The Strongest Coffee In The World — Get Ready for a Burst of Energy

We surveyed the beverage industry, with a special focus on the strongest coffee brands on the market. Based on our survey, we have created a list of these products, ranking our favorites.
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Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Coffee Statistics is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

“Coffee” is definitely one of the most frequently said words every morning, which signifies how important it is to many people around the world. But what makes it so important, and what makes a coffee brand favorable over the other?

Our review for all the coffee brands has been conducted by taking different factors into consideration. We selected a group of coffee products generally regarded as the strongest on the market, then we analyzed different aspects of these products, resulting in a comprehensive review and ranking of the products. Part of the factors considered in our analysis includes the amount of caffeine in each product, the coffee’s roast, the taste, and the aftertaste. We have also surveyed general reviews from purchasers of these products online, aggregating both the positive and negative customer reviews in reaching our own relevant conclusions.


Black LabelEditor's Choice

  • Amount of caffeine: 1555 mg/12oz mug
  • Available formats: whole bean, ground, k cup
  • Types of beans: undisclosed
  • Roast: dark roast
  • Aftertaste: Smooth, non-bitter flavor

The “Black Label” Coffee is a brand from the devil mountain coffee company. It is the highly caffeinated version of all the company’s coffee brands. It is produced out of a combination of the world’s strongest and organic bean coffee.

Black label is very highly caffeinated, with 1555 mg contained in each bag. It offers a unique blend of dark roast with a smooth texture, a rich taste, and a non-bitter aftertaste.  When a large dosage of caffeine is consumed, the coffee is likely to have no taste, and in any case, it leaves no aftertaste.

Why did it make our list?

  • The high level of caffeine contained in the coffee is one major quality that makes it stand out and places it in the position of one of the world’s strongest coffee brands. It is described as having more than twice the level of caffeine in regular coffee. Despite the volume of caffeine, it still leaves no bitter aftertaste. The coffee has also been certified as organic, which confirms its quality.

What is not ideal about it?

  • One thing that could be improved in regards to this product is the taste. While the level of caffeine is generally regarded as high, we feel that the overall taste could be definitely improved. Some customer reviews have also pointed towards the fact that the aftertaste feels bland compared to other products. While it leaves no bitter aftertaste, it still leaves no particular flavor, unlike products like the Guru and Death Wish Coffee brands.

Guru Coffee CompanyBest Specialty Coffee

  • Amount of caffeine:  620 mg/12oz mug
  • Available formats: whole bean, ground
  • Types of beans: Brazilian and Colombian blend
  • Roast: medium roast
  • Aftertaste: vanilla / pumpkin / caramel

The product is a medium roast ground coffee with a deliciously invigorating taste. It has a bold, smooth flavor and is Handcrafted, with ingredients from Brazil and Colombia. It is also highly caffeinated, serving as a suitable element to kick start your morning.

The product comes in different flavors, creating a variety for different customers to select according to their preferences. The manufacturers have also described their products as “specialty coffee” due to the careful attention to details put into the process of making them. The company prioritizes the quality of their coffee over quantity, unlike commercial coffee products.

Why are we impressed?

  • The special nature of the products is one thing that really caught our attention. This reflects in its taste, its low acidic level, and its high level of caffeine. Moreover, its careful selection of beans and the special process used in manufacturing signify the uniqueness of this product. The organic nature of its production process reflects the richness of its taste, which has attracted and kept most consumers so far.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • If there is one thing we hope could be done better by the company, it is the quantity of coffees made, both per bag, and the number of bags. Considering the generally positive reviews by customers online, the product and the company would only increase their customer base by increasing the number of bags produced. The general amount of caffeine in the products could also be raised in order to appeal to a part of the market mainly interested in products that are high in caffeine.

