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What is Coffee-Statistics.com

If you’re a true coffee lover, simply enjoying this rich-flavored drink might not be enough for you. Like with any hobby, this passion may turn into a constant search of coffee-related facts and tips. Our website is what you need in this case. It is a data portal where you can find everything connected to the world of coffee starting from random facts like “What percentage of Americans drink coffee daily?” to in-detail buying guides to help you choose the ideal espresso machine or coffee beans to make the most of it.

Our team




Dominic has long been working as a journalist in several newspapers and magazines. Now he is an essential part of our team who’s responsible for our website content quality.



Expert Consultant

Mary has been dealing with coffee almost all her life long: in her teenage years, she worked as a barista in a number of well-known coffeehouses, later developing her knowledge and skills while studying at the university as well. Several years after graduation, she managed to open her own small coffee bar.




Alex has never been professionally involved into the world of coffee, however he knows much more than any average barista. Being an avid coffee lover, Alex is constantly searching for new tips, tools, and techniques to make his morning cup of java even more perfect.



Content Manager

Madelene is a housewife who successfully combines her house chores with a remote work here, at Coffee-Statistics. Thanks to her our articles get their final appearance so that you could enjoy every page’s perfect layout.




Maya is now a student at the New York Film Academy, studying photography. She loves making portrait photoshoots, reading, and drinking coffee, of course.



Web Producer

Without Juan, nothing of this would be possible. He prepared all the technical basis for this website to be launched and is responsible for maintaining it day by day. Juan is keen on video games, swimming, and his two Dobermans.

Why trust us

Our statistics reports compilation starts with a profound analysis. We begin with a search of the most common coffee-related questions people ask on the Internet. After the list of questions is ready, our researchers are looking for the relevant and, what is important, up-to-date information. To do so, we use the most trustworthy sources we can get our hands on, collect facts, numbers, percentages, and calculations in order to aggregate them into one descriptive graph or table.

How we present the data

What sets our site apart from other similar coffee-related data portals, is that we boast of an incredible team of web designers who do their best to make the collected statistics not only informative, but also easy to analyze. Even if you’re not that experienced at working with huge data spreadsheets, diagrams, and reports, you’ll love ours. Whatever the topic is, we present it in a logical, aesthetically-appealing, and interactive way so that you could not only get the required answer to your question, but also enjoy scrolling all these number-loaded pages.About us

Constant expert research

As we’re working with tons of data websites, we do know that it’s hard to find the most recent statistics. That is why our specialists are constantly updating the info in all the categories. Each month there’s a fresh version of the most popular facts so that you’re always aware of what’s going on in the world of coffee statistics. It’s pretty much like reading a fresh morning newspaper that helps you stay tuned.

About us

How we do our reviews

You might’ve noticed that apart from the stats, there’re hundreds of descriptive product reviews on our portal. These also consist of multiple steps that involve thorough market research, independent testing, consulting with various experts, and much more.

About us

It all starts with a little scientific research. For each topic, we need to decide what exactly to look for. Which aspects are important in each case? Which specifications to pay extra attention to? Does the weight or dimensions matter in this very case? All these questions are discussed before starting the search itself. After that, we carefully scour the market to find the ideal models for each new topic.

Consumer feedback

When scouring the net in order to find the perfect products, much time is dedicated to studying customer feedback. We check different resources, including personal blogs and independent forums to get the full picture of what people think of each model, in general. Of course, we do keep in mind that many reviews can be unnatural and sponsored, which is why we use our own methodology of detecting unnatural reviews, as well as other, widely known tools and plugins, such as FakeSpot. However, even after this, we don’t fully rely on the product’s rating and consumer feedback.

Independent testing

About us

To make sure each of the selected products lives up to the hype, we conduct our own tests. Our experts need to see what each model is capable of. Does the top-rated coffee machine make a perfect espresso without adding that burnt flavor many coffee makers add to the drink? Is it easy to clean? Fill in the water tank? Are the controls user-friendly enough? You never know before you check yourself.

After being tested, we make a detailed product test report where we highlight everything we especially liked, together with and all the flaws we found. Each product also gets a nomination depending on our findings: who will it suit better? What situation is it ideal for? Which one is best in terms of energy efficiency?

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

We’re constantly enlarging and developing our data. In case you haven’t found something, you were dying to know, let us know. Our team of researchers is always happy to receive not only new ideas for the forthcoming reports, but also your feedback, questions, and comments. Feel free to use the “Contact us” button to help make our portal even more informative.

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