Coffee Market Report - August 2019

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On this page, we give you an insight into all of the data categories we have included in our in-depth research. Which beverage is the most loved one in the US? Which regions are the major coffee exporters? How much java do Americans drink daily, on average? To get answers to these and other questions that might’ve been haunting you for years, take a look at the descriptive graphs and tables below.

Evolution of global coffee consumption growth

Note: Emerging and traditional markets do not include producing countries.

Green Coffee

In October 2018 to July 2019, Brazil shipped 31.83 million bags of green coffee, 38.4% higher than the same period one year ago, and accounted for around 31.9% of all green coffee shipments.

Share of exports by destination

The main destinations for green coffee were the United States, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Japan.

Roasted coffee

Brazil was the largest exporter of soluble coffee in October 2018 to July 2019, with shipments reaching 3.29 million bags, 10.7% higher than the same period one year ago.

Soluble coffee

India exported 1.59 million bags, 10.3% lower than the first ten months of coffee year 2017/18. Soluble exports from Viet Nam rose by 48% to 1.06 million bags.

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