Death Wish CoffeeBiggest Variety

  • Amount of caffeine: 728 mg/12oz mug
  • Available formats: whole bean, ground, instant, k cup, canned cold brew
  • Types of beans: Indian and Peruvian blend
  • Roast: dark roast
  • Aftertaste: cherry & dark chocolate

Death Wish Coffee has been noted to have twice the level of caffeine of the average coffee without having a bitter or acidic taste. The Death Wish Coffee is a dark roast coffee made from the unique Robusta and Arabica beans regarded as the world’s strongest coffee by its manufacturers. It is a reliable product with a bold flavor.

The product comes in different formats, including the whole bean, ground, instant, K-Cup, and canned cold brew, leaving a wide range of options depending on your preference. Overall, the death wish coffee tastes smooth, and its flavors do not have bitter tastes or aftertaste. It is 100% natural, thereby offering a genuine strong quality coffee experience.

What makes it stand out?

  • Generally, we like the natural quality of the product. The fact that it has been made from natural Arabica and Robusta beans speaks to its originality in taste and its potency in effect. Its subtle flavors of chocolate and cherry, when consumed, without leaving bitter aftertastes, are also an attractive product quality. Finally, its availability in different formats also appeals to a wider range of consumers, and of course, its high level of caffeine.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • However, we have highlighted a few features of the products which could be improved upon. Many buyers have complained as to its price, compared to other high-end coffee products. Also, regardless of its great taste, the product has been noted not to have that good of a smell once the bag gets opened. Finally, against the assertions of its manufacturers, many consumers have also noted its caffeine level not to be as strong as expected.
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The Red GoatScientifically Tested

  • Amount of caffeine: 1350 mg/12oz mug
  • Available formats: whole bean, ground, k cup
  • Types of beans: Brazil, Columbia, and Vietnam.
  • Roast: dark roast
  • Aftertaste: smooth and fresh

The Red Goat Coffee is a brand high in caffeine and available in different formats, including whole bean, k cup, and ground. It is produced out of Brazilian, Vietnamese, and Colombian beans.

The Red Goat Coffee brand, just like many others, claims to be the world’s strongest coffee. However, this brand has proven the true level of caffeine it contains after formal testing was conducted at Maxxaam Laboratories. The 1350mg of caffeine was confirmed to be the precise amount, which indeed makes the product one of the strongest coffee products in the world.

Why is it special?

  • The red goat coffee has proven itself to be indeed one of the world's strongest coffee, and that is, in fact, one quality that we like about it. In addition, its genuine quality and its availability in different formats also make it a pleasant product to promote and to consume. The efforts of its producers to make it as original as possible also reflects in the different types of beans used in its manufacturing from different parts of the world. Finally, the smooth and fresh aftertaste it leaves also makes it an admirable product by the market.

What are the flaws?

  • One area where the product could be better is the immediate taste felt upon consuming. While reviewing Red Goat coffee, we have commented on the taste to be somewhat ordinary compared to other products such as the Death Wish Coffee. In addition, the amount of coffee contained in one bag has also been stated to be way less than the market size of the bag, which does not speak well to many consumers.

Coffee SINBest for Athletes

  • Amount of caffeine: 928 mg/12oz mug
  • Available formats: ground
  • Types of beans: Ethiopia, Sumatra, Brazil, India, Colombia
  • Roast: dark roast
  • Aftertaste: smoky chocolate

The Coffee SIN is described by its manufacturers and many consumers as the performance coffee. The product mainly comes in the ground format and is also high in caffeine level. The beans used in this production are those from Ethiopia, Brazil, India, and Colombia. It is a dark roast coffee that leaves a smoky chocolate aftertaste. Besides being called the “world’s strongest coffee” by its producers, many consumers have attested its ability to keep one going for the day, once consumed in the morning.

The product also comes in a convenient 17.06 ground vacuumed pack, making it easy to preserve, as it can be stored for a long time. The ground which the product comes in makes it specifically suitable for French press for over and American drip coffee makers.

What makes it special?

  • Based on a general review, the product is said to have an effect on the general performance of an individual in a day. This attests to the product's level of caffeine, which seems to be sufficient. After trying SIN Coffee, we have stated that rich taste and a smoky chocolate aftertaste are also notable positive qualities. The beans used in producing this coffee also come from a wider range of locations than other products, which signifies the care and detail put into its production.

