines are more affordable and typically have a smaller footprint.

There is one final system known as thermoblock Trusted Source Thermoblocks Vs. Thermocoils | Make Coffee You Love! Several years ago we offered a description of thermoblock espresso machine heating elements. You can find that post here! Thermoblocks… www.seattlecoffeegear.com , which is usually found on cheaper espresso models. The steam or brew water is passed through a superheated thermoblock which is small, inexpensive and they heat up fast.


Quick Mill coffee machines have a rotary or vibratory pump to create the correct pressure. Rotary pumps are found on premium machines, they are quieter, you can plumb them into a water line and they cost more. Vibratory pumps are smaller and less expensive but they are louder when you make coffee. Some coffee experts actually prefer a vibratory pump because the slow buildup of pressure creates a pre-infusion that makes great espresso!


Obviously, if you want to make multiple cups of coffee at the same time, you need a larger capacity. This is less of an issue if you go with a prosumer machine that’s connected to your water line. Before you invest in a larger machine measure the dimensions of the space where you want to install it. There are some machines, like the Quick Mill QM 67 Evo that manage the balance between a decent size boiler and reservoir with a smaller footprint.


If you just want an automated machine to make your coffee that is certainly an option. If you want a coffee machine that’s semi-automatic or manual, there is a learning curve to consider. All Quick Mill coffee machines have well designed controls to help you get the best coffee making experience at home.

Milk Steaming

5 Best Quick Mill Espresso Machines - Great Prosumer Models from a Reliable Brand!

For your convenience, some of Quick Mill machines come with built-in steam wands

If you want to make a lot of coffee drinks with steamed milk, you really need a dedicated steamer. Some machines come with a steaming wand, like the Alexia Evo but you cannot beat the real thing.

Dimension and Weight

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, it’s important to consider the size and weight of your prospective coffee machine. Some larger units have useful features or they can make a pair of espresso shots at the same time. For many coffee enthusiasts, the larger size and weight of a more flexible machine are worth it.

Ease of Maintenance

Generally speaking, the more complex the machine, the longer it takes to clean it. Understanding the cleaning and maintenance required in advance makes good sense.


Some coffee machines do one thing very well and others justify a higher price tag with extra features. A Quick Mill coffee machine may cost more than other brands, but the extra durability and longer lifespan are worth the additional investment. If you only want good espresso, a single boiler model with no milk steaming capability will lower the price significantly.

Do your research: the features you need will narrow your options and you will find a number of Quick Mill coffee machines to meet your needs.


Most prosumer espresso machines are supplied with a warranty that should demonstrate their confidence in that product. If you are unsure, check online reviews to find out how the company deals with unexpected problems.


Quick Mill is based in the Lombardy region of Italy, which is also home to its manufacturing facility.

Each machine is supplied with a set of instructions to learn how to make a great espresso shot. Generally, you will need to fill the reservoir with water. When you want to make a shot, load your grounds and select the appropriate setting. The water will then pass into the boiler to heat and pass the steam through to create your shot.

Our Verdict

As we have demonstrated in this review, there are plenty of excellent machines in the Quick Mill product line. From the petite Quick Mill QM 67 Evo, which not only looks great but is easy to use to the larger Quick Mill Achille Lever, which has the capacity to keep coffee enthusiasts fueled up all day, there are some superb options. However, the stand out pick as the best Quick Mill Espresso Machine has to be our editor’s choice, the Vetrano 2B Evo.

This is a premium grade machine that makes it easy to monitor temperatures to make high quality drinks. It also has a quiet rotary pump, so you won’t wake up the entire house if you like to get in an early morning espresso shot. In addition to this superb functionality, it is also a gorgeous machine that would look great on any kitchen countertop.


Americans Pay an Average $2.70 for Coffee, While Tipping 20 Percent
Enjoying a cup of coffee is a daily, revitalizing ritual for many Americans – but amid the rush of waiting in line at bistros and cafes one might wonder how much they should tip or whether they are being overcharged.
Thermoblocks Vs. Thermocoils | Make Coffee You Love!
Several years ago we offered a description of thermoblock espresso machine heating elements. You can find that post here! Thermoblocks…
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