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Why I Prefer Espresso over Drip

For my normal morning cup of Joe, I settle for two glasses of espresso. The preparation and cleanup of an espresso machine is more time consuming than a drip machine. Despite this aspect, I have integrated the cleanup into my breakfast routine so that the couple of minutes I take to prepare and clean the machine are not noticed.

1. Water content
The main reason I started to consume espresso was that typical coffee contained too much water. I did not enjoy being full of water for the morning part of my day. Four cups of espresso contain the same amount of water as one cup of coffee.

2. Caffeine content
There is not much of a reduction in the amount of caffeine found in one cup of espresso compared to a cup of coffee.

3. Flavor
I love good coffee. Espresso is one way to get the full flavor of the coffee. There is no paper filter to absorb and keep flavorful oils out of the coffee.

4. Warmness
I don't enjoy hot coffee, but I do like to consume coffee fast. This causes a problem while using a drip machine. One doesn't want to remove the carafe until brewing is done (doing so alters the flavor). Because of this, the coffee is very hot and takes time to cool in a coffee cup. Espresso cools much quicker and I can gulp it down when it is done brewing.
If you haven't tried a cup of Espresso, you don't know what you're missing!

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