What cons did we find?

  • One of the things that serve as a limitation to the general makeup of this product is its availability in just one format. While this could be seen as a way to win a specific part of the market, it also limits the product by preventing many other consumers who prefer other formats from selecting Coffee SIN as their preferred coffee. In addition, the products have also been reviewed by certain consumers as they do not have enough caffeine compared to other products.

Things to Consider

The Strongest Coffee In The World — Get Ready for a Burst of Energy

The products being reviewed in this article are as follows: Death Wish Coffee, Guru Coffee Company, Black Label, The Red Goat, and Coffee SIN.
All of these products belong to a group of coffee products usually described as the world’s strongest coffee, either by the manufacturers, consumers, or both. Among the general elements, they have in common are the high level of caffeine in each of the products, the genuine types of beans used in producing them, the dark roast feature in each of these products, and the smooth aftertaste after consumption. The products are reasonably popular among consumers in many countries and are available on various e-commerce platforms as well as in physical stores.
This segment addresses different issues related to the purchase and consumption of coffee, particularly the products under this review (highly caffeinated coffee products).

Why Would You Need to Drink Highly Caffeinated Coffee?

The manufacture of coffee with the inclusion of a high level of caffeine has its advantages. The first and most obvious is the cost of energy it provides you before you begin to work. Generally, and almost culturally, coffee is taken early in the morning; this is due to the effect caffeine has in providing you with the necessary energy and zeal to begin your day as effectively as you wish to.

Specifically, caffeine also helps in workout sessions. Being physically active by nature, you need the energy to sustain yourself throughout the session. Taking highly caffeinated coffee in the morning positively affects your mood and gives you energy throughout the day. For individuals who prefer to work late nights, drinking highly caffeinated coffee before you commence working provides you with extra energy to keep you up through the night, helping you work effectively. Finally, highly caffeinated coffee also keeps the blood pressure low. Taking on a pile of workload may place a lot of pressure on a person and may affect your blood pressure. Drinking highly caffeinated coffee before commencing work may help to prevent this occurrence considerably.

Are There Any Side Effects To Drinking Lots Of Coffee?

Generally, it is advisable to consume coffee in moderate proportions. Light to moderate intake of caffeine has been proven to improve health in many people noticeably. One of the impressive health benefits includes lowering blood pressure, as stated above. Therefore what is advisable is to take light doses of caffeine to moderate amounts per day.

However, the intake of high doses of caffeine may lead to unwanted and unwarranted side effects. Some of these side effects may end up interfering with the day-to-day living of such persons. The effects will also eventually cause long-term issues for these individuals, health-wise.

Apparently, these effects vary from person to person, depending on how much caffeine is consumed and the person’s tolerance level. Regardless, the general advice is not to engage in a great intake of highly caffeinated coffee on a frequency level, as this has been seen to have side effects in the long run eventually. Coffee consumers should therefore try to consume a level of caffeine that does not negatively affect their health. You can achieve this by conducting an accurate and detailed assessment of your sleep patterns, as well as your general energy levels per day. You should also watch out for any reactions that seem unusual. One definite remedy is to reduce your general intake of caffeine to prevent these side effects.

Features to Consider Before You Buy Coffee

The Strongest Coffee In The World — Get Ready for a Burst of Energy

People are generally different and have individual peculiarities. These peculiarities motivate them to acquire different types of products, with coffee being no exception. Whether you are a frequent consumer of coffee or otherwise, there are certain aspects of coffee that will personally appeal to you and influence you in purchasing a specific brand. The products under review in this article have similar features as well as other distinctive attributes that set them apart from each other. Whether it is the amount of caffeine, the general taste, the aftertaste, or the available formats for the product, one feature or the other will make the products favorable to you personally over the other. Some of these features will be addressed below.

