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Last updated: November 26, 2021

Rok Espresso Maker Review – What Can It Do Apart from Looking Stylish?

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Last updated: November 26, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Creating a good crema and more
  • Making delicious coffee
  • If you need customer service
  • Quality hand press with great results
  • Small size for easy storage
  • No pump assembly that can fail
  • Easy to use
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  • Warranty 9.2
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you have been considering an espresso maker for your at-home cooking and creation needs, then this Rok Espresso Maker review is the right place for you to start your search. Espresso makers are not all created equal, and you will love being able to gain access to a quality espresso machine right out of the gate without a lot of guesswork. Many people love espresso, but they are not sure how to find the right machine for their at-home espresso creation needs.

If you have been looking for a machine that is small and yet competent, this is the right machine for your needs. One of the added benefits of this machine is that it is not electronic and it is not oversized and unwieldy. No more machines that take you your whole counter when you have this product on your side!

Being able to cut the ties with your large and bulky electronic machine can be freeing. You can take this smaller device with you on camping trips, when you travel, or even to the office. Hand press designs are easy to use in any environment, and this means that coffee can go with you to any location that you want to bring it along for the ride. Being able to have your espresso each morning, even if you are camping or staying away from home, can keep your routine on track no matter what. If you are ready to learn more about this espresso machine, read this Rok Espresso Maker review for all the details about this product.


Complete with
Portafilter, coffee spoon or tamper, clip-on double adapter
Cast aluminum, steel, and glass-composite
14 x 14 x 14 inches
7.12 lbs.
Ten years warranty on metal parts

Rok Espresso Maker Review

This is a really delightful machine that offers all the best functionality without having Trusted Source How To Make Coffee : NPR There’s something utilitarian about a cup of coffee. You wake up, you make it, pour it down your throat, and feel a little closer to taking on the day. Which is fine, but maybe a little joyless? Especially for something you do every day. But, with just a few simple steps, coffee can go from something you use to something you enjoy. to be a huge and clunky electronic espresso machine. After all, you do not work at a coffee shop, and there is no reason that you should need a massive and imposing machine to make great espresso.

You can get a lot of machines that will just make you coffee or coffee grounds, but this is the right product to invest in if you love a quality cup of espresso. There is no better simple machine that offers this much ease of use, and you will love that there are no electronic parts and machine warm-up waiting times either.

This product is made with quality parts and does not need to be plugged in to use it. You might have a small learning curve to get used to the right way to use it, but it will hold up to your demands and create the right quality coffee experience on a daily basis. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, this is the right espresso machine for your needs.
Rok Espresso Maker Review - What Can It Do Apart from Looking Stylish?

Overall performance and functions

This easy-to-use machine offers up simple functionality, reliability, and a reduction of dependency on electricity or other items that might hinder your ability to get coffee Trusted Source Coffee may reduce risk of death from stroke and heart disease - CNN Among people with no diagnosis of heart disease, regular coffee consumption of 0.5 to 3 cups of coffee a day was associated with a decreased risk of death from heart disease, stroke and early death from any cause when compared to non-coffee drinkers. The study, presented Friday at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, examined the coffee drinking behavior of over 468,000 people who participate in the UK Biobank Study, which houses in-depth genetic and health information on more than a half a million Brits. in the morning. Many people struggle with breakdowns with their electronic machines, but you can avoid all of this by using the ROK machine for your espresso creation needs.

Whether you are making espresso for a recipe or using it for your daily coffee creation process, this is a great investment toward that goal. This is a small and easy-to-store product that can also come along with you on some trips and is sold at a great price. You will never need an electric machine again after you have this little beauty in your hands.


Easy to use and simple to care for, the design of this machine is second-to-none. Being freed from the process of using an electric machine means that you will never have to worry if your espresso machine is working correctly, and you will be able to count on it no matter when you want to use it.

The design of this carefully crafted item can help you to enjoy delicious espresso no matter what time of day you want it, and being a hand press makes it that much more reliable. Despite some reports of the seal being bad, there are quality warranties on the components that you can exercise if you want to be able to get this part replaced.

Size and weight

This is a very small machine at 7.12 pounds, and you will find that it is very easy to store and keep out of the way. This is not often the case with espresso machines, as they tend to be large and quite bulky. Since this is a hand press, you will not have to plug it in either, which greatly increases the ways and means that you can use this item for your coffee creations.

This is a really easy-to-use item that fits neatly into your kitchen and takes care of all of your espresso creation needs with ease. There are not many other items on the market that are so small and readily accessed when you need espresso.


