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Secrets to Making Great Coffee

According to research on the internet, "...globally, people consume more than 330 million cups of coffee a day? After water and pop drinks, coffee has toppled tea to become the third favorite beverage of the world."

Coffee has remained one of the most appreciated beverages of all times. Its sinfully intoxicating taste and tantalizing aroma is sufficiently copious to take your spirits to the highest levels.

Coffee does not bar your wishes by specifying any time limits, for it can be drunk any time, at any place. All you need to have is a coffee break! Thus it forms a drink for all occasions.

There are over 40 different types of coffee plants, of which 'Arabica' and 'Coffee Robusta' form the most popular varieties. The Arabica coffee beans are considered to be superior in quality than Robusta, a reason why Robusta is used chiefly for mass production.

Further, among the several methods of preparing the coffee, an espresso shot is the most popular. It is prepared by forcing the steam from boiling water through finely gained coffee. Because of this, it has a brewing time much shorter than normal coffee brewing.

Now that you are acquainted with the basics of coffee, here are a few simple tips to give that simple homemade coffee an invigorating taste with that professional look and taste.

1. Always use cold water to brew coffee as it adds to a fresher and richer taste.

2. Avoid using soft waters (regular tap water and distilled water) while preparing your cup of coffee; rather use water from purifiers or bottled spring water available with the local grocer.

3. Always clean your espresso machine thoroughly before putting it to use. Also check your cups, mugs, filters and brewers for any dirt or contaminated oils and grinds that tend to build up over the time.

4. Making your black coffee creamier: Generally, black coffee is preferred more than any other type. However you can give it a richer look by giving it an espresso shot to form a golden brown layer known as crema.

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