Available Formats

This is the first thing to be considered before purchasing any coffee brand, simply because different people brew their coffee in different ways. There is no right or wrong when it comes to brewing coffee. Neither there is a method that supersedes the other, nor there is one more unique compared to the others. Even though no method is regarded as the most common way to brew, how you personally prefer to brew your coffee is more important. Your personal brewing preferences should guide your selection based on available formats. For example, the Coffee SIN is available in only the ground format, which means it is only suitable for the French press, Pour Over, and American Drip methods of brewing. Consumers who prefer other methods of brewing should simply purchase other products.

Amount of Caffeine

Considering the fact that practically every product reviewed regards itself as the strongest coffee, the amount of caffeine in a coffee is an important feature to be determined in purchasing a coffee brand.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of caffeine and the existing flavor in coffee products: the less caffeine coffee product has, the more flavor it can provide.

This is why a product like Black Label is more suitable for consumers who generally prefer a high volume of caffeine and place less importance on flavor. However, as stated earlier, an overdose of caffeine may come with side effects. Some of these side effects include trouble breathing, vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, chest pain, convulsion, etc. Therefore, while you consider the amount of caffeine before you purchase, you should moderate your intake after purchase.


Dark roast aids with the long storage period of coffee products, while medium roast may aid more in terms of the product’s flavor but do very little for the product in terms of storage. Therefore, consumers who prefer to have their products over a longer period of time will have to purchase products with a dark roast (which will include the Death Wish coffee and the Black Label from the list of products reviewed). Consumers who prefer flavor will have to opt for products like the Guru Coffee Company, with its medium roast feature.


We all have different preferences in taste and flavor, so it all depends on us. For this particular feature, you may need to taste the coffee once or twice before knowing if it personally appeals to you and feels good on your taste buds.


While there may be no generally preferred way to brew coffee, there are certain ways by which you can bring your coffee to get maximum caffeine from the product. They include the Freshly Grinded (also known as the Turkish Way) brewing method and the French Press (particularly the unfiltered) method. While any message will work as long as it personally suits you, these methods have been known to preserve the most amount of caffeine during brewing.

As stated earlier, taking too much caffeine over an extended period of time may have side effects. For that reason, it is advisable to put a cap on the amount of coffee taken by a person in a day. In order to prevent side effects, including sleep disruptions, heart palpitations, and restlessness, it is advisable to take a maximum of 400 to 600 mg per day for most people: this approximately equates to 4-6 average cups of coffee per day. However, you should keep in mind that caffeine affects people in different ways. Due to genetic differences, the general makeup of individuals differs from person to person, and one may not know how sensitive

they are to caffeine until it has taken effect. This is why it is advisable to stay considerably below the limit and reduce the average intake of caffeine per day.

Like practically anything, abusing coffee will most definitely have its health risks. Coffee abuse is related to taking doses of caffeine that go beyond what an individual can handle in a day or over a period of time. This may lead to effects that are further dangerous to our health in unpredictable ways. Summarily, these effects include dizziness, diarrhea, increased thirst, insomnia, headache, fever, irritability, among others. The more severe effects include a regular or fast heartbeat and uncontrollable muscle movements. Preventing these effects is way more advisable than trying to find remedies to them.

Our Verdict

We have considerably analyzed, reviewed, and tasted five well-known highly caffeinated coffee products based on different criteria, including reviews by consumers, market position, and general features. These products have been manufactured from natural and organic sources, with coffee beans from different parts of the world serving as the origin. Four of the five products have the dark roast feature, and all of the products leave smooth, non-bitter aftertastes, regardless of the flavor.

The black label coffee, which is the editor’s choice in this review, stands out due to its balancing of the different features. It perfectly balances the amount of caffeine, the available formats, the roast, and the aftertaste, which automatically means it will appeal to a wider customer base across different countries. Therefore while the other products may be reliable, we select the Black Label to be the most reliable of the five.

In conclusion, while we recognize the bias that different manufacturers may have towards their products, referring to them as the world’s “strongest coffee”, it is important to remember that selecting a brand of coffee should be ultimately based on how they align with your personal preferences.

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