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Last updated: December 29, 2021

Shardor Coffee Grinder Review

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Last updated: December 29, 2021
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Casual coffee drinkers looking for a simple grinder to help their homebrew
  • Users who are looking for versatility in the function of their grinder
  • Newbies to the coffee brewing game
  • Helps to maintain the aroma
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The manufacturers of this coffee grinder, Shardor, has always specialized in the production of kitchen appliances, and their experience in developing durable, multipurpose items is borne out like this Shardor coffee grinder. The grinder was designed for grinding spices and other products apart from coffee, and, as such, there are provisions for both wet and dry grinding. This Shardor coffee grinder review would be looking at how the design and accessories of the machine facilitate its functions.


Grinding mechanism
Stainless steel blades
70 g
Safety features
Seal ring; Safe locking
2 in 1 spoon and brush

Shardor coffee grinder review

The Shardor coffee grinder is an electric blade coffee grinder. However, professionals support claims that blade grinders are less effective, especially when compared to burr grinders.

There could be many reasons for this. For starters, the product is not a highly sophisticated coffee grinder and provided customers buy with a good understanding of their needs, and they have very little reason to be unimpressed with its work.

Overall performance and functions

Generally speaking, customers and buyers of the Shardor coffee grinder have been mostly pleased with its performance. The majority of complaints about the product’s effectiveness have to do with its ability to grind nuts and other products harder than coffee beans. Though, it is likely that the inability to grind said produce properly could be due to users not allowing the grinder to run for a sufficient enough time.

The wide functionality of the machine should, however, negate or make up for the flaws. This is because the Shardor coffee grinder was designed not just for coffee and other dry substances but also for the grinding of wet and slightly wet products.


When it comes to controls, the Shardor coffee grinder is very simple. This is due to the absence of multiple grind settings or other sophisticated grinding features. All you need to do to get the machine working is fill in the quantity of coffee you want to be grinding, lock in the grinding cup, seal the cup and start grinding until you attain the level; of fineness you want.

Grinding mechanism

The grinding mechanism utilized in the Shardor coffee grinder is blades. This mechanism is not as effective compared to the more acclaimed burr grinders. However, the Shardor coffee grinder has been earning rave reviews for its activity.

The problem with blade grinders, according to professionals, is that they lead to inconsistencies in the particle sizes of the grind. Some of them would come out fine, while others might come out larger or in chunks. This would then subsequently mean that the finer ones could be over-extracted while the larger chunks stay under-extracted.

The real problem in the differing extractions would then be borne in the taste of the coffee brew. As such, depending on the particle distribution in every batch, the ground coffee you obtain could have varying tastes and flavors every time despite being made from the same beans.

This effect may matter very little if you fall into the class of casual drinkers who are not into the whole premium bean, high-end brew craze, and this coffee grinder should be just enough for you.

Also, the grinding mechanism might not be very suitable for coffee, but it has one advantage over burr grinders; it is more suitable than the burrs for grinding other products.

Shardor Coffee Grinder ReviewCapacity

The Shardor coffee grinder is not a very big appliance, but it has a large grinding capacity. The grinding capacity of the cups used with the machine is about 70g. This would mean that per grinding operation, you should be able to obtain enough ground coffee for five to seven cups. The grinding cup has a max line that indicates the maximum grinding capacity.

The lid of the grinding cup is also made to be transparent so that you can check on the state of the beans and stop the appliance when you are satisfied. This is because the grinder has no timer or inbuilt mechanism/setting that determines when to stop based on fineness or quantity.

With more experience, though, it might be unnecessary to manually check the fineness of whatever you’re grinding, as you should have an idea of how much time it takes to get the fineness you want.

Safety features

The Shardor coffee grinder has two main safety features; one is the seal ring that presses down on the rim of the grinding cup and prevents powder from flying out, and the other is the safe lock that keeps the grinding cup in place.

In line with the general simplicity of the machine, these features are quite easy to activate. The grinding cup has to be turned in the anticlockwise direction to remove it and in the clockwise direction to lock it in. On the other hand, the seal ring activates once the lid is placed and pressed downward.


This machine utilizes a 200W motor. This is quite powerful for a machine of its size, and while the power helps with the grinding efficiency, the energy consumption is a little high compared to other grinders of this size. It could also contribute to a potential noise problem. The power rating of the appliance is, however, not far off from those of similar build.


The Shardor coffee grinder comes along with two grinding cups. One of these is a 2-blade cup that is used for dry grinding (including that of coffee beans) and a 4-blade cup that is used for wet grinding. The different cups reduce the likelihood of contamination during grinding, and the cups enhance the effectiveness of the grinding process in both cases.

The grinder also comes with a spoon and brush combo tool. The spoon end of the tool could be used for scooping beans in or scooping powder out of the grinding cup, while the brush would aid the wiping and cleaning of the blades.

Shardor Coffee Grinder ReviewDurability and warranty

The removable parts of this machine are all made from durable materials, and the same goes for the irremovable blades. The stainless steel blades are sharp and powerful. The durability of this appliance could be ensured by using the grinding cups for their appropriate processes alone. Also, it would help to disassemble the parts regularly for cleaning. Inquiries about warranty policies should be made by the manufacturer.

Price tag

The Shardor coffee grinder is quite cheap, and this is to be expected due to its lack of sophisticated functions. The durability and stylish nature of the machine, however, make it a good bargain. The fact that you would be getting a spice grinder and coffee grinder for the price also helps its bargain value. It could be purchased from online retailers within a price range of $35-$50, depending on which retailer is used.

Key features

Other than the grinding mechanism, the safety features of the Shardor coffee grinder are the other noteworthy features. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws, though. The pros and cons of owning this appliance are listed below.

Pros Cons
It is simple to use It doesn’t have grind settings
It is easy to clean It doesn’t have a timer
It is designed to be sturdy and durable It utilizes a blade grinding mechanism
It could be used in grinding herbs and spices as well It could lead to inconsistent grind quality
It is a very effective spice grinder It is noisy


The Shardor coffee grinder is not a premium coffee grinder, and it is not particularly appropriate for committed coffee lovers. However, it offers flexibility in function as it could also serve as a spice or herb grinder. As such, while I do not recommend this grinder for use in commercial settings or the homes of serious coffee drinkers, this Shardor coffee grinder review does conclude that it would be very suitable for casual drinkers who would love to have a versatile grinder in their kitchen.

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