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Curious World Statistics in the Coffee Industry - 2021

For our website, we’re relying on only the most trustworthy sources to provide you with not only interesting but also up-to-date information. Each month, our analysts update the statistics reports so that you could be sure you get the most recent coffee facts possible.

On this page, we give you an insight into all of the data categories we have included in our in-depth research. Which beverage is the most loved one in the US and how much do we consume? Which coffee drinks do people love the most and what do they actually contain? What are the world’s main coffee exporters and importers? To get answers to the questions that might’ve been haunting you for years, as well as to learn some fun coffee facts be sure to carefully explore our portal starting with a quick look at the descriptive graphs and tables below.

Evolution of global coffee consumption growth

Note: Emerging and traditional markets do not include producing countries.

Evolution of global coffee consumption growth
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