The parts of this machine are plastic and metal, and there is an included coffee scooper as well as a milk frother and extra gaskets water chamber. These parts are all made with an eye to detail and care for the needs of those who make espresso on a daily basis. You will never have to wonder if this unit will hold up to daily use, and there are few espresso machines that are made so simply and with so few parts.

Being able to use a machine that does not need much in the way of support or warranty recalls is really refreshing, and these machines are made with quality and simple parts that hold up to lots of use. Imagine being able to count on your large electronic machine for this kind of functionality. There is no way that you could say for sure that your finicky electronic machine would hold up to this promise.

Ease of use

There is little skill that is needed to use this hand press with ease. When compared with complex and difficult-to-understand espresso machines full of buttons and gadgets, this is the right choice. If you want to have a simple espresso creation process each day, this is the right machine for you to choose for your needs. There is no better model for simple construction and ease of use anywhere else.

You do not need to have been a barista in a former life to use this espresso machine with ease. There is nothing easier than using this little tool to make great coffee for any kind of need. Whether you are making espresso for your favorite dessert, making your own version of your favorite barista-created drinks, or having espresso on a daily basis by itself, you will have purchased the right tool for these needs when you buy this device.


Maintenance on this item is really simple. Most of what you need to do for maintenance is to clean the parts before your next use. Make sure that you hand wash each part of the best user experience and increased durability. Keeping this tool clean and ready for its next task will help to extend its life beyond the minimum that could be expected for its genre of the tool.

Since there are no electronic parts, this machine is far less finicky and difficult to care for than other espresso machines on the market. You will love how simple it is to provide maintenance to this item. If you have a broken part, there is a simple process to replace it, and you will not have to invite repairmen into your home for warranty repairs.

Durability and warranty

The warranty on this product is excellent, and you will love how durable it is. Since there are no electronic parts, this is a very simple item to care for, and you will never run into issues with the overall durability or function of the press. If something breaks, you can make a claim while it is in warranty, and you will be sent a replacement part. This machine holds up easily to daily use for all kinds of espresso needs.

Price tag

Espresso machines are never cheap, but this hand press is really affordable when compared to other machines that do the same thing. You might spend hundreds of dollars on an espresso machine that has lots of electric parts, but this little machine is $189 from sites like Amazon.

This makes it easy to justify cost-wise, and the quality espresso that it creates will make it easy to justify the expense. You can always buy huge and expensive electronic machines, but if you are only going to be making a few cups of espresso a week, this might not be a good use of your money. There is no shortage of reasons why an affordable hand press is a better use of your funds when it comes to coffee creation items.

Key features

Rok Espresso Maker Review - What Can It Do Apart from Looking Stylish?
You will get a quality espresso creation process from this item, plus a great warranty and an even better user experience. There is nothing as easy as making espresso with this machine, and you will be so glad to be freed of the difficulties of using an electronic machine for your espresso-making needs.

This is a small unit that stores readily and is durable enough for daily use as well.

If you are looking to replace our electronic machine or are tired of having to use a big and cumbersome machine to make your favorite coffees, this is the right choice to make. With a good warranty and its easy-to-use design, this machine will take care of all of your espresso creation needs and more.

Here are the pros and cons of this unit if you are considering picking it up to replace your large and unwieldy electronic machine or if you want a small device that you could even travel with as you wish.

Lightweight and easy to store

Small and simple to use

Creates quality espresso with ease

Great warranty

Good customer service

Quality parts

Added frother and other included accessories

Not as expensive are large electronic machines

Seal can fail

It can take a bit of practice to learn to use it

Might burn yourself if the seal has broken

Does not offer all the functions of an electronic machine


If you are tired of being stuck with a huge electronic machine that has to be drug around the kitchen for espresso creation, this is the right-hand press for your needs. Made of quality materials and designed to hold up to daily use, this is the perfect little espresso machine for your needs. If you want to create your favorite espresso-based recipes or offer a little finisher for your party to your friends, this little device will take care of your needs with ease.

Imagine an espresso machine that you can store with ease. That is the benefit of this little gem. You will get all the quality construction of a big electronic machine without the added complexity and the large size. Storage is not an issue, and neither is functionality when you pick this espresso machine for your needs. If you are ready to be freed of large and cumbersome electronic machines, this is the right choice for you to make to break free of the bonds of electronic machines as a whole.


How To Make Coffee : NPR
Coffee may reduce risk of death from stroke and heart disease - CNN
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